Wednesday, October 5, 2011

BOTD–My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Face Masks

Hie all!

Today im going to share with you yet another product of a face mask which is the My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol. This mask is especially for pores. I do have large pores and seriously wanted to make it smaller a bit. I was looking for masks the other day and found out about this My Beauty Diary mask. I bought a box of 10 which costs me RM49.90! Well, I do not mind now as I pay that using my credit card. haha. ;p I have tried the My Beauty Diary Black Pearl mask and it works really well, extremely well I think! Instant result! And that is why I trust My Beauty Diary Brand so much, until I did not wait for the trial pack, I just got the whole box instead.

mtd apple polyphenol

I wore this mask last night. It was my second attempt to wear this mask. First time would be last Sunday. And I just can’t wait to try it on again. :) So last night was my second attempt wearing this mask.

I do have a zit onto my forehead and I think it makes me look ugly. haha. but after I put on the mask, I don’t feel any tingling on that zit and that is nice. Meaning that the mask does not effect on the zit. I don’t know whether it is a good sign or a bad sign. But today, my zit has dried and become smaller that it was 2 days ago. :) Some improvement I should say. My pores, which is the main reason I bought this face mask, has also turns to smaller pores rather me having a large pores. That is a really good sign! And my skins looks brighter and more fairer. :)

I recommend this face mask for those who are looking for face mask that could make your pores looks smaller and more radiant and brighter looking skin at the same time. :)

It does not have the brighter skin looking as the Black Pearl face mask but it still could do what it suppose to do which is smaller your pores. And the smell of the mask is incredibly sweet! I mean, it smells like apple (of course!) and it will leave the sticky feelings onto your hands so right after you put on the mask onto your face, do wash your hands right away. :)


* ME today. Ignore the Zit *

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