Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Urbanscapes & Daftar Undi

Last Saturday, I went to the Urbanscapes 2011. This year, Urbanscapes I think is one of the best ever! Cause, they have loadsa shops to shop! :p I love how they have so many things to look at and how many creative and handmade/homemade items to buy! I love handmade/homemade things. As I think that those items are well made and trustable. :)

There are some slacks in this year Urbanscapes. One of them is LACK of BOOTH selling WATER! Oh my, we have to like, walk all the way to the middle of the field to buy a mineral water. Hopefully next year Urbanscapes, they will take a good look on this one. Another thing is that, please do not make it so far far away. I mean, the booths, the stage for concerts and all. Make it nearer please next time. It is hot and we do not want to walk alll the way up and down for look for things. :) Last thing that they need to highlight on things are the signboards for MORE parking. Do provide with a hint on where to park and which road is being close or what so ever. We buy tickets to come to Urbanscapes, so we do not want to waste our ticket money just because we can’t find a parking place. :) Be careful on these minor issues next time, Urbanscapes. Other than all those minor things, I think Urbanscaps DO ROCK this year!!

While I was at the Urbanscapes, someone came across me and asked me that if I had already sign up to vote for election. I have not yet registered for that and was actually looking for places to register, so that guy just saved my life! :) And now I am eligible to VOTE and I only will vote for the one who DESERVE to have my vote. Thank You. :) And now, I can’t wait for election season to be started. My first voting experience! YAY! :) Other than registered, I also bought some other items such as handmade soaps and also a necklace. My Boyfie bought a yoyo from 28Spin shop. Hehe. I also bought ice cream from The Last Polka, mango flavor. YUMMEH!

I did not capture any photo at all at Urbanscapes. Mainly because I think, I need another partner in order to, ya know, take pictures and be crazy and all. But yeah, each year, urbanscapes brings a lot of fashion shows. This year I think supposed to be the year of a big bell bottom pants. ;p Inspired by ViVi Magazines, Japan and Korea. (kot!)

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Happy Shopping! <3

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