Monday, September 19, 2011

Friends come & go.

Well, what can I say. Friends do come and go. The ones yang GO tu are the ones who is truly not your friend at all. The one who has been pretending to be your friend. I am glad, God showed me which one is my true friend and which one are not. Who is a stalker and who is not. ;p

Apart from that, I made new friends. Yes, I do have new friends now. We have been ‘friending’ since last year in Facebook, but never got the nerves to tegur with each other. I mean, it is kind of weird after all and I think she might be feeling weird too, you know, talking to a girlfriend of her ex. Can you see what I mean? I do not want to describe this more into further details. I am glad that she’s ‘professional’ and Irfan is also '’professional’ as well. :)

Well, more friends will come after this. All you have to do is wait. :)

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