Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What do I rate in handbags.

Handbags are the girl’s best friend. After makeups and romantic movies,ice creams and chocolate. I have my own rating in handbags. Meaning that I look in certain criteria to buy each handbags. Know what, I don’t go for branded bags just yet. It’s the comfort that counts.

  • I look for big shoulder strap for my handbags. As I hate the very tiny ones. I mean the length. Sakit bahu ok! Nanti bf I pun sakit bahu bila bawak. So I really really NEED a very big strap.
  • I only love handbags with one shoulder strap. I dislike two straps because when I am carrying the handbag and one of the strap will defo fall down from my shoulder and that really sickens me. So I don’t like two straps bag.
  • Big bag please, with compartments. Like most girls, we love carrying our whole bedroom inside our bag. Out makeup kits, our hair products, out clothes (if fitsss), umbrella and purse and everything! And I really need compartments for all that. It’s hard to find a handbag with loadsa compartments. Will find it one day fo sho~
  • Colors. I prefer colors that are bright for my handbag cause I like colors in life. You know, black handbags are so outdated now. I have loadsa colors for my handbags. :)
  • Lightweight. Please, after all the stuff inside my handbag, I really need it to be lightweight before I put all those stuffs. :D

Only one handbag that I love does not require all of these criteria and I could not even buy that handbag cause I think it costs about RM4000. :)


Presenting the Lady Dior Cannage Handbag. :) I love this bag sooooooooooo much! But non of the desc above yg match this bag kan? :)

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