Friday, February 25, 2011

Angus,Thongs and Perfect Snogging aku suka. Ada susah?


* Doodle punya bekan DVD mmg terbaik. Cantik and Cute~ *

Aku memang suka tengok cerita ni. Maybe sebab dia macam terlalu mellow and somemore it’s a British movie. I love British when it comes to musics and movies. But sadly, tak banyak movie British yang keluar kat Malaysia sini. *Sigh* Ayah aku pun more on British side rather than the stupidos USA. Orang USA banyak buat movie or even series yang bodoh2. But Gossip Girl and Scrubs are still my fave. GLEE too. ;p Tapi dulu-dulu comedy series dari Britain lagi lawak and gempak habis dari USA. Kalau korang pernah tgk macam Mr. Bean (yang dimain ulang-ulang kat TV sampai org naik bosan tu) or Mind Your Language (MYL). Mmg comedy series yang best! Ayah aku suka tengok, aku pun suka! haha. :D


* Mind Your Language Casts *

And some more, aku rasa boyband dari British lagi gempak dari USA. I mean, from the quality of the songs. Macam Boyzone ke or Westlife ke Blue ke (bulan BLUE yg ehem ehem tu ye). Aku suka sebab quality of the songs dia lagi bagus and lagi bermelody. :D kalau US, dia terlalu digital sangat sampai naik menyampah aku dengar.





So, berbalik pada movie yang aku suka tadi tu, Angus,Thongs and Perfect Snogging ni..Aku suka movie ni sebab dia au naturale. Macam pelakon dia tak payah tengok script pun. Lepas tu, dia macam ala-ala love stories yang jarang nak dapat la kat Malaysia ni. Kalau kat malaysia ni agak stereotype. Nak yang perempuan cantik,sexy dan lawa kalau laki. But actually, love is totally blind. I mean, kita nampak orang tu cantik but to some people, maybe dia tak cantik. So, yes. LOVE IS BLIND people! Beeeee ittt! :D

Kalau korang tak pernah lagi tengok movie yg aku cakap tu, silakan lah tengok. Utk perempuan saja ye. Laki2 aku rasa tak payah la tengok. Buang masa korang je. Korang takkan suka punya. :)

P/S: Satu lagi movie aku suka adalah WILD CHILD. Eventho’ dia bukan British movie, but since dia shoot kat UK, so aku suka lah. ;p


  1. Hey i'm with you on the British movies and series they are SOOOOOOO much more better and funnier, I watched the movie and my god loved it ......You are also right when it comes to US music crap these days way to much digitize music and trashy outfit...CHEERS to YOU and ME

  2. Viki: yeah right? British they make real musics! US are just crap. they just sell their looks to become famous. Of course most of them can sing but the song is so much digitize. :D

    Thank you for agreeing! At least we are on the same track! Teheee~ :D


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