Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BOTD–Face Masks! (heavy pictures!)

Hello garls! ;p (and guys as well if you are into beauty and not afraid of showing who you really are). Today’s BOTD I am goin to tell a little bit story about face masks. I don’t usually wear face masks as my, you know, facial routines. As far as I concern about my face skin, I can only count how many I’ve actually wore a face mask. But not after I saw my beauty guru which is Suzi, she has this huge collections of face masks from Korea, Japan and more! Yes might be she got it from a swap that she always does with her fans and followers. Here, I have 6 facial masks that I bought at Watsons. It is quite not that cheap. Haha. One mask nearly costs me about RM6++ up to RM7! :) But for beauty, nothing matters to me. As long as it is working. Oh yes, if you bought a box of face mask (same type), you’ll save RM20. :) It is your choice whether you like it to be everyday different face mask or you’d rather have one type. Me? I love to have to test every face mask that they have. ;p
So, the first one would be :
Bulgarian Rose Whitening Mask!
I wore this mask several days ago. It smells fantastic! I mean, it does smell like rose eventually but the smell is not that strong. very mild and gentle to my skin. I did not even get breakouts after wearing it. ;) Great one.
This face mask is to (obviously!) whitens your skin. I have only tried once so I can’t just tell the difference yet whether my skin had already being whitened by this face mask. teehee. ;p Oh yes, please bear in mind, this mask is only available at watsons. :)
The second mask would be :
Sakura Whitening Mask!
Okay, I can’t actually talk much about this mask just yet because I have not yet tried it out. ;p And again, only available at Watsons. :)
The next facial masks, I am just going to list it down with the pictures. :)
Have fun face masking! ;p

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