Monday, June 27, 2011

Singapore trip part I.

YAY! at last, I finally jejakkan kaki kat Singapore. Finally, first time ever for my 25 years of living. Kesian kan? Masa masuk, seriously jakun lah. But then, it still looks like Malaysia anyway. Cuma jalan dia nama pelik, the signboard punya fonts semua lain from Malaysia. I still feel like I am in Malaysia sebab banyak jugak kereta Malaysia kat sana. :)





I just nak buat short entry about our overall trip to Singapore. At first, bangun pkl 5am, siapkan breakfast and bekal and mandi semua. Lepas tu, Ashraf datang amik from rumah, terus ke rumah Dr. Nor to pickup Dr. Nor, Haizan, Kak Farah and Syamsul (new employee). Then, terus gerak ke Dengkil as Ariff akan pick me up over there. Bila sampai Dengkil, makan breakfast and all, then terus gerak ikut highway utara-selatan. No much goin on kat sini except for we stopped for quite a few RnR sebab nak ke toilet and also nak tukar driver.

Sampai ke at imegresen tu, dah lepas tunjuk passport semua, beli lah autopass. And after that, terus gerak ke Marina Sands Bay. Alah, bangunan tiga tower yang ada kapal kat atas dia tu. Hehe. Oh yeah, time nak pegi sini, agak sesat lah, gps tak membantu plak time tu. Nasib baik Ashraf nampak kat mana tempat tu last2. And kat situ, I saw this ridiculous (sorry ye org Singapore.saya jakun) thing, Parking dia ikut minute. Shit. Gila betul! 20 cents/1 min. wow. seriously this is way to costly for us. So we decided to park at the jockey instead. Sebab, we all tak pasti sampai pkl berapa we all kat situ. Sampai sana pun around 11am lah macam tu. Sebenarnya, ktorang ke sana sebab nak tengok theater The Lion King. So, that theater starts at 2pm. Kalau ktorang parkting yg rate ikut minit tu, mau mati nak bayar. But then, still ada jugak orang park kat situ tau. Maybe sebab nak singgah sekejap je kot.






Then we all makan at the foodcourt. I seriously tak tau halal or tak kat situ. So darurat, makan je nasi lemak cause I saw ada orang Islam yang beli. Tak de ragu2 makan je la. Lepas makan,me and Irfan jalan2 kat dalam mall tu sebab aku nampak kedai Sephora, so kena la masuk kan? Padahal sama je barang2 dia. Just aku minat nak tengok barang2 soap&glory kat situ ada apa cause kat Malaysia tak masuk semua barang lagi. Then, nampak this one gift sets. Harga dia aku seriously lupa. Around SGD 28.00 aku rasa. Aku suka gila benda tu but then aku duit tak ada. :( So, bila dah ronda2 tu, terus juma balik derang kat depan pintu theater. Tengok Lion King! BEST GILA!!!! One of the best theater I’ve ever been to! And baru aku tau, aku memang minat lagu2 org Africa ni sbenarnya. Hehe.


Lepas theater, naik ke Skypark at Marina Sands Bay tu lah. mahal jugak la SGD 20, stakat nak jenguk2 kat atas kapal tu je. But then, dah datang Singapore, naik je lah. Tak tau lepas ni bila lagi nak datang situ kan? :) Ini, Dr. Nor belanja. hehe. Thanks Dr. Nor! :) Then, bila dah habis posing tangkap gambar, dah penat, checkin lah kat hotel kat Grand Hyatt. It is around 7pm kot rasanya. Then pukul 9pm, nak kena gerak makan kat Clarke Quay. Kat situ, ktorang makan kat Marakesh. Dah la ada shisha kat situ! hehe. :P Confirm mahal punya lah! This one pun Dr. Nor’s treat. Thank you again Dr. Nor. Lepas dah makan, jalan-jalan skejap kat area situ then tak larat, balik hotel terus lah.











Bila dah balik hotel, semua ZzzZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzZZZ lah~ hehe.

Nanti Part II aku cite pasal Universal Studios Singapore plak la ye. :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hello laki-laki & perempuan. HAHA. sounds gila weird kalau cakap dalam BM mcm tu. Well, I might be doing a contest around next week. The prize would be something that you MIGHT like. If you like the prize, you can enter. If not, please don’t. :P And yeah, the prize is only available at here in Malaysia so to my international readers (if I do have), I wanna apologize first and foremost. I’ll try to do another contest that will open up to all international and also local. <3

Can’t wait for the prize?  I’ll give you a hint, it’s just a piece of paper but worth it for someone who loves to enjoy themselves on some parties and art exhibitions. <3 Get the clue?

How to enter? I’ll announce again next week! Till then, do visit this blog regularly to know more about the contest! <3



Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hey ya all! :) Today I am going to share with you my recent favorite online shop. It is not eBay but it’s ETSY! And inside ETSY, there is this one very humble girl named ELLA, selling loads and loads of Lip Conditioner or here we called Lip Balm. :)

She sells like very peculiar name for a lip conditioner but every lip conditioner has it’s own story to be tell. Me myself has ordered 3 Lip Conditioner from her and the name was very very long! These are what I ordered from her ; (click the picture to be link to the page, don’t worry it’ll opened up a new window for ya! :) )


Democrat Girl Lip Conditioner Refreshing Rainbow Sherbert is Vegan Smoochalicious and Friendly


Watermelon Tea Rose Petal Nights For Much a Deserved Goddess Lip Conditioner


Leo Girl Astrology Vegan Smoochalicious Fun Lip Conditioner


Just look at those names! Long,peculiar and sounds delicious even you have not actually taste the actual product yet! Hehe. Ella was well known of her beautiful packaging, long and yummy names of products and colorfulness of the product! Each lip conditioner costs about RM14.99 and shipment is according on you orders. If you ordered just one Lip Conditioner, it’ll cost you around RM21.00 to pay for the product and the shipment. It is not that expensive if you really seriously wanted to buy from her. Oh, let me tell you one thing, she made all of the products that she sells, herself. Yes it is homemade. I am willingly to pay an amount of money to someone which is so creative and so humble. She replies each and every questions you have with such a open heart. She’s the sweetest girl ever!

This blogshop ‘ETSY’ is kind of easy to shop as they accept Paypal and shipped to all over the world (well, just need to ask the seller’s first' if she/he could actually shipped outside USA). Before you could purchase any of the product inside ETSY, you might want to sign up first. Just some simple email,username and password signup. Do sign up and purchase from ELLA! :)

Can’t wait to get mine!


Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hey all. Macam rasa dah lama tak update kat blog ni. Rindu plak nak update something. I always have something in mind to type but once dah bukak Windows Live Writer ni, otak terus blank. Haha. ;p

Yesterday, me and bf tengok wayang Kungfu Panda 2 kat MBO Village Mall Kepong. Second time tengok wayang kat sini and dua2 3D. Seriusly, the whole cinema was just for us. Gila lah. Tengok wayang just the two of us! Boleh gelak suka-suka hati, pilih seat mana-mana nak, cakap kuat mana nak. :) First movie aku tgk kat situ cite TRON 3D. Kungfu Panda ni pun aku tgk 3D. hehe.

About Kungfu Panda, I rate it 4/5. :) I love the story telling, I love the graphics (it’s 3D lah! haha) and I love the songs. The only thing I do not kinda like is the coloring of the story. Some parts they have this dark colors and it is way too dark until I have to open up my 3D spec to see. Other than that, all perfecto!

Oh yes, my iPad is here! After 2 weeks ordering, it is finally here! :) With engraving. Yes I ordered online. So happy with that! Oh you must be wondering, then who’s iPad I have been using before this? that iPad is now at my boyfie.hehe.

Facetime, here I come!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hello guys & girls. for botd today I would like to share with you one of my medicine for my eczema. I have been using this cream since I was in form 5 and it works well for me. My doctor recommended this cream and since then, I only used this cream for now. I have tried some other several creams for eczema and some soaps as well but it didn’t work well with my skin. So I just apply this cream whenever I feel like to apply. It is not a routine for me to apply this cream twice a day as my eczema is now not in a severe state anymore (but it is still no cure for this pain).

I have been blabbering all about my eczema and did not mention the product name. It is being called ‘FORBANCORT’. It comes in a gel form or cream form. I usually used the cream form more as it does not that oily. :) It is pretty much costly so, use it wisely. It did not mention about overdose or anything but just for precaution mode, do not always apply this onto your eczema.





* This is how my non severe eczema looks like *

If you are suffering from eczema, do consult your doctor first before buying this product. I used this under my doctor supervision. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ada susah, tak ada pun susah..

Herm. Korang mesti dah perasan kan layout blog aku dah bertukar. And aku dah malas nak buat tulisan color2 tu lagi sebab nampak macam serabut plak. So aku kembali ke layout simple, yang ada 2 column je. Satu untuk segala iklan and satu lagi utk post je. So kiranya post aku dah jadi besar and senang nak baca. Gambar pun aku set bagi besar. So boleh la korang tatap dengan penuh gaya nya. :P

Well, aku bukan nak cakap pasal blog aku ni. aku nak cakap pasal benda baru yang ada kat blog aku ni. Linkwithin tu. Aku setiap kali tengok je entry2 yang dalam Linkwithin tu mesti aku click and baca. Ada beberapa entry aku tulis pasal kawan-kawan aku yang lepas,bila aku baca balik aku jadi macam rindu kat derang. Walaupun ternyata derang mmg takkan rindu aku lah. Bukan ape, aku just rindu kenangan bersama derang tu je. :) Yeah, one of kenangan yang memang aku tak boleh nak padamkan. Walaupun aku hilang akal sebab accident ke ape ke, bila aku baca balik confirm aku ingat. Sebab itu adalah antara kenangan manis aku dengan mereka.

So, kalau korang nak tengok ape aku buat dalam masa 2-3 tahun lepas, korang tengok la kat Linkwithin tu..yg ada ‘Anda Mungkin Meminati..’ Aku tak habis explore lagi. haha. ;p


Serius tak sabar nak..

Hai geng. Aku serius tak sabar nak bercuti. Serius tak sabar nak kawin! Serius tak sabar nak marah budak-budak yang tak sedar diri. :P Serius tak sabar nak tengok ape akan terjadi kat orang yang selalu bajet power. Serius tak sabar nak tengok diri aku dalam masa 5 tahun lagi. Boleh ke aku hidup 5 tahun lagi? InsyaAllah kalau Allah panjangkan umur aku. :)

Aku tahu,memang hampir 80% kawan aku kata aku ni gila,biol,bengong,jahat,minah puk*,pant*t,fu*k u lah Anfaal/Dee, bajet power, bajet cun,bajet hot dan banyak lagi yang lain. Tapi.. ADA AKU KESAH? Seriusly, memang aku jahat. Itu aku tak nafikan. Tapi, sejahat-jahat aku pun, aku tunjuk perangai aku yang benar dan sebenar-benarnya! Aku tak hipokrit and orang boleh tau aku ni mulut lantang/jalang. Seriusly, aku sedar. :)

Oh yer, berbalik kepada serius tak sabar nak punya topik. Aku serius tak sabar nak buat satu perkara ni, yang memang aku menyusahkan SEMUA orang yang kenal aku. :) Sebabnya, it’s time for R.E.V.E.N.G.E. So kalau korang nak kawan dengan aku, jaga-jaga lah. Aku kaki revenge tau. Aku kasi warning siap-siap. Tq. :)

Orang selalu cakap, apesal tulis pasal keburukkan diri sendiri? Nakkan simpati dari orang ke? Oh. Sorry. Aku tak perlukan simpati dari siapa2 kalau aku tulis entry macam ni. Tapi kalau korang nak rasa ‘simpati’ kat aku belakang-belakang, senyap-senyap silakan. Aku tak halang. Cuma, aku segan orang simpati kat orang yang tak layak macam aku ni. :)

p/s: Suka tak blog aku yang baru ni? Aku suka. Korang? :)


Just another maniac Monday…

It's just another manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
'Cause that's my funday
My I don't have to runday
It's just another manic Monday

Yes. It is quite a maniac Monday. I am wearing my new dress and my mum said it’s way to sheer. It has lining inside and I am being a good girl wearing thighs. :) Yes, I am wearing it to the office. I know, how stubborn I am. :P I LOVE this dress. It’s a nice one and it’s brown in color. :) Brown can suit my skin much much more then other colors.





Happy Monday to all of my blog readers! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Putrajaya home.

Hey all. I am on my way to my second home at Putrajaya. :) This is sort of like my first visit to this home after it has been decorated and furnished. We do bring loads of things to this home. Mostly things from my manjalara home. :)

Oh yeah, today is my friend's birthday!! Happy birthday,Ras!!! :D

And below are some stuffs from my Manjalara home, will be transfered to Putrajaya home.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

BOTD–Rimmel Lipstick

Hey guys. Today on BOTD (Beauty of the day) I would like to share to all girls (yes, girls only) one of my favorite lipstick of all time. I don’t wear lipstick that much as I do not see the point of wearing it anyway. It tend go disappear once you eat or drink and I eat and drink a lot in one day alone. I know they do have matte lipstick but I kind of dislike the texture. It is way to dry and it tends to dry up my lip skin. So I go for the creamy base.
This one is my favorite lipstick since..last month. :P I have seen SUZI wearing it inside her vlog and blog and I decided to give it a try myself and my oh my how much I LOVE this lipstick so much! It does not dry up my lips skin and it seems like I did not wear any lipstick at all! Me and Suzi have the same style I guess. :)
Any of you who wanted a lipstick that is simple and not to bright looking colors, this is the PERFECT choice for you.

*Please ignore my dry skin.yeakkk*

New Blog Layout

I have been having this issue with my blog layout. I think it is kind small for my blog post. So I have decided to change the layout yesterday and this is the result. I am still not sure whether to use white or black background. Still in the editing mode. So if you jumps up to my blog and you notice there’s a difference on every of your visits, do not panic. My blog is not being hacked or anything. hehe. It is just me, trying to play with the colors.

Till then,



Friday, June 10, 2011

Beauty of The Day (BOTD)

Hey all! :D This is a new segment for my blog which is the beauty of the day. In this entry I will do a posting about my favorite beauty brands, be it for makeups or health products. So I am starting my first entry for BOTD by introducing one of my everyday use product which is the Bio Oil.
I have this one disease called Eczema. It is some kind of a skin disorder (yeah,memang banyak penyakit aku ni sebenarnya). I am not going to talk about eczema here. If you want to know what exactly is this eczema just click HERE. Well, it’s this one disease that they do not have cure of and just prevention could help he not suffering from the itchy-ness. :)
So yeah, once you have that itchy feeling, seriously I know without a doubt, you must scratch it. It is a must for me! I can’t leave that itchy feeling as it tends to get itchy and more itchy! So when I scratched it, I do it until it bleeds. Yes. Until it bleeds so that I do not have to feel that itchy-ness anymore. When it bleeds, it sort of like telling me that the eczema is now a cut and when I tend to scratch it, it hurts. So I need that hurt feeling in order for me to NOT to scratch it. So of course, when it hurts it tends to leave a some marks on your skin, and I have those marks a lot.
And this is how Bio Oil could help me! By getting rid of all the stupid black marks that I have on my legs. Yes, only on my legs. I have been using Bio Oil for 4 weeks now and I personally LOVE the result given! It says, should at least give the oil 3 months to do the math by getting rid of those marks but I found out that for me, it takes only 4 weeks. :) Amazing~ 
Anyone who has skin problems like me, should try this Bio Oil. I think it costs me about RM30++ at Watsons. :)
* Bio Oil *
* My ugly feet. can you see those scars? *

Monday, June 6, 2011

X-Men : First Class

Since we have nothing to do yesterday, my bf and I decided to go and watch the X-Men new movie. We bought our tickets through the iPhone GSC application and got our tickets just right for the show. It was full house for yesterday’s show. Mainly maybe because it was a weekend. :)

X-Men I rated it out 4/5. Mainly because I just discovered the main actor, the Professor X (James McAvoy) is actually the Mr. Tummnus in the first Narnia movie. :) Who’d believe that?! hehe. Well, I think this X-men movie was OKAY~ despite it actually wants to show about how it all happens anyway. Not a lot of actions goin on but the storyline was good enough to make me satisfy. I am not a big fan of X-Men tho and have never read any of it’s comic books or story books or even their old movies.


* X-Men : First Class Poster *


* Lucy & Mr. Tumnus *

If you haven’t seen X-Men yet, do go and see em. It’s a good movie afterall. It’s like you learn the history of an X-Men. :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Apple craze

It is an Apple craze for us in the office this week. We got the new iPad2 shipped from Apple Store Singapore for my boss and also her daughter.

We become apple madness or should I say, iThinkplusConsulting madness? :) We wanted to learn more about this iPad thingy and what can it do for us to be more efficient in doing our work.

One of the most I think, helpful that I can get from iPad is that the email system that they have. You can store as many email addresses as you want to and can read,reply,forward so easily, just on the fingertips of your hands. Everything is just on one touch. :) A touch is like a click for this iPad.

The second thing that amaze me is that the Facetime application. I know, some of us might think that this is so lame and all, why only by wifi and stuff. I know apple is thinking about something BIG for this Facetime app. So just be quiet all haters, sit down and watch the evolution of this video calling. Even skype is not THIS great! :)

So I adore apple things more now. From the first iPod Shuffle to iPad touch to iPhone and not iPad, Apple things NEVER made me dissatisfy :)

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