Thursday, June 2, 2011

Apple craze

It is an Apple craze for us in the office this week. We got the new iPad2 shipped from Apple Store Singapore for my boss and also her daughter.

We become apple madness or should I say, iThinkplusConsulting madness? :) We wanted to learn more about this iPad thingy and what can it do for us to be more efficient in doing our work.

One of the most I think, helpful that I can get from iPad is that the email system that they have. You can store as many email addresses as you want to and can read,reply,forward so easily, just on the fingertips of your hands. Everything is just on one touch. :) A touch is like a click for this iPad.

The second thing that amaze me is that the Facetime application. I know, some of us might think that this is so lame and all, why only by wifi and stuff. I know apple is thinking about something BIG for this Facetime app. So just be quiet all haters, sit down and watch the evolution of this video calling. Even skype is not THIS great! :)

So I adore apple things more now. From the first iPod Shuffle to iPad touch to iPhone and not iPad, Apple things NEVER made me dissatisfy :)

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