Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This is life, Anfaal. Face it!

So yeah. This is life. It’s unfair if you think it is unfair. I do think my life is unfair. But when i think again, there are some things that i have but not others. So does what others have it doesn’t mean that i have. So that is why people said life is unfair. But it is actually fair enough. God did not make all of us to be equally the same. So that’s why people said it is unfair.

So my daily life begins at work, everyday except Saturdays and Sundays. Sometimes including weekends. Duh! And then do work stuffs. No one would bother to tease me or to talk to me at work (which is fine) because we used gTalk. HAHA :P Then, when the time is near to go back, if me and Irfan needed to be somewhere, we will go somewhere. Usually on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Because those days are when Asyraf went to tuition and Irfan needed to pick his lil brother from tuition to home. So, basically, after we went back home, it’s like a different situation. We are needed to do our own thing. So, I’ll be doing mine and Irfan will be doing his. We did bbm tho. And then when he’s tired, he requested to sleep. :)

So this is life. Sounds unfair? I don’t know. Haven’t decide yet.

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