Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BOTD–Avène Eau Thermal

Okay girls! Today BOTD is about this watery spray. Yeap. My family has been using this kind of eau thermal since I was little but then they stopped. We used to use this one to freshened our face during balik kampung. But the water spray that we used back then was not this brand. I can’t remember what brand it was.

19 years later, I am keen to try this kind of face spray again. I bought this Avène Eau Thermal at Watsons in Alamanda but practically, all drugs store sells it anyway. This small bottle costs me like RM19.90! Seriously? A water inside a tin bottle like this costs as much as RM19.90? Watta? Well, after reading all the writings that they have on the bottle and also on the little pamphlet, I think it’s okay to sell it at RM19.90. Hope so it uses the real Spring Water at France or something like that. If not, I’ll sue this company out! haha. ;p And it is suitable for sensitive skin as well. I don’t have sensitive skin so I can’t actually comment on this one.

Well, what do you do with this spring water spray? It can be as freshener when you are feeling sleepy. But there’s more to that. It could also be a make up setter. You sprayed it after you have done your makeup for a long lasting and sit tight makeup. :) It could also be treatment for sunburn or after dermatological surgery. Last but not least, it could also be a cleansing agent, to clean your face over makeups. It wont sting your skin.

It has 3 types of bottle if I am not mistaken. The bottle I bought was the smaller ones which is only 50mL. They do have one in medium size  in 150mL and also the large size 300mL. I have seen the large size and it is big. I personally like the small size because it can fit perfectly inside my handbag so that I can carry it to anywhere I want to. If I am not mistaken, the large size is around RM60. I’ll check the price and will update it on my twitter page. :)

Till then, enjoy the pictures! ;p


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