Friday, December 3, 2010


Thinkplus is currently having this huge rows of campaign. I mean, i’m talking about a week campaign for several types of companies. So hectic and tired. Working 7 days straight and no weekends are kinda sucks. Sigh. But hopefully the payment would be good for December month. :)

Well, currently i am at The Ritz-Carlton KL. Doing a campaign for TASNEE. And my lovely budak busuk is not around. He’s at the office, working for visas application for the previous campaign, United and Satorp. Well sayang, work hard for our future okay. :D Who might know what will happen next year. ;p

Busuk, i’ll be seeing you later okay. :D




  1. u're working with the boyfie? comelllnyer! hehe

  2. yeap kak nisa! :D
    Comel? hehe..tak de lah..lagi macam2 hal ada la...hehe


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