Friday, July 29, 2011

Football experience..

Semalam me and Irfan tgk bola. Bukan kat stadium tapi kat Rasta je. :) Bukan nak menyokong, but then tak gemar tempat yang terlalu sesak dan nanti rasa rimas and tak selesa. So, we just decided to watch football kat Rasta je la. At least, we watch. We show our support. :) Even Kimora Lee Simmons pun wish good luck kat tweeter dia. Cayalah Malaysia! :)


Time nyanyi lagu Negaraku, everyone kat Rasta berdiri. But there’s this one arrogant working guy tak berdiri. So arrogant, tak sangka ada lagi orang macam tu. But, time lagu Negaraku tu lah paling epic dalam hidup aku. Tak pernah tengok orang terlalu bersatu,sampai lagu Negaraku semua orang diri and nyanyi.I was stunt, sebab time kat sekolah pun tak de org nak nyanyi lagu Negaraku semangat macam ni. Seriously, memang semangat time tu.

And when the game started, I was like mengantuk sebab player Malaysia main macam agak mengecewakan sebab tak tangkas. Main terlalu slow dan tak pandai nak ‘ambik hati’ player Singapore. I was like, kenapa lah tak goal on the first half of the game ni. Only Khairul Fahmi je yang main peluh sana sini tangkap bola. Dah pulak player Singapore banyak yang sakit je manjang. Tak tau lah di buat-buat atau memang sakit, atau memang lemah. Lepas sorang, sorang yang sakit. Pelik betul. Bila masuk second half, baru player Malaysia nak main tangkas skit, lepas dah kena sound kot dengan And then Safee goalkan utk goal pertama Malaysia. Minit ke 50+ kot. Tak berapa nak ingat. Time tu sorak tak ingat dunia la kan.

I did not take any pictures sebab terlalu excited. I can see some of the people at RASTA ada yg aambik gambar. Maybe next time. I can see from Safee official facebook page, dia kata bulan September nanti akan lawan balik utk sukan SEA and Olimpik. We can hope for the best! :)

Harimau Malaya! Aumm. ;p

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Is this the END?

Is this the END?

why does it feel like it would only just begun

I thought we were done

I think I’ll hang on

If you still want me

But if you don’t

I guess I’ll move on

But if you need me

Close your eyes and dream

I’ll give you back your key

But will you be happy?

Said we’ll leave it alone

But I wont be here long

And when I’m gone

I guess then we’ll know



Zee Avi–Is this the end

Monday, July 25, 2011

Have you ever think about death?

I know the title is a little bit, you know, weird in some kind of way but actually, I think about dying every single day. Every night before I go to sleep, I think about how I will be when im dying, and you know, all sorts of other things like being questioned by Mungkar and Nangkir, how was it like to be someone who is not obedient to Allah? What does hell looks like and how heaven looks like. I know it is far way beyond my thinking capabilities and I don’t know if I can think about all that. I mean, is it will become a sin or maybe the devil syaitan is just playing with my mind. I don’t know, how does it feel for your soul to be taken by Allah? Pain? What will you be thinking when you know it’s the time and you are not going to see your families, friends and everything and everybody again? Can you think like that during that time? I know this entry is a little bit awkward. Me myself is kind of afraid to type about this. Maybe people will read it in a wrong way. Maybe some people might say okay, Anfaal is dying. No, I am not sick and I am not dying. At least not right now.

Well, just some fruits of thoughts for you. T.T

Thursday, July 21, 2011

21 july

on 21st july,

All I did was trying to control myself. Trying to remind myself and trying to cherish every moment of it. Life is not long as people do say, life is short. So, I am trying to enjoy every moment of it.

I cant wait for RAYA and for sure, I can’t wait for Ramadhan to start. Hopefully I could go through the 28 Days / 30 Days of Ramadhan this year.

On 21st july,

The internet at my office is okay now. We suffered like, 7 months of hell. Having such a seriously bad connection. So now, we can download  work more efficiently. ;p haha.

On 21st july,

Malaysia vs Chelsea. Who will win? :)

All happens today, on 21st july 2011.

On 21st july,

My busuk bought me an external hard disk. :) Thank you busuk!

Love you, Bubu.


Well, I feel like writing something inside this blog. I was looking at the blog traffic and stats and everything and this one word caught my eyes which is ‘Armenia’. When the moment I saw this word comes out, the one thing that pops out from my mind is the Kardashians family. I think they are Armenian. If I am not mistaken.

I usually love watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardashian’ but until I have no time to watch TV at all, I lost track of all the past episodes. And since last week, I watched their new season and all I can see is that Kendall is now taller than Kim. :) She’s pretty and so natural looking. :) I can’t imagine how tall and beautiful this girl is! I think she has the most beautiful face ever. She’s like Kourtney + Khloe a little bit. Out of the 5 Ks (Kourtney,Kimberly,Khloe,Kendall and Kylie), I think the far most beautiful girl is surely Kendall. See how gorgeous she is! :)




Kendall Jenner Long Hairstyles Long Straight gLngTiFAzeWl

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Urbanscapes & Daftar Undi

Last Saturday, I went to the Urbanscapes 2011. This year, Urbanscapes I think is one of the best ever! Cause, they have loadsa shops to shop! :p I love how they have so many things to look at and how many creative and handmade/homemade items to buy! I love handmade/homemade things. As I think that those items are well made and trustable. :)

There are some slacks in this year Urbanscapes. One of them is LACK of BOOTH selling WATER! Oh my, we have to like, walk all the way to the middle of the field to buy a mineral water. Hopefully next year Urbanscapes, they will take a good look on this one. Another thing is that, please do not make it so far far away. I mean, the booths, the stage for concerts and all. Make it nearer please next time. It is hot and we do not want to walk alll the way up and down for look for things. :) Last thing that they need to highlight on things are the signboards for MORE parking. Do provide with a hint on where to park and which road is being close or what so ever. We buy tickets to come to Urbanscapes, so we do not want to waste our ticket money just because we can’t find a parking place. :) Be careful on these minor issues next time, Urbanscapes. Other than all those minor things, I think Urbanscaps DO ROCK this year!!

While I was at the Urbanscapes, someone came across me and asked me that if I had already sign up to vote for election. I have not yet registered for that and was actually looking for places to register, so that guy just saved my life! :) And now I am eligible to VOTE and I only will vote for the one who DESERVE to have my vote. Thank You. :) And now, I can’t wait for election season to be started. My first voting experience! YAY! :) Other than registered, I also bought some other items such as handmade soaps and also a necklace. My Boyfie bought a yoyo from 28Spin shop. Hehe. I also bought ice cream from The Last Polka, mango flavor. YUMMEH!

I did not capture any photo at all at Urbanscapes. Mainly because I think, I need another partner in order to, ya know, take pictures and be crazy and all. But yeah, each year, urbanscapes brings a lot of fashion shows. This year I think supposed to be the year of a big bell bottom pants. ;p Inspired by ViVi Magazines, Japan and Korea. (kot!)

Links :

Urbanscapes :

Kinder Soaps :

The Last Polka :

28 Spin :

The Click Shop :

absolutelyEMMY :

Happy Shopping! <3

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nestle 14 days Bliss Challenge.

Me and Irfan are taking part in this challenge. Drink 2 bottles of 200g Bliss (any flavor will do!), one in the morning and one at night for 14 days! :) So you have to stock up 28 bottles of 200g Bliss yoghurt drink. YUMYUM!

We just bought Strawberry Bliss yoghurt drink and will start to drink tomorrow morning! :) YAY!

People must know, why do we do this? To FLATTEN our tummy! YAY! For good digestions I supposed.

Well, lets just say, we will keep you updated about this challenge inside this blog! hehe. :)

Psst. Even Kevin Zahri joined this challenge. :) Kevin Zahri's blog <—Click here!


* Yummehh *

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

LOVE the way YOU LIE


I seriously love the way you lie.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Aku dah fedup dengan politik di Malaysia ni…

Seriously guys, aku dah fedup. And I miss zaman Tun Mahathir jadi pemimpin negara kita. Cara dia handle politics,media semua lagi BAGUS dari PM kita skarang ni. Aku bukan penyokong mana-mana parti, baik pembangkang ataupun kerajaan. But then, aku rasa pemimpin kita skarang ni makin bullshit perangai derang. Dah tua-tua tapi perangai macam budak sekolah menengah yang masih nak membesar and TAK MATANG.
Sudah-sudah lah tu wahai menteri-menteri Malaysia. Dari korang jilat bontot pemimpin korang yang seriously tak matang, lagi baik korang fokuskan ke arah macam mana nak MAJUKAN Malaysia ni. Bukan stakat bagi ucapan time Belanjawan tiap-tiap tahun dengan janji yg seakan-akan palsu tu, tapi tolong lah bila time bagi ucapan, tolong lah aku merayu, jadi lah MATANG. Gunakan ayat-ayat yang MATANG dan bukan ayat-ayat yang macam dalam video dibawah ni. Tolong lah ya PM Najib. You are MATURED enough to use other words rather saying something BULLSHIT like this! Rambut pun dah beruban, nampak sangat ko tu dah tua! Tapi, perangai tu tak berubah sama macam adik sedara aku je yang tingkatan 2-3. Even derang tau macam mana nak hormat orang. I bet, if your father is still alive Najib, dia mesti menyesal tengok ape yang ko dah buat kat politik Malaysia ni. Tun Razak, bapa pembangunan. Aku pernah buat portfolio pasal Tun Razak ni masa aku Tingkatan 1. Time tu, bangga aku ada PM macam ni. But now, Najib, aku tak tau nak bangga ko dengan benda ape. Setakat slogan kata 1 Malaysia, it means nothing to me. You have done nothing to Malaysia so far except just to pecah belahkan rakyat. I know I have done nothing for my country YET but someday memang aku akan berbakti jugak pada negara. I am now only 25 years old. Terlalu panjang lagi masa untuk aku berbakti so tak payah nak mempersoalkan ape yang aku dah buat pada negara kita. Aku dah sumbangkan tenaga kerja aku untuk ekonomi negara skang ni pun dah cukup lah dari aku menganggur.

PM saying something soooooo not matured!
Like I said, aku tak memihak kepada mana-mana pihak. Just that aku nak kerajaan yang adil, MATANG dan tak menyusahkan rakyat. We had enough of you, Datuk Seri Najib. I even respected Tun Abdullah dari you even he did not do anything (like everyone claims), but at least he’s honest but the best PM ever is Tun Dr. Mahathir. No one can beats him. Even you, Najib. So, stop acting like a child and please be matured.Thank You

Friday, July 8, 2011

Urbanscapes Tickets Winner!



The number generator did it all. Sorry for those who did not win. :( I wish I can give all of you free tickets now. Sobsob. But never give up! I’ll be hosting another contest soon, so stay tune for that one. Maybe, you’ll be the next winner! <3

Thank for everyone who entered and visited my blog!




* Click on the image to see clearly *

As you can see, the number generator generates no 3. And I counted from the top (exclude my comment).


I have already send a message through your facebook!

Enjoy and see you at Urbanscapes!

p/s: the Max value is 42 instead of 46 because I excluded my comments as well. ;)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

BOTD–Vegan Lip Conditioner

YAY! My parcel form Ella has now arrived! She posted out on 27th June 2011 and arrived like, 10 days later which is today! Ella has been great as a seller and she’s very humble and nice and friendly! :) Well, I give out my office address since I’ll be at the office in the morning. My boyfie spoted the package inside the post box. I never check my office post box. Hehe. :P

Once I got my hands on this lip conditioner, I can smell the flavor already. And when I tested one, it just glided smoothly on my lips (even tried once on my boyfie.hehe). And once it is on my lips, I can taste and smell the flavor instantly! My fave would be the Watermelon Tea & Rose Petal. It smells delicious!! :)

Do drop by on Ella’s etsy shop. :)



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

USS Video.


Hey all, this is the video that I did, compiling all the videos that me/Irfan took on our office trip to Universal Studios Singapore.

Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Singapore Trip III

Sambung the last part of my Singapore trip, kalau korang dah bosan nak baca, please don’t. I typed this one pun for future. If aku nak baca balik segala kenangan, kat blog ni lah. :) Banyak je entry lepas2 yang aku baca boleh buat aku tergelak.
So yeah, sambung balik afta  makan kat area Arab tu, we all pergi tgk Waterworld. Memang tepat2 je kena time dia sebab lepas ktorang masuk je, terus pintu utk masuk dah tutup. So, to all yang tak sempat masuk tu, kena tunggu lagi la utk tgk. Waterworld ni best sebab dia macam action acting depan mata. Meletup la,tembak2 lah terjun2 la semua ada and all live! Sapa yang suka kena basah, dipersilakan duduk kat kerusi yang paling bawah skali. Me, Irfan & Haizan duduk at the SOAK part, means yang paling bawah skali. Acap ddk kat wet part and the rest kat dry part. Duduk kat soak part pun, tak de lah basah mana sangat. :D Syok dan best! Sebab nampak depan2 action dia. :) So, if you guys ada bawak kamera kalis air (like I did!), duduk depan and tangkap gambar banyak2!

After Waterworld, we wanted to take a ride on Jurassic Park but it takes about 80mins waiting time, so ktorang giveup semua and then terus ke The Mummy ride. Patah balik ke sana sebab before this, ride tu under maintenance. I did not ride on this one and teman Irfan kat luar. Since ramai sangat kat luar and panas, we all take turn masuk dalam gift shop dia untuk amik aircond. haha. ;p Lepas they all keluar from The Mummy ride, semua terus ke Far Far Away, tengok Shrek 4D cinema. Yg ni best la jugak sebab dia 4D kan? Dapat rasa la kononnya ape yang dalam movie tu rasa. Aku pernah belajar pasal 4D dulu time kat university tapi bukan belajar implementation dia lah, just the history of 4D cinema ni. Zaman dulu (tak salah aku tame 60an kot) ada 4D cinema. Dia ada bau,rasa,kerusi bergerak dan mcm2 lagi la. Seolah-olah kita mmg berada dalam movie tu. :D Tapi disebabkan ramai orang pening lepas tgk movie mcm tu, benda tu dah dimansuhkan~ Lepas Shrek 4D, aku nak ke toilet so derang semua duduk2 kat kerusi outside the bakery tu. Bila aku keluar je from toilet, nampak Puss in Boots! Seriously, I love cats so I MUST take at least one picture dgn this one gatal cat! haha. ;p So, me and Irfan took one picture with the famous cat. <3





After Far Far Away, we all went to the Madagascar plak. Acap pretended that the madagascar house is actually his and konon2 buat nak masuk dalam rumah tu lah. haha. ;p Well, kat sini, we took the Madagascar ride, masuk dalam kapal yang besar, guna macam this one boat. The route macam sungai lah, ada air semua so all we have to do is just tengok kiri kanan je. :D Sort of like a rumah hantu but this one is a FUN house instead! Kalau korang tgk Madagascar, mesti korang tau character2 dia. :D Best! Alah, macam kids ride je but totally FUN!

Lepas Madagascar, we all went to watch the Monster Rock & Roll musical something like that kat dalam theater hall dia. This one I am a bit confused as I could not understand what is goin on but the songs they’re singing are quite catchy so I just sang with them instead. haha. This is our last stop for the day and it is quite late and we are actually behind schedule. We were supposed to be out from USS at 5pm but it has been stretch up to 7pm! :) But it has been a memorable day instead! I miss being here, happily without stressing on work and everything. Just a day of play and have fun! I will certainly miss this place and will be back soon. Lastly, we all went shopping for souvenir and I bought a chicken burger at Mel’s Diner and it WAS DELICIOUS!
We will be back, Singapore! :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Singapore Trip II

Okay I’ve promised to story2 pasal my trip to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) dalam entry kedua ni. So, here it goes! :) Early morning around 9am, me, Irfan, Kak farah and Haizan jalan around Orchard Road, sebab malam tu tak sempat nak jalan-jalan. The shops is still not open yet at that time, so we just stroll by looking for any shops yang buka. Then, we had our breakfast at McDonalds nearby (depan hotel je haha and it’s 24hrs McD). The breakfast was pricey, the figure was likely the same as Malaysia but since we are in Singapore, we have to doubled it to 2.5, I guess. :P So, my breakfast is SGD 5.99 equals to around RM12.00 just for a McEgg. :D Ariff’s one I can’t quite remember how much. :P Well, if you keep converting the price, you won’t be eating or drinking at Singapore. So, stop converting and just buy what you wanna buy. Afta makan breakfast, we all balik ke hotel since pkl 10am janji nak jumpa at the hotel lobby.







When everybody is at the lobby, dah checkout and settled everything, Haizan print out the online tickets of USS, we all shoot to USS with the guide of my GPS GogoPal. :D Of course ada sesat sikit sebab biasalah, tak biasa dengan route at Singapore. But at last, sampai jugak USS dalam pkl 11am macam tu. Dah masuk parking tu cari parking semua lah then naik atas ke USS. Since aku yang pegang the ticket (accidently!hehe) so they all have to wait for me. Sampai je atas, amik gambar kat globe USS tu. Time tu semangat dah membuak-buak dah ni! haha. ;p Tak sabar nak masuk! Then, lepas je dari pintu masuk tu, terus jadi macam tak tau nak buat ape. Tangan plak terus amik gambar. click sana sini. Haha. ;p We all just went jalan-jalan je. Benda pertama yg ktorg masuk, Steven Spilberg Special Effects ape tah nama dia. Agak best jugak lah time tu. Nampak real je padahal all are special effects. Takut jugak aku nak berlakon dalam api macam tu. Haha. Penonton pun dah terasa bahang dia, apetah lagi si pelakon. Lepas tu just stroll sana sini, taking pictures all over the place. After that, dah rasa dahaga, beli lah botol air dia tu. SGD 12 for bottle+drinks, refill only SGD 2 per refill. Lepas beli air, semua lalu kat Sci-Fi city, I can see that roller coaster from afar and seriously wanted to board on one! So, we all dah setuju nak naik roller coaster tu and we choose to board yang warna biru (Cyclone) instead of red (Human) so memang parah lah kan. This is my first experience nak naik roller coaster so I have no idea ape perasaan naik roller coaster ni. Seriously, the experience was like THE BEST EVER IN LIFE! Naik lah yg cyclone instead of Human. You’ll never regret it going to USS. Kalau pergi USS tak naik this one, seriously RUGI! :D Next time kalau datang USS lagi, nak naik Human plak and also nak masuk The Mummy. :) Those two I simpan for future up comings. :P Lepas naik Battlestar Galactica, we all went for makan kat area The Mummy. Since we all kat area arab skit, so makanan dia pun makanan arab lah. No worries, makanan dalam ni kebanyakkannya halal. Korang boleh amik the pamphlet and tengok. Dalam tu ada tulis. :)
















Lepas ni aku story dalam Singapore Trip III plak lah ye. Aku rasa macam dah cukup panjang je entry ni. :)

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