Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another post on Saturday..

Hey folks. I know I haven’t update my blog as much as before now as my life is kinda booooring~ :) Well, I don’t have anything to type here. Well, this Saturday as I said is not that well going. Yeah so it’s true like when you have 3 straight happy Saturdays, the fourth ones will be the non happy Saturday. Actually, I believe in this superstitious. :) My mum always tell me about the 3 happy things and the last one will end up not happy. Oh by the way, Zati kita tak marah kat kamu tau. :)

I do not want to talk about today as I am filled with happy and joy (in a sarcastic way) watching my dvd collections, the one that I feel like watching. :) I have Black Swan, Coraline, Blue Valentine, Shall We Dance and Madagascar 2.


So, what’s next?

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