Saturday, June 11, 2011

BOTD–Rimmel Lipstick

Hey guys. Today on BOTD (Beauty of the day) I would like to share to all girls (yes, girls only) one of my favorite lipstick of all time. I don’t wear lipstick that much as I do not see the point of wearing it anyway. It tend go disappear once you eat or drink and I eat and drink a lot in one day alone. I know they do have matte lipstick but I kind of dislike the texture. It is way to dry and it tends to dry up my lip skin. So I go for the creamy base.
This one is my favorite lipstick since..last month. :P I have seen SUZI wearing it inside her vlog and blog and I decided to give it a try myself and my oh my how much I LOVE this lipstick so much! It does not dry up my lips skin and it seems like I did not wear any lipstick at all! Me and Suzi have the same style I guess. :)
Any of you who wanted a lipstick that is simple and not to bright looking colors, this is the PERFECT choice for you.

*Please ignore my dry skin.yeakkk*

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