Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fashion Crime – Clothes that I have not yet wear

I do have a lot of clothes. Im a girl and I need to have lots of clothes right? hehe. But here, I would like to show you the pictures of clothing that I have not yet wear or can’t wear at all.

Lets start with Dress No.1




I have not yet wear this one. It is because I cant fit in it. :( The dress is big, yes but the drawbacks are the middle part of it. The part which suppose to be elastic and adjustable, is sadly not. So, imma think I want to sell this one out. Any takers? hehe. I will give the measurements later.

This is a very beautiful top/dress (for petite). I love the design of it. The colors and everything was just in for me. I got this dress at Bazaar Oh Bazaar at Rasta TTDI on 5th November 2011.

Top No.2




I LOVELOVELOVELOVE this top so much! The color are perfect! I love dusty pink! :) And the embroidery and everything was just perfect. But, the reason I have not yet wear this top is that, I don’t know how to pair it with. Might be a skinny jeans in black color will do is it? It is not a long top. The top goes only up to my waist. I have seen somewhere in other blogshop, she wore this top with scallop skirt. I don’t have a scallop skirt and will not be having it since I am not that interested in those short/mini skirts. :)

I got this top at Cuppacakes bazaar at Publika on 15th October 2011. It costs me RM60++ if im not mistaken. Mahal gila kan?! :)

Vintage Dress No.3




Another dress that I have not yet wear, a dress that I love love love so much until when I saw it, I must get it! It is a vintage dress by the way, Who said vintage dress is old and ugly. You have no fashion heart, if that’s the case. It is yes, another dusty pink color and is quite sheer. I need to wear another layer of camisole just to cover it all up. :)

I got this dress at another bazaar at The Strand, the ThreadsZoo bazaar. :) The price is RM40. I bought another vintage dress at this bazaar but I have already wear that one so it can’t be inside this entry for this time being.hehe.


Well, those are the dresses and top that I have not yet wear or can’t even wear at all. Might be wearing them as soon as possbile! :)

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