Monday, July 25, 2011

Have you ever think about death?

I know the title is a little bit, you know, weird in some kind of way but actually, I think about dying every single day. Every night before I go to sleep, I think about how I will be when im dying, and you know, all sorts of other things like being questioned by Mungkar and Nangkir, how was it like to be someone who is not obedient to Allah? What does hell looks like and how heaven looks like. I know it is far way beyond my thinking capabilities and I don’t know if I can think about all that. I mean, is it will become a sin or maybe the devil syaitan is just playing with my mind. I don’t know, how does it feel for your soul to be taken by Allah? Pain? What will you be thinking when you know it’s the time and you are not going to see your families, friends and everything and everybody again? Can you think like that during that time? I know this entry is a little bit awkward. Me myself is kind of afraid to type about this. Maybe people will read it in a wrong way. Maybe some people might say okay, Anfaal is dying. No, I am not sick and I am not dying. At least not right now.

Well, just some fruits of thoughts for you. T.T

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