Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chic Pop Bazaar @ Jaya One

Hey Bazaar lovers! What have you been up today? Well, I know some of you must have been to Chic Pop Bazaar today at Jaya One. Honestly, this is the BIGGEST bazaar that I’ve been so far. Seriously, the best I should say? :)) The way the organizers placed all the booths and they even give free recycle bags to all who register. I got one, my boyfriend got one too! haha. :))
I did not take any pictures at the bazaar today. My bad. :( Because I was amazed by how the bazaar being organized! haha. Me and Irfan just went through from the level 1 of the bazaar, the I HEART Badges was there and some other vendors as well. We stroll around first, just to get the view of it. Later, we went upstairs, where the fun begins! All the clothing, accessories, to cupcakes and more accessories were there! I was so shocked to see that they have too many vendors and I am overwhelmed! Seriously getting excited already. Haha. I am not into clothing that much. I only bought one sleeveless top that costs me only RM18. :) Cheap? YES!


We did explore the whole bazaar from A-Z! haha. All the vendors are well in place. The men sections, the vintage sections. Everything is actually being sectioned onto their own theme. And this makes it much easier to shop. I will definitely come to Tongue in Chic bazaar again. 
Below are some of the pictures of the items that I bought today at the bazaar. :))
Thanks to my boyfriend, because, he was the one paying for all of this. hehe :)


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