Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sooq Bazaar at Rasta TTDI

Okay. my third time going to bazaar and seriously involved in it. :) I mean, involved in buying things at the bazaar. Yeap. Seriously. Only third time. And it is getting addictive and more addictive! Seriously, I am in love with bazaars. :)

I often don’t want to actually get involved in the shopping when at bazaar but I got addicted after the Bazaraya #2 also at Rasta. When I see the pricing and the type of clothing that they sell at the bazaar, I know that I do not need to spend my money at Cotton On anymore. or maybe at Forever21 and seriously not at ZARA. :) They have loadsa type of attire and shoes and accessories that even those three retail stores does not have. And it’s cheap! Seriously, people would say, cheap things will not last long. Well, if you know how to choose things, they’ll last longer then you’d ever knew. :))

Well, if you want to know more about the next future bazaars, do visit I Love Bazaar for more information. Please make an effort too, if you want to know about future bazaars, do search inside facebook or google. You might find a place with bazaars. :))

Till then,

I love online shopping & I love bazaars. :))

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