Thursday, March 3, 2011

It’s official! IPAD 2.

Yesterday was the launching for iPad 2. 10:00 PST (2:00am; 3rd March 2011 Malaysia time) I was awake for this event. They did not do any video streaming but I am patiently waiting in front of cnet (click the word to go to the website) website and reading all the chats and viewing the pictures they post live from Apple event at San Francisco. Steve Jobs presented the iPad 2 presentation. He looks healthy now. At least I hope so.



You know I’ve had my eye on iPad for quite sometime now. Since last year and not even being launched at Malaysia yet. But at that time, I do not think it’s worth it to buy a machine that will be developed and upgraded insanely after one year. And I actually dislike to buy Apple first time products. It’s like some sort of their trial and error product and I bet their second gen will be better than the first one and it is TRUE!

So, iPad vs iPad 2

I would certainly choose iPad 2. Not because it’s new, because of the technology. Thank God I waited and patiently waiting like hell for this iPad 2. I am so damn going to get it. :D

Lets take a look at what iPad 2 has.

  1. Dual Camera! Front and back camera with HD video recording! it dosent have even one camera on iPad the older version. ;p
  2. Thinner. 33% thinner than the old iPad. (I love saying it as OLD iPAD. ;p )
  3. DUAL CORE CHIP baby! Yeah!! You read this. It’s true! Dual core. Who said only laptops can have dual cores, It is 2 times much faster than the old iPad. ;p
  4. 9x super fast graphics! This one is for gamers. You love those high graphics games like ‘Infinity Blade’ or ‘Asphalt’? You are so going to love this 9x super fast graphics.
  5. Gyro, accelerometer, and compass. Just like iPhone 4. It has it all now. Now you can play games with those gyro. I love that gyro! it is a 3 axis gyro. You can just rotate your iPad to what ever position you want and the display will follow. Left,right,up,down. It’s simple! :D
  6. It comes with 2 colors! Black and White.

Other than that, it’s just like the old ones, multitasking, folders, multitouch and more. And yes, iOS 4.3 will be available for iPad,iPhone 4 & 3gs and iPod 3rd and 4th gen! :)

p/s: all pictures are from cnet website.

Gonna get mine soon! :)


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