Monday, December 6, 2010


Okay now iPads are available in Malaysia for more cheaper prices then iPhone. What the hell?? I have done some research on this iPad and found out that it is quite interesting altho it does not have a camera to it. maybe (just maybe) I’ll be waiting for a camera equip iPad instead aight? But they have this usb transfer thingy that you can plug into your iPad (just like iPhone charger but the usb head connects to a camera and it is not a usb head, it is more to like a IEEE 1394 head instead) and also a sd card reader that you can plug directly into your iPad. Yeap. I have done my research. Smile

What else do you have in iPhone but not in iPad? Everything except camera. That’s all. I bet Apple will announced their next year’s iPad with camera instead. So I think I’ll wait. Apple’s technology is way faster then Microsoft. I think they’ll have a new iPad,next year.

Okay okay I have done some research while typing this blog entry and I found out this article about iPad Gen2 (which is some sort of like a second generation of iPad) WTH. Click here for more –> iPad 2nd Gen

Anyhow, I love Apple products. Even if anyone condemns, I will still love Apple products. It was WORTH buying it. Seriously WORTH it! I mean, it’s user friendly, easy and seriously NOT FUSSY AT ALL! So, after done some little research about this iPad thingy, maybe I will postponed to buy it until summer next year which is going to be around my birthday and which I might be getting a free iPad instead. ;p

5 reasons why I MUST buy an iPad :-

  • I am collecting Apple’s products. Smile with tongue out
  • I love graphics and love playing cute games on my iPhone and I needed a bigger screen to play those games.
  • iPad is way to tempting. haha. I just can’t resist the beautifulness of it. DANG~
  • Please leave this point empty.
  • And this one too as I don’t have any reasons why I should buy an iPad.

Well guys, I love those touch screens with that retina display and everything. So, I am SOOOOOOO gonna get me one. Smile


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