Thursday, October 20, 2011

BOTD–My Beauty Diary Sweet Teatime Face Masks

Okay, I am addicted. Blame it on the masks!! So addicted to this My Beauty Diary (MBD) face mask now. Last Sunday, I bought a box of MBD of 22 masks. Variety of face masks to be exact. It was worth the money as it is only RM 79.80 if I am not mistaken. It contains 3 types of face masks, Earl Grey Tea & Macaroon Mask, Bulgarian White Rose Mask & Black Pearl Mask. I tried all three masks and it works perfectly fine for me. No breakouts and did make my face smoother and brighter.

From all the three face mask, I am totally in love with two face mask which is the Black Pearl and Bulgarian White Rose. I have tried the black pearl mask before and love it. That is the main thing why I bought this mask box.

I tried the Earl Grey Tea & Macaroon mask last Sunday night but I do not think so it works as instant as the other two. It might need some more wearing time before it could show the results. Besides, it is for brightening and whitening. As for the Bulgarian White Rose Mask that I wore last night, it shows instant results and I am loving this mask so much now apart from the Black Pearl mask. This mask is for renewing and refreshing. Last but not least, the face mask that I love which is the Black Pearl mask. This masks is for intensive whitening & firming.

If you are in love with masks that could give you instant results, please I recommend this one for you. You can get this at SASA outlet or any other pharmacy or drug stores that sells MBD face masks. :)














* Please do not mind the pose. I’m just trying to get the perfect picture for you to see my face. :)) *

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  1. i ve tried the white pearl mask and it works too. it makes my face look brighter than ever. haaha. but it just for a while. hmmmm ~~


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