Friday, May 27, 2011

Letting GO

It is better to let go of something that you really hate. But, bila nak let go tu rasa pelik sebentar. Rasa macam akan ada kehilangan yang amat besar. Despite all the kehilangan yang amat besar tu, after letting go, you will feel your world is totally different. And that differences is what we call missing.

Before this I used to hate this ‘missing’ feeling. As I tend to remember all the things that I have done at the past. But now, it is the time for me to let go all those past. I hate to live in the future as well. So, I think I just live with the flow.

Seriously, aku bukan penggemar nak beramai-ramai dengan orang. Sebab aku lebih cenderung untuk jadi seorang. Memang aku lahir dah sorang macam ni. I think I do not deserve to be with someone. I mean, when I am with someone, I cannot be myself anymore. When I am with someone, I tend to do things madly.

Hmm..I don’t really know how to express this stupid feelings but yes. I think I deserve to be, alone. :)

I can think alone, I can be freely myself when I am alone. I love being alone where no one disturb me. So yes, I think being alone by my self is the best thing for me.

So I am letting my past go. Goodbye & Thank You for haunting my past life. :)


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