Friday, June 10, 2011

Beauty of The Day (BOTD)

Hey all! :D This is a new segment for my blog which is the beauty of the day. In this entry I will do a posting about my favorite beauty brands, be it for makeups or health products. So I am starting my first entry for BOTD by introducing one of my everyday use product which is the Bio Oil.
I have this one disease called Eczema. It is some kind of a skin disorder (yeah,memang banyak penyakit aku ni sebenarnya). I am not going to talk about eczema here. If you want to know what exactly is this eczema just click HERE. Well, it’s this one disease that they do not have cure of and just prevention could help he not suffering from the itchy-ness. :)
So yeah, once you have that itchy feeling, seriously I know without a doubt, you must scratch it. It is a must for me! I can’t leave that itchy feeling as it tends to get itchy and more itchy! So when I scratched it, I do it until it bleeds. Yes. Until it bleeds so that I do not have to feel that itchy-ness anymore. When it bleeds, it sort of like telling me that the eczema is now a cut and when I tend to scratch it, it hurts. So I need that hurt feeling in order for me to NOT to scratch it. So of course, when it hurts it tends to leave a some marks on your skin, and I have those marks a lot.
And this is how Bio Oil could help me! By getting rid of all the stupid black marks that I have on my legs. Yes, only on my legs. I have been using Bio Oil for 4 weeks now and I personally LOVE the result given! It says, should at least give the oil 3 months to do the math by getting rid of those marks but I found out that for me, it takes only 4 weeks. :) Amazing~ 
Anyone who has skin problems like me, should try this Bio Oil. I think it costs me about RM30++ at Watsons. :)
* Bio Oil *
* My ugly feet. can you see those scars? *

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