Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chic Pop Bazaar @ Jaya One

Hey Bazaar lovers! What have you been up today? Well, I know some of you must have been to Chic Pop Bazaar today at Jaya One. Honestly, this is the BIGGEST bazaar that I’ve been so far. Seriously, the best I should say? :)) The way the organizers placed all the booths and they even give free recycle bags to all who register. I got one, my boyfriend got one too! haha. :))
I did not take any pictures at the bazaar today. My bad. :( Because I was amazed by how the bazaar being organized! haha. Me and Irfan just went through from the level 1 of the bazaar, the I HEART Badges was there and some other vendors as well. We stroll around first, just to get the view of it. Later, we went upstairs, where the fun begins! All the clothing, accessories, to cupcakes and more accessories were there! I was so shocked to see that they have too many vendors and I am overwhelmed! Seriously getting excited already. Haha. I am not into clothing that much. I only bought one sleeveless top that costs me only RM18. :) Cheap? YES!


We did explore the whole bazaar from A-Z! haha. All the vendors are well in place. The men sections, the vintage sections. Everything is actually being sectioned onto their own theme. And this makes it much easier to shop. I will definitely come to Tongue in Chic bazaar again. 
Below are some of the pictures of the items that I bought today at the bazaar. :))
Thanks to my boyfriend, because, he was the one paying for all of this. hehe :)


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween theme aye?

Haha. I have been bragging about my Halloween theme for my cubicle inside Twitter and YouTube videos . Actually, these are the only decos that I’ve bought so far. I don’t know what to put anymore. My cubicle is quite small. So I can’t deco it so much. It is now already full with my junks and pens and calendar and phone and what so ever things that I have.

I only bought my decos at Daiso. RM5 only. ;p


Happy Halloween guys!



Thursday, October 20, 2011

BOTD–My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Face Masks

Okay, I am addicted. Blame it on the masks!! So addicted to this My Beauty Diary (MBD) face mask now. Last Sunday, I bought a box of MBD of 22 masks. Variety of face masks to be exact. It was worth the money as it is only RM 79.80 if I am not mistaken. It contains 3 types of face masks, Earl Grey Tea & Macaroon Mask, Bulgarian White Rose Mask & Black Pearl Mask. I tried all three masks and it works perfectly fine for me. No breakouts and did make my face smoother and brighter.

From all the three face mask, I am totally in love with two face mask which is the Black Pearl and Bulgarian White Rose. I have tried the black pearl mask before and love it. That is the main thing why I bought this mask box.

I tried the Earl Grey Tea & Macaroon mask last Sunday night but I do not think so it works as instant as the other two. It might need some more wearing time before it could show the results. Besides, it is for brightening and whitening. As for the Bulgarian White Rose Mask that I wore last night, it shows instant results and I am loving this mask so much now apart from the Black Pearl mask. This mask is for renewing and refreshing. Last but not least, the face mask that I love which is the Black Pearl mask. This masks is for intensive whitening & firming.

If you are in love with masks that could give you instant results, please I recommend this one for you. You can get this at SASA outlet or any other pharmacy or drug stores that sells MBD face masks. :)














* Please do not mind the pose. I’m just trying to get the perfect picture for you to see my face. :)) *

Monday, October 17, 2011


I have been blessed. Seriously. By God and everyone around me. Everything seems nice now. Even though I am at my highest point, I still can control it.

I am blessed to have such a happy family. I am blessed to have such a lovely and understanding boyfriend. I am blessed to have such a great friends. I love them. Each and every one of them. How about enemies? Well, they can stay with me but I don’t think so they want to. :))

Well, blessed my soul for all this! <3

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things that I bought @ Langkawi

Hi All, Assalamualaikum wbt.

Today I just want to share some things that I bought at Langkawi. Not that much as I did not plan to buy anything there as I know, I’ll be going there again soon. Seriously, very soon. So, I did not buy chocolate that much as I still have the chocs that I bought on my last trip to Langkawi which is last April. haha. :P So this time, I decided to just have some activities around Langkawi.

Trust me, 3 days and 2 nights are not enough if you want to explore Langkawi. Mangrove had taken almost 3 hours of your time. I mean, if you are a man, you’d probably skip the shopping part but for me, I must do the shopping part eventhough I have nothing to shop. haha. I must go to Hj Ismail Group or Idaman Suri. The only shop that we haven’t been is RAM’s. But it’s okay, next year in March we’ll be there again. :))

Bedak Sejuk Air Gamat & Herba


I bought this bedak sejuk at Nusantara Maju. Big big GAMAT shop at the roadside of Langkawi highway, near Ulu Melaka. I have been addicted to face products now so I decided to buy this one. It costs me RM4 as I shared with my cousin. So, if you buy 3 bottles it’ll cost you around RM12. But if you purchase it separately, it’ll cost more than RM4.

Miniature set Salvatore Ferragamo (Men & Woman)


I love this perfume so so so much. Since last year. I do have a big bottle for the F for Fascinating (pink ones) and surely I wanted to buy this miniature to put it inside my handbag as an emergency perfume. This one box contains 4 perfumes with 5ml bottle. 2 men and 2 woman’s perfume. The men’s I gave to Irfan. :) I first saw this perfume inside Air Asia inflight shopping magazine and it costs RM122. At Langkawi airport, the price is much higher which is RM147 if I’m not mistaken.



Mr. Bean Teddy Bear

I saw this bear at Langkawi Airport. Inside the chocolate kiosk. Seriously I think this is so cute and I need to have one. So, Irfan bought for me! :)) It actually has chocolates, tied onto his neck but I don’t want the chocolate. This bear costs Irfan RM29.90.


Sea Lion Marine Pencil Case

I bought this pencil case at Idaman Suri. Seriously, I love cute things like this! Haha. I am not so into teddy bears and all but after I got my eyes on this pencil case, I want to have it. I need to have it! :) This costs me RM9. So cute isn’t it?? ;p


So, that is all that I bought at Langkawi for me.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Langkawi Trip–3d 2n (Heavy Pictures)

Last Friday, Irfan, Fira and I went to Langkawi Island. Saja2. Planning starts in July. 3 months before the actual date to depart. :) Lama kan? Ye la, nak kumpul duit, planning2 and all. Cukup lah 3 bulan. Lagi2 nak puasa & raya. Budget mesti betul2.


Perjalanan nak ke LCCT tu punyalah banyak ‘rintangan’ dia. Me and Fira awal pagi dah bersiap nak ke Putrajaya Sentral dari rumah Chak. Lepas sampai kat situ, tunggu Irfan sebab dia pun nak ikut sama. Lepas naik ERL, turun kat Salak Tinggi, tukar plak naik Bas ke LCCT. Nasib baik turun2 bas dah sampai. Kalau tak, kena tunggu lagi la.


We boarded Air Asia flight pukul 11:30am macam tu even though kat ticket kata pkl 12:00pm. So, sampai lah awal sikit kat Langkawi. Around 12:45pm macam tu dah. Dalam flight, punya lah bershopping dah! HAHA! Beli tu beli ni! hahahah. Kereta sewa pun dah book awal2 lagi. So, orang kereta sewa tu pun jumpa kat Airport, so senang la skit. :) Lepas sampai, dah dapat kereta sewa, trus ke arah Pantai Cenang sebab nak cari makan and check in hotel. Dapat la jumpa kedai makanan Melayu kat Pantai Cenang tu. Disebabkan hari Jumaat, tak banyak kedai yang bukak. Sebab Kedah cuti hari Jumaat kan. Dah dapat makan breakfast + lunch, pegi la kat The Cabin. Tempat ktorang tido nanti. Dah check in, semua dah letak barang dalam bilik, lepas tu keluar balik ke Cable Car.


Ni kali ke 3 aku naik Cable Car. Tapi kali ni aku rasa paling worst skali. Sebab time tu berangin dan berkabus. So paham2 lah kan keadaan macam mana. Aku agak takut la. haha. Sebab dapat dengar bunyi angin and cable car tu macam goyang2. Walaupun goyang sikit je, tapi dah kat tpt tinggi, and bawah tu hutan, mmg aku agak kecut perut la jgk. Dah sampai kat platform paling tinggi skali, dah pulak berkabus, so tak nampak ape lah. Seriously tak nampak ape. Isk. :( Tak pe lah, nak buat macam mana. Skarang mmg musim hujan kat sana. Lepas turun tu, ada plak org buat tangkap gambar dengar ular. Aku pun ape lagi, amik je la. Fira dah lari jauh2 dah. haha. Lepas ke Cable Car, terus ke Tanjung Rhu. Sebab pada asalnya nak pegi Pasar Malam kat Air Hangat. So, dah otw ke sana, alang2 pegi la survey tempat nak buat Mangrove nanti. So, sampai kat Tj. Rhu je, terus tanya orang Mangrove tu. Harga package,pukul berapa boleh datang and all lah. Lepas dah dapat sebut harga, terus ke pasar malam kat Air Hangat. Seriously, kalau pergi Langkawi, please, pergi la Pasar Malam dia. Nasi Kandar RM2.50, Air The Ais RM1.00, Tokiaw 5 ketul RM1.00 and self service lagi! Korang tak tau ape itu Tokiaw, silalah ke Langkawi. Lupa plak nak amik gambar sebab sebok dok makan je kerja. So cari kat google and terjumpa gambar kat blog iamyonna so saya pinjam and bagi credit kat sini ye. :) Then, beli spiral potato. First time nak rasa. SEDAP! seriously lepas ni nak kena cari kat KL plak. Kat mana ada eh? :((


DSC_0101-500x375 frm iamyonna.comDSC00952


Lepas tu, terus ke cabin, mandi2 and rehat skejap. Malam makan kat Hj Ramli. Makan steamboat. Aku kurang skit sebab dia banyak seafood. Aku makan mee dgn fishball. Fishball dia SEDAP GILA GILA okayy! Seriously!! :) Lepas tu, ktorang ke Pekan Kuah. Jalan jalan sambil tengok dan cari makanan yang boleh di bungkus utk buat breakfast esok pagi. Ada la Maggi, roti krim, roti jagung, roti buku dgn tuna. Air plak, beli air mineral satu tong tu sebab nak buat masak air (sebab aku geli nak amik air dari toilet punya sinki) and air utk minum. Dah pulak malam tu ada Pak Arab dok bising2 sebut2 ‘malayzia malayzia’  tak tau la sebab ape kan. Macam derang tgh main game. So, terpaksa lah complain kat org hotel.



Bangun awal gila sebab nak pegi ke arah Tanjung Rhu. Mangrove time! Kalau datang Langkawi, wajib lah buat Mangrove ni. Dulu aku pernah ikut dah, time tu pegi dgn officemates. Tahun lepas. Tapi tu kat Kilim. So, kali ni try yang kat Tanjung Rhu plak. Port berlepas dia lain2, tapi ada aktiviti dia kebanyakkannya sama je. So, ktorang dapat harga bot dalam RM180 utk harga sewa selama 2 jam katanya. Tapi last2, kamceng2 dengan org bawak bot tu, dia kata tak kisah tak ikut jam pun tak pe la. Janji kita enjoy je. :) So, pegi la melawat Bat Cave, Crocodile Cave (Tak dapat masuk dalam sebab air pasang. boat tak lepas. T_T), lepas tu dia bawak ronda kat Laut mana tah and aku dah start gayat dengan air. Haha. Last skali pegi kat fish farm and makan kat atas floating restaurant. Air Lemon Lime dia TERBAIK! :))


Lepas Mangrove, balik hotel balik. Sebab nak mandi and rehat. Lepas dah sejam rehat, gerak ke Underwater world plak. Alah, sekangkang kera je dari hotel. Tapi naik kereta jgk sebab lepas underwater world tu nak gerak ke Pekan Kuah. Hari Sabtu ada pasar malam kat Pekan Kuah. :)) Sebelum ke pasar malam, singgah jap kat Langkawi Fair. :))


Dah habis ke pasar malam, dah makan and dah jalan satu pulau termasuk kat Awana Porto Malai, malam tu keluar la dari bilik utk jalan2 kat Cenang. Malangnya,hujan plak kan malam tu. So, agak tergendala la skit. Tapi still boleh shopping2 lagi. hehe. tak patah semangat tu!



Hari nak balik KL dah. Bangun lambat skit. Lepas dah siap mandi, packing semua sebab nak checkout awal. Lepas dah check out, terus ke Pekan Kuah utk nak cari makan. Breakfast terus lunch skali. Makan nasi. Lepas tu, jalan2 lah pegi kedai2 Hj. Ismail Group (HIG), Idaman Suri, pegi jetty tgk HIG kat sana. Sebab mak pesan periuk ape tah. So, kat HIG pekan kuah tak ada stok. Ingatkan kat Idaman suri ada la model tu. Rupanya only at HIG. sigh. So berpatah balik la. :) Last2 dalam pkl 2pm, ktorang sampai ke airport. Dah buat checkin, dah drop luggage. Boleh la jalan2 dalam airport. hehe. Lepas minum kat Starbucks, beli mini perfume.Makan skali sebab tak amik makanan dalam flight.


* Bye bye Langkawi. See you in March 2012 *

Sambil lepak kat Starbucks, buat planning bila nak pegi Langkawi lagi. So semua dah agree bulan 3 nanti InsyaAllah. :) Ada sesiapa nak join? Maybe nak pegi Island Hopping & snorkeling plak kot. ;)

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