Friday, November 19, 2010

Blog = Life

This blog has become my life now. I mean, I rather talk about myself and my love and families than friends. I used to write about my happiness and sadness through this blog and now i feel like only post something useful and nice. I mean, all about me and myself. If you are tired of reading about moi, just get the hell outta my blog. :)

Well, i love to think deep. Deep until i have this some sort of a brain freeze because of thinking too much. Haha. I love to predict what is going to happen in the near future and be prepared for it. My predictions are sometimes right.

My friend is getting engaged this Sunday! I am so very excited about this matter! Can’t wait to take pictures a lot! i mean a lot! :) And just can’t wait how beautiful my best friend would be on the day. Qila, aku dapat jugak g hari tunang ko weh! Setelah duri ranjau semua. lol. Jumpe hari Ahad nanti. :)

As for tomorrow, i have this RA event going on at One Utama. Hope to see my RA mates, Syu and Esmael and Zain and Joshua and more! RA is back again! For more information regarding this event please click here –> Hide and Seek – RA . Come and join us! I’ll be one of the volunteers! Bring your kids and blankets together. :) I’d be FUN i tell ya!

Well, yesterday i told Irfan about the concept of kiosk that i want to open later. It’s a food kiosk (food is the best thing to sell and make profits from). But i am so sure that this food has never been commercialize yet here in Malaysia. I have the concept inside my mind and will have it on sketch later. Then after that what? I don’t know yet. Maybe this is just a dream. Or might be selling the idea to someone. :) Believe me, it’s something that you’ll never ever seen in Malaysia YET. :)


  1. you can sell this idea to my ministry. its about innovation. if your idea is qualified then we will give u a grant up to 300k. why not u try. InsyaAllah I will help you :)

  2. really ayu or req? (don't know which one pulak) hehe.

    okay then must buat one proposal lah kan?

  3. ayu. hehee.. req dh lama xbukak blog.. lol.. yup kena buat proposal.. proposal format dh ready. u just writedown all the info. Xsilap next year i kena jaga this two fund. Technofund and Innofund. for now i just jaga technofund. this one is for project juta2.. for innofund its ratus ribu. dah lama i nk cr mmbr utk apply sbb i nk tolong kawan2. yela dr kita tlg org laen better kita tlg org yg kita kenal kan. heh

    erm u pernah tgk show IDEA at tv3. yg Dr.faiz n Daphne host tu kan. My ministry yg buat show tu. haha.. u present ur idea to us, if u fullfill our requirement then we will give u fund to make it real.

    For now our ministry tgah closed the fund. nnt bukak blk on January. So skrg ni u cr2 idea n concept dulu :)

  4. Yeah totally! Thanks Ayu.hehe..nanti nak kena simpan idea dulu and then buat proposal. :)

    Wah wah..Ayu kerja dgn ministry ke? Macam mana nak enroll masuk ministry? hehe.

  5. haha..tahla..i pon xtau mcm mana boleh tercampak kt cni.. apply then dapat.. huhu


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