Sunday, December 18, 2011

BOTD–Sephora Lipsticks

Hey hey hey. Another BOTD post! :) Well, I am not a lipstick lover that much. But since I bought my first Sephora lipstick, I madly fell in love with it! Sephora has so many colors to choose from. As a non-lipstick lover, I tend to choose colors which is not that bright as it will make me look yucky.

From all of their color choices, I choose three the best! (at least the best for me. :) ). One, I bought separately which is the G20. I bought G20 first, in early October if im not mistaken. And then after that, I bought another two. If you have been a viewers to my YouTube videos, you’ll know why I bought these two lipsticks. :p One nude color, one pinkish color and another one is reddish color.

Why reddish if you are not a fan of bright colors for lipsticks? Well, maybe I want to experiment myself. But, the red is not that BLOODY red. It’s like a red+orangy+blueish if you know what I mean. :)

A lipstick cost me around RM40+. I can’t quite remember the actual price. Feel free to go to Sephora and check it. :)





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