Monday, June 6, 2011

X-Men : First Class

Since we have nothing to do yesterday, my bf and I decided to go and watch the X-Men new movie. We bought our tickets through the iPhone GSC application and got our tickets just right for the show. It was full house for yesterday’s show. Mainly maybe because it was a weekend. :)

X-Men I rated it out 4/5. Mainly because I just discovered the main actor, the Professor X (James McAvoy) is actually the Mr. Tummnus in the first Narnia movie. :) Who’d believe that?! hehe. Well, I think this X-men movie was OKAY~ despite it actually wants to show about how it all happens anyway. Not a lot of actions goin on but the storyline was good enough to make me satisfy. I am not a big fan of X-Men tho and have never read any of it’s comic books or story books or even their old movies.


* X-Men : First Class Poster *


* Lucy & Mr. Tumnus *

If you haven’t seen X-Men yet, do go and see em. It’s a good movie afterall. It’s like you learn the history of an X-Men. :)

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