Monday, September 5, 2011

This is how I grow up.

Let me tell you guys a story about how I grow up. You might think I am having such a lovely life as I am the only child in my family. But seriously, you need to think more. My life is just simple,ordinary and some sort of boring.

I am not 'spoiled. My mum & dad never buy me things that I wanted. Unlike some of you guys out there. You want something, your parents will buy it for you. They will never scold you if you use your own pocket money. Unlike my parents, they will never let me use my pocket money either. They wanted me to save. Now I think, I have so many bank accounts when I was little. With so many money inside it. :p But sadly, only one person knows how to take all of that money. ;) I do not want to tell names here. Let it be me,my dad and my mum secret.

When I wanted a new phone for example, I have to wait until my recent phone is broken then my dad will replace me with a phone that I wanted. Or maybe similar to what I’d ask for. Even for my first laptop for my university period, I don’t even have the choice to choose which one I would love to have. Instead, my dad bought me a china made laptop brand QDK. I still have that laptop at home but can’t be use now. It have some internal problems. lol. I don’t even owned a branded laptops like DELL or ACER up until my 3rd year, second semester. I told my dad I need to do some graphics and multimedia assignments and subjects, so he bought me a new ACER laptop worth RM1,999.00 at KLCC. Now, I am using my 1 year old DELL Studio XPS which my dad bought for me for my birthday and also convocation present. :)

My mum always wanted to buy me clothes that I know I wont be wearing after that. I am this one person who did not ask for something from my parents. Even jewelry, my mum always wanted to buy me some pendants or earrings or what ever but I do not want to. I think, I am not that one person who always keep asking for new things. I am grateful for what I have now.

So I just want people to see, you guys are fortunate too. Stop complaining, telling everybody that your parents did not love you or did not understand you or hate you or keep telling you not to do it or what so ever negative thoughts that you have. Seriously, if you keep rebelling, you’ll get nothing. Do not show to people that you hate them. You are fortunate enough. Think about other people who is not as fortunate as you are. You’ll see how bad you are right now. :)

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