Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hey all. Macam rasa dah lama tak update kat blog ni. Rindu plak nak update something. I always have something in mind to type but once dah bukak Windows Live Writer ni, otak terus blank. Haha. ;p

Yesterday, me and bf tengok wayang Kungfu Panda 2 kat MBO Village Mall Kepong. Second time tengok wayang kat sini and dua2 3D. Seriusly, the whole cinema was just for us. Gila lah. Tengok wayang just the two of us! Boleh gelak suka-suka hati, pilih seat mana-mana nak, cakap kuat mana nak. :) First movie aku tgk kat situ cite TRON 3D. Kungfu Panda ni pun aku tgk 3D. hehe.

About Kungfu Panda, I rate it 4/5. :) I love the story telling, I love the graphics (it’s 3D lah! haha) and I love the songs. The only thing I do not kinda like is the coloring of the story. Some parts they have this dark colors and it is way too dark until I have to open up my 3D spec to see. Other than that, all perfecto!

Oh yes, my iPad is here! After 2 weeks ordering, it is finally here! :) With engraving. Yes I ordered online. So happy with that! Oh you must be wondering, then who’s iPad I have been using before this? that iPad is now at my boyfie.hehe.

Facetime, here I come!

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