Friday, November 5, 2010

There’s this girl…

I am currently addicted to this song ‘This Girl’ by Laza Morgan. It’s actually a soundtrack from Step Up 3D. :) Have you guys seen that movie? It was quite a long time ago. During Ramadhan time. I watched 3D and get dizzy. HAHA. Because we can’t eat or drinks during Ramadhan and watching 3D some more, stressing the eyes.

I will upload the song on my tumblr page. Together with the lyrics of this song. =)

Okay, out of the topic. I love shisha now. Like, I can do it everyday. Without getting dizzy or high or what so ever. Mid sharing with me the best shisha place in town besids RASTA and CASTLE jalan Damai? =) Hartamas Square is now closed. I dont know where the heck they moved but i dont think so they’d built a new place for Hartamas Square. Oh i miss that place. I miss the Rosti there and also mee wantan and also shisha. Oh~ My my. =(

Well, starting on the 20th, I have to work hard. Very very hard. And sadly to say I can’t attend my best friend’s engagement. Sigh. :(

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