Monday, December 20, 2010

Little things.

There are some little things that boys can’t think of doing to their love ones. Things like ;

  • Wishing goodnight every night before going to sleep or bed.
  • Telling that they love her, even when he’s with friends. Girls appreciate when you are struggling but still trying to do the best.
  • Smile sincerely. Girls can know if you are faking a smile. Sometimes we just tend to keep it inside.
  • Dress up nicely for every dates or hanging outs.
  • Leave your work for a second and just be with her. Girls love man who can appreciate them while they were together.
  • Buy presents for surprises purposes. Do not ask what she wants, do not even show a signal that you wanted to buy her something. Just buy and give. Do it your way of surprise. Girls LOVE surprises and gifts. ;p

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