Sunday, May 15, 2011

Soap&Glory (S&G)

Dear all, I am now addicted to this product that can only be bought at Sephora KL. It’s the Soap&Glory line. Not only the packaging is very very cute, the smells and also the product is really working! No offence, sometimes we buy those expensive body butter or what ever you call ‘em and it did not work and also scrubs, you scrubbed your body like hell and everything went red but you still not satisfy with it. With Soap&Glory, you will never say (never..) I mean, you’ll never regret it! :)
I bought my first Soap&Glory product which is the Flake Away. Yes, I have those reptilian legs (scaly legs I should say) and I hate it. Who loves it? HAHA. So, I’ve read somewhere about this Flake Away scrubs. When Sephora and Soap&Glory landed here in KUL, I totally brag my bf asses to bring me there. And yes, I bought Flake Away. It costs around rm39.90. Not bad eh?
Flake Away is a scrub. At first, I do not trust scrubs could make my legs “un scaly” as I thought scrubbing my legs will only make it more scaly. But not for this Flake Away. As the name says it all, it does not make your reptilian legs being more reptilian. After using it, your legs will feel smooth and silky soft! Seriously I am not kidding you. What will I get from lying eh? :) Try it for your self. I am unsure if you can use it on your body but I did. HAHA. And the effect is still the same, smooth and silky soft skin! :) Loving it! It has a very large particles it is so when you scrub your legs (or where ever you want to scrub), make sure the skin that you are scrubbing is damp. I am not always a fan of scrubbing onto a damp skin as when I scrub, it tends to become more like a soap and not a scrub, so I scrub onto my dry skin. I think (my own hypothesis) it may make my skin more “scrubbed” and the effect of scrubbing is more likely to be seen. :) *psyco* Oh yes one more thing, it does not make your skin turns red after scrubbing. :) 
* Loving every single thing about this scrub! *

Second and third product of S&G that I bought was actually today which is the Heel Genius and also The Daily Smooth. As I have totally cracked heels (yuck!), I thought Heel Genius could actually help me out, getting the smooth heels ever! :) I am wearing (using?!) it right now. Well, first timer it does not show any signs yet. Perhaps after 3 or 4 applications then it will show what it can do to my heels. Other than that, it does make my heels feel soft and the smell is just wonderful! :) This product is just rm29.90. (Cheap! I know!~)

* I am hoping for the best with this product *

The last product that I have (for now) is this body butter The Daily Smooth. I am not sure about how to use this body butter. So I might be using it after I scrubbed my legs using Flake Away or maybe using it to my dry skin, makes it more softer and smoother. :) And of course, the smell was just awesome! It did lasts long tho,the smell as I am using it right now too. hehe. :) It does not make your skin feels oily or sticky. It just sink inside your skin. The price for The Daily Smooth is around rm49.00 (if I am not mistaken)
* Will be using this as much as possible *

So, that is all from me about my S&G experience. I am planning to buy their body bath,body mist and also some other scrubs and lotions. :)
See ya! xoxo

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