Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thinkplus Langkawi. 11-13 November.

My current office made this three days and two nights training cum holidays at Langkawi. We borded Firefly on Thursday morning, ETD 11.00am and ETA 12.00pm. Once upon arrival,  we were brought straight to our hotel, Sunset Beach at Pantai Tengah cum Pantai Cenang. :) It was my first holiday with my best friends and also Irfan (amik kesempatan skit la ;p )

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Upon arrival at the hotel, the receptionist make every each and one of us wear a flower. Like inside these pictures. Look at Hidayat. He thinks he can kiss my bf. I’m watching you Hidayat~~ :p And that is me and my bff, my pain killer, my friend who never betray me, Izzati. This is her last trip with Thinkplus as she’s going to NSTP on 15th November. ;) Good Luck my dear. You’ll be happy there. <3

PB110330 PB110333

Then, when we had our room keys (me,izzati and cheyah are in one room. No.28), we just lay down and have some rest as the training will be starting at 4pm. The meeting of the training is at the beach. Okay i have to buy some sun block as i don’t have one. So, went shopping with Irfan, buying some sun block and yeah, i forgot to pack my toothbrush so bought it there too. Just at the nearest shop to out hotel. Went back to our rooms and relax.

As for the first day and first activities, we went to the beach and Cheyah has already prepared some fun sports for us to play. Since we are at the beach, one of our activities are building sand castle. My team which consists of me,Shazrin,Yom and Fathiyah build an igloo sand castle. It was fun! It was actually my first sand castle. Well, i just help building the defense wall. HAHA. ;p The next soprts are picking marbles using chopsticks and the third one is blowing balloons until it pops up. I hate balloons and I am seriously in phobia with it. Next is Dr. Nor’s training session. She split us all into two teams, mine is team B. And we are actually two different companies, compete with each other. Among our group mates, we have to appoint one CEO, one CFO and one CMO and think of a group name and group strategy if we were given rm100,000.00. Think of what we can do among the beach of Pantai Tengah if we were given that much amount of money. :) My group CEO was Nadheera, CFO was Haizan and CMO was Min.After all the training sessions and fun session, it is time for us to get clean for dinner time. We had our dinner at Aseania’s restaurant. After dinner, we went for a tour of Langkawi from Pantai Cenang to Pekan Kuah. It was a very bad rainy day but we all survived. :) We had fun. Seriously i had fun too. Irfan drove a manual van. No one would ever believe. ;p

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The next day which is Friday is the t  our day for us. We went for our Cable Car ride and also to Gamat and Batik factory. This would be my 3rd time riding that damn cable car. Now i know the secret on how to not to be scared. :) Next time, it will be just me and Irfan riding on that cable car. Once we were up there, I managed to go to the ‘titi gantung of 180 degrees. It was fun! :) After Cable Car, we went for lunch at a restaurant near Padang Matsirat and then went back to Sunset Beach. The next training session will be at 4.30pm. We arrived at the hotel after we ate our lunch is around 3.30pm. We got one hour to rest. Then, once 4.30pm, we had to assemble at the diner, near the beach for group work. We had to sing 4 songs,each must be in different languages and must explain why we choose that song. My group sang Billionaire,Habibi,Mirai,Habibi,Regresa mi,Habibi and then I Belive I can Fly and the lastly Cuti-cuti Malaysia. Just medley.We have so much fun out there. After the singing session, we had our free time. So we went to the beach. :) I have some unforgettable exp here at the beach. Seriously phobia of waves now. haha. ;p Well, some bad thing happens, Asyraf dislocated his shoulder and need to be rushed to the hospital immediately that day. So, our night training was slightly being postponed. The night training is about dramas or sketches. Each groups need to perform one drama about what they had think of doing at the beach if they were given rm100k. My group is a little chaos because of Asyraf’s not feeling so well and Haizan’s can’t make it too our last minute meeting. But i think we did great, i am being so damn spontaneous at that time. Seriously. No dialogs, no practices it is just impromptu. After the training session ended, we went to Reggae Bar to celebrate Shahrom’s and cheyah’s Bachelor and Bachelorette party. Me and Irfan went on a little late as we went for a walk around Pantai Cenang. :)  After the party, we went back and sleep.

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Third day, it was our last day actually, so had some free time so all of us decided to do Mangrove activities. We went to Kilim river and went to Mangrove. It was fun! I never had this type of experience when i was in Langkawi. I have so much fun watching the nature doing it’s part. Love it. We borded Air Asia to KL. My first time borded AK flight. As I am seriously tired, I don’t even bother to pay attention to anything. I ate sandwiches and Krispy Kreme doughnuts on board.

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I arrived home around 10pm. It was very tiring but I love every bits and parts of it.

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