Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things that I bought @ Langkawi

Hi All, Assalamualaikum wbt.

Today I just want to share some things that I bought at Langkawi. Not that much as I did not plan to buy anything there as I know, I’ll be going there again soon. Seriously, very soon. So, I did not buy chocolate that much as I still have the chocs that I bought on my last trip to Langkawi which is last April. haha. :P So this time, I decided to just have some activities around Langkawi.

Trust me, 3 days and 2 nights are not enough if you want to explore Langkawi. Mangrove had taken almost 3 hours of your time. I mean, if you are a man, you’d probably skip the shopping part but for me, I must do the shopping part eventhough I have nothing to shop. haha. I must go to Hj Ismail Group or Idaman Suri. The only shop that we haven’t been is RAM’s. But it’s okay, next year in March we’ll be there again. :))

Bedak Sejuk Air Gamat & Herba


I bought this bedak sejuk at Nusantara Maju. Big big GAMAT shop at the roadside of Langkawi highway, near Ulu Melaka. I have been addicted to face products now so I decided to buy this one. It costs me RM4 as I shared with my cousin. So, if you buy 3 bottles it’ll cost you around RM12. But if you purchase it separately, it’ll cost more than RM4.

Miniature set Salvatore Ferragamo (Men & Woman)


I love this perfume so so so much. Since last year. I do have a big bottle for the F for Fascinating (pink ones) and surely I wanted to buy this miniature to put it inside my handbag as an emergency perfume. This one box contains 4 perfumes with 5ml bottle. 2 men and 2 woman’s perfume. The men’s I gave to Irfan. :) I first saw this perfume inside Air Asia inflight shopping magazine and it costs RM122. At Langkawi airport, the price is much higher which is RM147 if I’m not mistaken.



Mr. Bean Teddy Bear

I saw this bear at Langkawi Airport. Inside the chocolate kiosk. Seriously I think this is so cute and I need to have one. So, Irfan bought for me! :)) It actually has chocolates, tied onto his neck but I don’t want the chocolate. This bear costs Irfan RM29.90.


Sea Lion Marine Pencil Case

I bought this pencil case at Idaman Suri. Seriously, I love cute things like this! Haha. I am not so into teddy bears and all but after I got my eyes on this pencil case, I want to have it. I need to have it! :) This costs me RM9. So cute isn’t it?? ;p


So, that is all that I bought at Langkawi for me.


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