Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 beybeh!

It is 2011 already! Happy new year all! <3 Celebrated my new year after work. (I had to work yesterday. T.T) After work rushed to meet Wan and his gf, Fana. Me and Irfan did not planned anything for new year celebration. I thought we had to go back home after work, but then he said that we could go and watch the firework so yeahhh! :)

We parked our car outside the curve as we do not want to add more headache afterwards. I mean, I had one incident where I parked the car inside the curve and after new year’s celebration on that year, I had to wait for like until 3am for the traffic to soothe a little. :P So, no more waiting until 3am. :D

Met Wan and Fana at G2000 Woman, I need a new blazer/jacket/coat but couldn’t find one. Maybe need to go to another G2000 outlets. Irfan, jom teman bb nanti yeah? :) After G2000, we went to Papa Rich, my first time visiting Papa Rich, and the food looks like crap to me. I don’t know why people said that Papa Rich has nice food. I did not ate that much. Papa Rich sucks! ;p

Afta that, we went to Tutti Frutti. <3 Okay I love this Froyo. It taste great! Unlike Papa Rich. LOLX. Had Strawberry + Kiwi + Pomegranate Froyo all mixed up in one large pink cup! <3 <3 My fave is Pomegranate and Strawberry Field. Tee hee.

Then, we walked around the concert stage and sat at the side for like 20mins. Taking photos and all then it became more hectic and hectic over there, so we decided to find a place to sit inside the curve but the guards are asking people to go out from the building so we went to TGIF to had our drinks and Wan ate his dinner. :) I nearly lost my voice one time and had to stay quiet for like 15mins. And my mood is ruined by that. I don’t know when I’m going to had my old voice back. T.T

Nearly 11:30pm, we went out from TGIF and went straight to the concert road. Bought a snow can and waited for 2011 to come! Once it is new year, we sprayed snow cans and watched fireworks. One of the flare hit me on my head. Sigh. Sakit okeh kena api. :(

Pictures are inside Wan’s camera. I only snapped this one using my iPhone.


*We even had the same color cloths!*


I hope the year 2011 will brings us more luck, more healthiness and more happiness. No more sadness. I hope what I dream of will come true this year. Happy 2011 everyone!


  1. Happy New Year Ms. Cousin.. ;) I wish u married this year..kikikikiki
    and dun forget our dream..balik kampung this raya on first raya! :D

  2. Zanooo: yeahhh..get married? u la dulu minahhh.hehe..u kan dah amik itu sijil kawin~ :D kehkehkeh.yeahhh..cepat2 amik lesen.hehe..boleh kita balik raya sama2. :D


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