Thursday, September 29, 2011

On leave!

Hello guys! Harini saya cuti! hehe. :)) Sebab dah 10 hari bekerja straight tanpa cuti. So, harini boss bagi exception. hehe. Well, mak dah pesan macam2 dah on my trip to Langkawi next week! It’s next week!! Still cant believe yang ktorang nak pegi ke Langkawi minggu depan! haha. Sebab masa beli tiket tu, awal bulan 7 haritu. So rasa macam lagi 3 bulan je nak pegi time tu. Now, lagi seminggu je nak pergi. :)) Seriously, masa berjalan sgt cepat. Lagi2 time bulan Ramadhan tu. At least, bulan Syawal ni tak de lah rasa cepat sangat. :))

Well, harini tak ada plan lagi. Maybe ke Seri Kembangan nak hantar daging dendeng kat sedara petang nanti. And then tak tau lah nak ke mana. Tgk je lah mana hala tuju nanti. Pegi amik gambar pun best jugak kan? hehe. :)) Maklumlah, dah ada kamera serba canggih skarang, semua benda pun rasa nak amik gambar. hehe.

So, I am still tak percaya I have my own domain. (noob kan! haha) well, have fun guys!

*glup.esok ada presentation ape tah kat depan chairman.sgt gugup okay!*




* me today *

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New website!! :))

Yay! Finally after some random thoughts and instant purchase from paypal, i finally have my own domain name. Not that i have been thinking about it and have bee planning to buy a domain name of my own, it is just slips out of my freaking mind yesterday.

I dont think that rm45 for a domain name is not that expensive. So i decided to lock the domain name of and got it for my blog. :))

So, if you are a constant reader of my blog, if you typed it will still divert you into this page. :)) so no worries.. Hehe.

Love you guys so much!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bridesmaid meeting <3

Ku rindu makcik ni. Semalam jumpa walaupun lama tapi rasa skejap je. Makcik, jom aku teman pegi beli kasut kawin ye. Bleh ko sponsor utk kasut aku skali. haha. :P Sronok weh gossip dgn ko!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BOTD–Avène Eau Thermal

Okay girls! Today BOTD is about this watery spray. Yeap. My family has been using this kind of eau thermal since I was little but then they stopped. We used to use this one to freshened our face during balik kampung. But the water spray that we used back then was not this brand. I can’t remember what brand it was.

19 years later, I am keen to try this kind of face spray again. I bought this Avène Eau Thermal at Watsons in Alamanda but practically, all drugs store sells it anyway. This small bottle costs me like RM19.90! Seriously? A water inside a tin bottle like this costs as much as RM19.90? Watta? Well, after reading all the writings that they have on the bottle and also on the little pamphlet, I think it’s okay to sell it at RM19.90. Hope so it uses the real Spring Water at France or something like that. If not, I’ll sue this company out! haha. ;p And it is suitable for sensitive skin as well. I don’t have sensitive skin so I can’t actually comment on this one.

Well, what do you do with this spring water spray? It can be as freshener when you are feeling sleepy. But there’s more to that. It could also be a make up setter. You sprayed it after you have done your makeup for a long lasting and sit tight makeup. :) It could also be treatment for sunburn or after dermatological surgery. Last but not least, it could also be a cleansing agent, to clean your face over makeups. It wont sting your skin.

It has 3 types of bottle if I am not mistaken. The bottle I bought was the smaller ones which is only 50mL. They do have one in medium size  in 150mL and also the large size 300mL. I have seen the large size and it is big. I personally like the small size because it can fit perfectly inside my handbag so that I can carry it to anywhere I want to. If I am not mistaken, the large size is around RM60. I’ll check the price and will update it on my twitter page. :)

Till then, enjoy the pictures! ;p


Monday, September 19, 2011

Friends come & go.

Well, what can I say. Friends do come and go. The ones yang GO tu are the ones who is truly not your friend at all. The one who has been pretending to be your friend. I am glad, God showed me which one is my true friend and which one are not. Who is a stalker and who is not. ;p

Apart from that, I made new friends. Yes, I do have new friends now. We have been ‘friending’ since last year in Facebook, but never got the nerves to tegur with each other. I mean, it is kind of weird after all and I think she might be feeling weird too, you know, talking to a girlfriend of her ex. Can you see what I mean? I do not want to describe this more into further details. I am glad that she’s ‘professional’ and Irfan is also '’professional’ as well. :)

Well, more friends will come after this. All you have to do is wait. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BOTD–Face Masks! (heavy pictures!)

Hello garls! ;p (and guys as well if you are into beauty and not afraid of showing who you really are). Today’s BOTD I am goin to tell a little bit story about face masks. I don’t usually wear face masks as my, you know, facial routines. As far as I concern about my face skin, I can only count how many I’ve actually wore a face mask. But not after I saw my beauty guru which is Suzi, she has this huge collections of face masks from Korea, Japan and more! Yes might be she got it from a swap that she always does with her fans and followers. Here, I have 6 facial masks that I bought at Watsons. It is quite not that cheap. Haha. One mask nearly costs me about RM6++ up to RM7! :) But for beauty, nothing matters to me. As long as it is working. Oh yes, if you bought a box of face mask (same type), you’ll save RM20. :) It is your choice whether you like it to be everyday different face mask or you’d rather have one type. Me? I love to have to test every face mask that they have. ;p
So, the first one would be :
Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask!
I wore this mask several days ago. It smells fantastic! I mean, it does smell like rose eventually but the smell is not that strong. very mild and gentle to my skin. I did not even get breakouts after wearing it. ;) Great one.
This face mask is to (obviously!) whitens your skin. I have only tried once so I can’t just tell the difference yet whether my skin had already being whitened by this face mask. teehee. ;p Oh yes, please bear in mind, this mask is only available at watsons. :)
The second mask would be :
Sakura Whitening Mask!
Okay, I can’t actually talk much about this mask just yet because I have not yet tried it out. ;p And again, only available at Watsons. :)
The next facial masks, I am just going to list it down with the pictures. :)
Have fun face masking! ;p

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My little Sony Cybershot DSC-TX10

Hey all! Today im going to do a review for the first time on Sony Cybershot DSC-TX10. My new camera. Small but superb! Cheap but take nice photos. That it what I like. :)

Okay, lemmie just tell you the storyline of how I met with this camera. Before I even knew about this camera, me and Irfan has already looked at some other camera as well. We were surveying Olympus PEN. At time, the price for Olympus PEN EP-2 is around RM2,000. They’ll give free stuffs like tripod,another spare battery and something that I could not remember. ;p But, the only thing is that, that camera is only 12.3mp but it produces much much higher quality pictures and videos (HD) then my current Olympus camera at that time, the  TOUGH 6020 which is 14mp and only produce HD video up to 720P. Only day, my cousin introduced to me this Sony Cybershot camrera. And I fall in love with it instantly!

First of all, the quality of the picture is AMAZING! it is 16.2 mp for God’s sake! Of course it ie way better than the Olympus PEN or my current OLYMPUS Tough 6020. :) The video is AVCHD or if you want it to be MP4, it could also be done. :) And the most important thing for me in a video is the auto focus and the fastness of the focuses. Seriously, this camera is so far the best I’ve ever seen. It has everything that I want to. :) Well, below are some of the example video that I found from dieselducy’s youtube page:)

Apart from a great video it shots, it also takes great pictures as well. 16.2 mp, what do you expect?! haha. :)

Over all, I am super excited about this camera. Will be trying to shoot underwater (It can goes down until 5m or 16ft) and will let you know the results of it later!

Specifications :

Gross Pixels
Approx. 16.8 Mega Pixels

Effective Pixels
Approx. 16.2 Mega Pixels


Sensor Type
1/2.3" Exmor R CMOS Sensor

Optical Zoom

Precision Digital Zoom
Approx. 16x

Smart Zoom
10M: Approx. 5.1x, 5M: Approx. 7.1x, VGA: Approx. 28x, 16:9(2M): Approx. 9.6x

Optical Zoom During Movie Recording

Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar

F Number
3.5 - 4.6

Focal Length f = (35mm Conversion)
4.43 - 17.7mm (25 - 100mm)

Auto Focus Range
iAuto (W: Approx. 1cm to Infinity, T: Approx. 50cm to Infinity) / Program Auto (W: Approx. 8cm to Infinity, T: Approx. 50cm to Infinity)

Close Focus Enabled Range
W: Approx. 1cm to 20cm

Compatible Recording Media
Memory Stick Duo / Memory Stick PRO Duo / Memory Stick PRO Duo (High Speed) / Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo / SD Memory Card / SDHC Memory Card / SDXC Memory Card

3.0" (921K pixels), Xtra Fine LCD, Touch Screen

Stamina (Battery Life)
250 shots / 125mins

Battery System
Lithium ION Battery

2.0 Hi-Speed

Main Features

Photo Mode
Superior Auto, Program Auto, iSweep Panorama, Underwater Sweep Panorama, 3D Still Image, Handheld Twilight, Backlight Correction HDR, Background Defocus, Anti Motion Blur

Scene Selection
Twilight / Twilight Portrait / Landscape / Soft Snap / Snow / Beach / Fireworks / Underwater / High Sensitivity / Hi-speed Shutter / Gourmet / Pet / Soft Skin

Still Image Size 16M
4,608 x 3,456

Still Image Size 10M
3,648 x 2,736

Still Image Size 5M
2,592 x 1,944

Still Image Size VGA
640 x 480

Still Image Size 16:9 Mode
12M(4,608 x 2,592) / 2M(1,920 x 1,080)

Still Image Size Panorama (Max. Degree of Sweep Angle)
7,152 x 1,080(238deg) / 4,912 x 1,080(163deg) / 4,912 x 1,920(172deg) / 3,424 x 1,920(120deg) / 1,920 x 1,080(64deg)

Movie Recording Mode (AVCHD)
1920 x 1080 (50i, 24M, FX) approx. 24Mbps / 1920 x 1080 (50i, 17M, FH) approx. 17Mbps / 1440 x 1080 (50i, 9M, HQ) approx. 9Mbps

Movie Recording Mode (AVC MP4)
1440 x 1080 (25fps) approx. 12Mbps / 1280 x 720 (25fps) approx. 6Mbps / VGA (640 x 480, 25fps) approx. 3Mbps

Movie Recording Time
Max. approx. 29min continuously per movie

Recording Format

Still Image Recording Mode
Normal (JPEG) / Hi-Speed Burst (JPEG)

iAuto (F3.5 - F6.3) / Program Auto (F3.5 - F6.3)

Shutter Speed
iAuto (2" - 1/1,600) / Program Auto (1" - 1/1,600)

NR Slow Shutter
Shutter Speed of 1/3sec or slower

ISO Sensitivity Setting
Auto / 125 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200

Image Stabilizer
Optical SteadyShot

Focus Mode
Multi-point AF (9 points) / Center-weighted AF / Spot AF / Flexible Spot AF (Touch)

Auto Focus Mode

Exposure Compensation
Plus / Minus 2.0EV, 1/3EV Step

White Balance
Auto / Daylight / Cloudy / Fluorescent / Incandescent / Flash / One Push, One Push Set

Underwater White Balance
Auto / Underwater 1-2

Light Metering
Multi-Pattern / Center Weighted / Spot

Auto Focus Illuminator
Yes (Auto / Off)

Flash Mode
Auto, Flash On, Flash Off, Slow Synchro

Flash Range
ISO Auto: 0.08 - 3.7m (W) / Approx. 0.5 - 2.7m (T), ISO3200: up to 5.2m (W) / 3.8m (T)


Auto Daylight Syncro

Dynamic Range Optimiser

Face Detection

Red-eye Reduction

Clear RAW NR (Noise Reduction)

User Interface

Yes (10sec / 2sec / off / Potrait 1 / Potrait 2)

Auto Review

Index Playback

Playback Moving Image Mode
Play back own recorded movie files only

Slide Show Playback
Yes (HD / SD)

Slide Show Effect
Transition Effect (Simple / Active / Nostalgic / Stylish), Music (4 Tunes)

Trimming / Resize / Playback Zoom
Yes / No / 8x

Image Rotation / Divide (MPEG) / Cue & Review
Yes / No / Yes

Hand Shake Alert


LCD Brightness Setting

Speaker Volume Control

Internal Memory Data Copy (to Recording Media)
Yes (MS / SD)

Multi-use Terminal
Yes (AV / USB / DC)

USB Connecting
Auto / Mass Storage / MTP

Other Features

Tripod Receptacle

Battery Remaining Indicator

Exposure Warning Indicator

Recording Media Remaining Indicator

Quick Response

Approx. 1.2sec

Shutter Time Lag
Approx. 0.3sec

Release Time Lag
Approx. 0.013sec

Burst Speed (Maximum)
Approx. 10.0 fps

Burst Interval (Minimum)
Approx. 0.1sec

Body Size

Dimensions (W x H x D)
95.6 x 56.1 x 17.9mm

Approx. 118g (Body), Approx. 133g (With Accessories)

Body Material
Metal Face

Supplied Accessories

Lithium ION Battery NP-BN1

USB Charger

USB Cable

Power Cord

Wrist Strap

Paint Pen

Application Software
Picture Motion Browser

Sunday, September 11, 2011

BOTD–Baviphat Apple Jelly Lip Scrub.


I know it’s been a while since my last post on BOTD. If you are still blur about this BOTD, it is basically I am telling a beauty product and doing some sort of a small review on it.

As for this post, I am going to introduce to you a Lip Scrubs. Yes. I know. Not only our lovely body and also legs have scrubs, now we have lip scrubs. Add this in your future shopping list. :) This lip scrubs is from Baviphat. Originally from Korea. Here, we can have this product at SEPHORA (I am not quite sure if you can have it at SASA or SASA Selective) This lip scrubs, they do have it in several flavors. I got mine in Apple. They do have oranges and more. Do check them out.

How to use this lippy scrubs?

Step 1 : I usually do not moisture my lips as this is a scrubs and I need most of my dried skin away after I scrubbed it.

Step 2 : Scoop just a little bit of the scrubs. I usually wash my hands first before scrubbing it on my lips. I do not want any contagious things creeping inside the scrubs after that. :)

Step 3 : Start scrubbing your lips! :)

Step 4 : Need to avoid licking it. I know. It smells yummy! haha.

Step 5 : After nearly 3 minutes (I do not want to do more than that as I do not want the scrubs to get comfy on my lips as it is quite sticky), wash away the scrubs by using water (hot or cold, your choice)

Step 6 : Enjoy your lovely lips! ;p

The product comes in a little tiny bottles, which represents the flavor itself. It is quite little and you might think that it is not enough. But trust me, you do not want to scrubs your lips everyday! So, just do it like twice a month or even once a month. It is a little bit sticky and needed to wash your hands after applying.






Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tuhan Maha mengetahui Segalanya.

Memang menakjubkan. Allah Maha Mengetahui segala yang tersirat dalam hati ku. Allah Maha Pengasih yang tak ingin hamba-Nya bersedih dan di dalam kesusahan. Akhirnya, doaku sepanjang bulan Ramadhan lepas dimakbulkan Allah. Aku tak nak bagitu lagi apa yang aku pinta dari Nya. Biarlah aku sorang je yang tahu dulu. Lambat laun, korang pun akan tau. :) Jangan risau.

Monday, September 5, 2011

This is how I grow up.

Let me tell you guys a story about how I grow up. You might think I am having such a lovely life as I am the only child in my family. But seriously, you need to think more. My life is just simple,ordinary and some sort of boring.

I am not 'spoiled. My mum & dad never buy me things that I wanted. Unlike some of you guys out there. You want something, your parents will buy it for you. They will never scold you if you use your own pocket money. Unlike my parents, they will never let me use my pocket money either. They wanted me to save. Now I think, I have so many bank accounts when I was little. With so many money inside it. :p But sadly, only one person knows how to take all of that money. ;) I do not want to tell names here. Let it be me,my dad and my mum secret.

When I wanted a new phone for example, I have to wait until my recent phone is broken then my dad will replace me with a phone that I wanted. Or maybe similar to what I’d ask for. Even for my first laptop for my university period, I don’t even have the choice to choose which one I would love to have. Instead, my dad bought me a china made laptop brand QDK. I still have that laptop at home but can’t be use now. It have some internal problems. lol. I don’t even owned a branded laptops like DELL or ACER up until my 3rd year, second semester. I told my dad I need to do some graphics and multimedia assignments and subjects, so he bought me a new ACER laptop worth RM1,999.00 at KLCC. Now, I am using my 1 year old DELL Studio XPS which my dad bought for me for my birthday and also convocation present. :)

My mum always wanted to buy me clothes that I know I wont be wearing after that. I am this one person who did not ask for something from my parents. Even jewelry, my mum always wanted to buy me some pendants or earrings or what ever but I do not want to. I think, I am not that one person who always keep asking for new things. I am grateful for what I have now.

So I just want people to see, you guys are fortunate too. Stop complaining, telling everybody that your parents did not love you or did not understand you or hate you or keep telling you not to do it or what so ever negative thoughts that you have. Seriously, if you keep rebelling, you’ll get nothing. Do not show to people that you hate them. You are fortunate enough. Think about other people who is not as fortunate as you are. You’ll see how bad you are right now. :)

Hari Raya 2011

Rasanya tak terlambat lagi nak update blog ni pasal raya. ;) Just nak cerita sikit2 lah ape yg sebenarnya aku buat kat kampung itu hari.hehe.

Kampung aku kat Penang. Yeah. Famous kan Pulau Pinang tu? Bila sebut Penang je semua macam teruja & jealous he.lolx.Manatak nya, kampung aku la tempat makan yang sedap2! Nasi Kandar la Nasi tu la nasi ni la laksa la pasemboq lah semua sedap lah! Balik Penang hari Isnin haritu. Perjalanan smooth je tak de jam ape2 pun. Ayah aku pun bawak 100km/j je. Bertolak dalam pkl 11:30am mcm tu, sampai Penang dalam 3:00pm. Sekejap je la. Itu pun sempat berenti kat rumah aunty aku kat Pauh. ;)

Dah sampai rumah tok, aku terus hantar beg kat rumah mak long sebab aku tido rumah mak long. Dah siap2 semua terus mandi & solat. Sebab dah nak petang kan. Lepas tu, tolong2 mak long semua potong2 sayur, kemas2 skit dapor semua. Mula2 tak tau nak tolong ape sangat. Last2, bila malam tu budak2 main mercun la bunga api la, aku pun tolong la Mushy (Mashitah) potong sayur. hehe. Time tu, tak de rasa nak raya lagi tapi bila dah makan ketupat semua baaaru rasa macam nak raya.kihkihkih. ;p

Hari first raya, macam biasa bersiap2, mandi sunat hari raya & terus ke rumah tok. Sebelum tu makan dulu kat rumah mak long. Ketupat & rendang daging. Fave saya! ;D Lepas tu pergi umah tok makan lagi bihun goreng. Kira nya raya kali ni asik makan je tak brenti2. Petang skit, ktorang pergi rumah cuwie kat Pauh tu. Beraya kat sana plak sebab rumah Alor Setar dah tak de dah, nak kena jual. Tapi tak de la jual lagi. Pelik tak nak beraya kat sana. Tapi sedih jugak la rumah tu nak dijual. Sebab rumah tu banyak sangat benda2 best terjadi. Kenangan banyak sangat. Pulak kesian kat cucu2 kecik2 yang nak rasa beraya kat kampung. Sedih je. :’(


Raya ke-2 plak ktorang tak pegi mana2 pun. Duduk rumah je la lepas tu petang pegi balik Pauh. Sebelum tu singgah dulu kat Pacific Mall kat situ. Kusam je sebab kedai pun tak bukak lagi. My mum nak beli Asam Jawa ape tah dia kata sedap & kat Pacific je ada jual. Tgk2 mmg laku pun Asam Jawa tu sebab tinggal satu je. Itu pun my mum amik je la dah dtg jauh2 kan. :) Pergi rumah cuwie makan laksa. Sedap sebab mamatok yang masak. Kali ni pergi skejap je la sebab sampai pun dah maghrib dah.

Raya ke-3 plak, hari berjalan satu Penang! Haha. Aku & my cousin Mushy pergi jalan2 kat Queensbay,Perangin Mall, 1st Avenue & Giant. HAHA! Mmg balas dendam punya pasal kan? Punya lah bosan duduk rumah sampai 4 shopping mall ktorang terjah! Mula2 ke QBay sebab Mushy nak beli baju kerja. Then tiba2 nak makan A&W, tu yang pergi Perangin Mall. Tengok2 A&W kat situ dah tutup dah pun. haha. So alang2 dah kat Perangin Mall, jalan2 je la kat situ. Ada shopping mall baru. :) Lepas dah puas berjalan and teringat yang tak beli baju utk Haikal (anak buah) lagi. Tu yang singgah Giant tu. hihi. ;p

Raya ke-4 balik KL~ Perjalanan okay saja. Tak jam sangat. Kali ni pun tak tido sebab bz mengupdate twitter kat #kltu (@kltrafficupdate) utk menyenangkan orang yang nak gerak dari Penang ke KL. Jam pun kat kawasan biasa macam kat area Tol Juru, lepas tu kat area Semanggol. RnR plak yang famous mcm Sg. Perak & Tapah semua jam. Ktorang pun berenti kat Ulu Bernam. Beli kueh pau je makan dlm kereta. Itu pun nearly full! hehe. ;)

Raya ke-5 pagi2 dah bersihkan cage hamster yang sgt nakal tu! Lepas tu duduk rumah je la, baca buku Shopaholic & Baby, tgk Scrubs season 7 sampai habis and BBM-ing Irfan. ;) Dia kata dia balik harini. Syok nye sebab esok boleh jumpa! :) Petang tu pergi Serdang Raya jumpa chak bagi kueh raya and barang hamper. :) Then ke rumah Desa pinggiran, cuci2 sapu2 siram pokok semua lah.

Raya ke-6 jumpa Irfan!! <3 bagi dia hadiah baju raya. Baju kaler pink lagi! :) G2000. hehe. Jalan-jalan kat the curve. Dia belanja buat treatment rambut kat Peek-a-Boo. ;)

Harini, raya ke-7 dah kerja dah pun. :) hehe.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2011

This is the most exciting raya ever! so damn epic and two of my best cousins are getting married this December and probably this would be the last raya we are going to celebrate together like this. After this year onwards, they will be following their husbands around and have no time to goof around with me anymore. :'( anyways, i'll do a blog on my raya celebration soon!

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