Monday, September 6, 2010

Step UP?

Watched Step Up 3D yesterday with Irfan at Pavilion. I just hate the movie. It was so DAMN PREDICTABLE! haha. Seriously, I can just tell the plot of the stories then and there! So what’s the point of going to the movie? But the dancing part is cool lah. :D

3D to me is not so comfortable to watch for a 2 and 15 mins movie. It was so eye irritating. HAHA. I prefer to watch Resident Evil in 3D now. Looks more real with the bullets and all. Step up? Well, i just recommend for those who are into Step up only to go and watch 3D. If not, better just watch the normal 2D version.

Besides of the predictable plots, i seriously doubt the ability of the script writer and also the producer. I mean, i don’t even know why do they have to put a guy with a talent of video making and editing? He does not have a point there. Seriously, if this is the outcome of my university project, they would fail me right away. The movie sucks. But like i said, the dancing part is AWESOME to the MAX! :) I love the last dancing part of the Pirates. COOL lah.

So, yeah, yesterday is a better day for me. Because i can shop for Raya. Me and Irfan spend the day about 8 hours at Pavilion. Thank God they have maximum hours there and paid just rm15. Worth it. We even went to Lot 10. haha. :) I have my SMASHBOX Primer and also accessories for raya. <3

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