Monday, December 31, 2012


new year pic


I am easily addicted to music. Good tunes is all I need to make me feel either happy, sad, moody, dreamy or just being me. This is my new music obsession. BRUNO MARS never failed to amazed me. He’s like the Taylor Swift (I like her but not her attitude towards man of any kind) for guy version except this guy praises the girl while Taylor just write stuffs about all of her guys (which I think we can relate it to our real life situations too). It’s like, when you listed to Bruno’s music, you can actually relate to it. Even if the lyrics actually meant nothing to you but you can visualize the pain or happiness that he is trying to sing out to you. Like for real! This is my current jam at the moment. Do take your time and have a listen. It’s a great tune and I promise you that you would not be disappointed at all. But first, I am sorry if you listen to this song, it could tear you up because of remembering someone that has gone. I just wanted to share a great tune.

P/S : I can actually relate this song to a friend of mine. You know who you are. :)

When I Was Your Man

Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now
Our song on the radio but it don't sound the same
When our friends talk about you, all it does is just tear me down
Cause my heart breaks a little when I hear your name

It all just sounds like oooooh…
Mmm, too young, too dumb to realize
That I should have bought you flowers
And held your hand
Should have gave you all my hours
When I had the chance
Take you to every party
Cause all you wanted to do was dance
Now my baby's dancing
But she's dancing with another man

My pride, my ego, my needs, and my selfish ways
Caused a good strong woman like you to walk out my life
Now I never, never get to clean up the mess I made, ohh…
And it haunts me every time I close my eyes

It all just sounds like oooooh…
Mmm, too young, too dumb to realize
That I should have bought you flowers
And held your hand
Should have gave you all my hours
When I had the chance
Take you to every party
Cause all you wanted to do was dance
Now my baby's dancing
But she's dancing with another man

Although it hurts
I'll be the first to say that I was wrong
Oh, I know I'm probably much too late
To try and apologize for my mistakes
But I just want you to know

I hope he buys you flowers
I hope he holds your hand
Give you all his hours
When he has the chance
Take you to every party
Cause I remember how much you loved to dance
Do all the things I should have done
When I was your man
Do all the things I should have done
When I was your man

BOTD–Sleek Makeup eyeshadow (Sparkle 2 & Ultra Mattes V2)


3rd Pic (L-R) : Chocolate Penny (metallic copper color shade), Blue Spruce (turquoise matte), Mulled Wine, Truffle (Very metallic dark brown), Mistletoe, Illusion

4th Pic (L-R) : Festive (Matte with glitter specks), Gold Ribbon, Glitz and Glamour (matte), Tinsel, Twinkle, Starry Night

Sleek Eye shadow Sparkle 2

Personally, I think this is a good palette of sparkle eye shadow with some mattes as well. It is not silky finish, it is sparkly finish! Haha. Well, for me personally, I do not like sparkly / glittery eye shadow that much. It gives out so much of fall outs and I just hate that. But sometimes, we do need sparkle shining eye makeup to capture the attention. Like..the new year’s eve party or something! :) This palette is actually in conjunction with Christmas and also New Year.

The texture of the eye shadow is basically sparkly. It has small fragments of glitter in it (but for some other dark colors like Twinkle & Starry Night, the glitter could be so big and chunky!) and some of the colors are very very pigmented! I have no idea though why the pigmentation is not the same on each eye shadow. They have the same ingredients (obviously as they came in one palette!) maybe some colors pick ups are more than the others. :)


3rd Pic (L-R) : Orbit, Ink, Highness, Noir, Dune (just near to my skin color), Pillow Talk

4th Pic (L-R) : Thunder, Maple, Flesh (this is a seriously my skin color), Paper Bag, Villain, Fern.

Ultra Mattes V2 Dark

This is another palette that I bought from Sleek Makeup. I ordered this palette together with the Sparkle 2 palette. The reason I ordered this one is because I really really love the Ultra Mattes V1 Bright palette. The eye shadow is very pigmented on that one so I have a great interpretation that this palette could be as great as the V1. And I am right. This palette is brilliant! Just some shadows that is not that pigmented as it has the same exact color as my skin tone. Haha. I have been trying to purchase this palette since day 1 I knew about it. And the other reason that I must have this one is that, I do not have any much color for matte eye shadow. (same old reason ey? hihi)

  Like I said, the pigmentation is great! Although I think you may need an eye primer for this one but I have no problem with that. I always use an eye primer before I put up my eye shadow. Be it the ones which is already pigmented, or not. As I have oily eye lids, I just have to be extra cautions. Some of the eye shadow could be pretty chalky and some are very very very very pigmented. And again, I have no idea how this happens and again like I mentioned earlier, I think it is all because of the color pick up. :)

I love both of the palettes. It was worth the money and time. I love sleek makeup shipping period. She the products are shipped from the UK, it only needed like 1 week to reach me. Which was a great great great shipping time. And per palette it costs only USD 9.99 (without shipping rate)

Purchase at : Sleek Makeup

BOTD–Victoria Secret Sheer Love EDT


If you have seen my videos you should have known that I am in love with this scent ever since I smell it at Changi Airport. Even my mom loves it too. So, if my mom approves it, it means this is such a powerful scent. The scent is quite sweet and floral but with a little hint of like cotton candy sweetness in it. :) At first I owned the Fragrance Mist. But then Irfan bought me another bottle and this time it is the EDT Sheer Love and it costs him RM53. Surprisingly, all of the mists,body bath,lotions and scrub (if there is any?) from VS (Victoria Secret) are all having the same price of RM53. So, this is what I like about VS. Same price for different types of products. Easy to calculate. :) For this range alone, I think they have more than 5 scents. Suitable for each nose. Haha. :)

You can visit Victoria Secret at One Utama or Pavillion or if you are going on board, you can buy at the Airport duty free shops. But bear in mind, perfumes and some makeup/beauty products are not a duty free items. The price will be the same at any shops even at the airport. The only special thing that you may encounter at the airport is the travelers pack.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last movies for 2012

Today was a great day for me. I had fun. Seriously. I never did a movie marathon before. But today, I nailed it. Some may not like the movies that I picked out today but I do not care. If someone can tolerate and watch movies that ones like, why not respect my choices of movies as well ey? Well, if you are not artsy like me, I bet you are not going to be liking the movie that I wanted to tell to you about. And also, in some of my movies rate entry, I won’t be spoiling the whole entire movie i.e I wont be doing a movie synopsis here. I just wanted to let everybody open up their mind a little tiny bit and see what I see in these two movies that I have just watched. Both from different genre altogether.

First  was the Les Miserables. A theater that I did not actually believe that it would actually could become a movie. It was seriously extremely hard to pull out such things as in theater it was actually a musical. I just could not believe that the director could pullout such a nice scene, movie and actors and actresses into this movie. And I LOVE it so much. As an artsy person myself, this is a great and worth the money type of movie. It was 3 hours long and yes, you need to empty your bladder before you go and see the movie.

The name of the director is Tom Hooper. He directed one of my favorite movie as well which is The King’s Speech. If you have not yet watch this magnificent movie, you must go and rent one now. Or buy the DVD now. Such a great movie and for the first time watching it, I am in love with it. The movie I mean. I did learn something from the movie which is great. It’s a true story by the way. I mean, the movie The King’s Speech. I know, I can be quite bias when it comes to this as I am a big British fan. :)

I am not going to spoil everything here inside my blog. Fair enough I will put down the trailer for Les Miserables and also The King’s Speech for you to view. And I must warn you, the movie Les Miserables is a musical movie. No dialog what-so-ever. Everything is in singing method. Even speaking I must say has turned into singing. Some may think it’s boring. It’s the people who do not appreciate arts who will be saying that. But, I know it can be quite funny and sleepy to watch a movie that has a 100% singing dialog to it but just try out and see. It’s a thrill and challenging 3 hours! It’s fun! ;) If you can stand the story Hobbit (where it also has some singing and jingling to it) why not try this one too! :)


And if you have seen the movie The King’s Speech, please listen to the clip below. It is a true story after all. Powerful powerful true story. It shows that no matter how on top you are, you must strive in order to become success in even little things such as, speaking. So simple. :)

P/S : I more Malaysian history could be taught like this, in a movie where everybody could learn and remember something. Even if it’s a little thing. Like Leftenan Adnan, Bukit Kepong and all. :)

Second movie was the Here Come the Boom. It was a funny, comedy type of movie. But it has morals into it. And I love comedy movie that sums up with a morale. Not like some typical Malaysian comedy movies where it just has some comedy shown but so less the morale. Some even had none. I just don’t know why. sigh~

As for me, Here Comes the Doom is a great family movie or maybe a great movie for those who always gives up on things. Or always think that people are always heartless to each other. I mean, a story like this is common and predictable but, to ease the mind, it is a good movie to watch just to laid back a little bit.

It's a two different movie genre altogether, I know. But still, I like them both equally as both has it’s own story to tell. :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Tips sikit–iPhone 5

To those who are currently using iPhone 5 or in planning to purchase iPhone 5, please, right after you purchase them, do get a FULL bumper for your phone. Please do spent some money on the cover / bumper. Do not purchase the bumper that is not protective even though it’s a cheap ones. I mean, if you want to protect your phone, you have to at least invest some money into it.

At first I have this cheap RM49.90 (not that cheap to me but it is still the cheapest cover for iPhone 5), bought it at Mac City in One Utama. It gives free screen protector so I thought it is like 2 in 1 purchase kind of thing. I could not remember the brand of the cover but it does not protect the bottom part of the phone so I seriously not recommend this type of cover to everyone who is now using iPhone 5 as iPhone 5 could just easily slipped off from your hand. It’s so slim and lightweight.

Right now, I am using this exact cover. It protects my whole back body of my iPhone 5, plus it gives extra screen protector for back and 3 screen protector for front. It also gives 2 dust plug for my headphone and also 2 dust plug for my lighting charger. It costs me some bucks but I do not mind at all. I do not want to spend more than RM99 for my iPhone once it’s broken.


Why I am so enthusiasts in this stupid thing? Because I cracked my iPhone 5 just less than 1 week of having it. Yes. I do. Me. The most protective person ever, cracked my iPhone 5. So now I warn you guys out there, no matter how beautiful the cover is, please buy the protective ones instead. And do not be stingy, invest a little bit. :) If you can see a dent just right above the headphone hole. UGH. So geram right now.


Last Friday for 2012

Hello all,

Today is the last Friday for the year of 2012. So what have you done for the past Fridays in the year 2012? I have no idea but the only one that I know is that I am always looking forward for Friday to come. Haha. Who doesn’t right? But I just can’t believe that 2012 is nearly ended. It seems like just yesterday I got my pay raise but that was in May 2012. It feels like just a few weeks ago that I have my birthday but that was in August. It feels like hours ago that I celebrated New Year’s Eve at Mydin with Erry Putra and the gang but that was nearly a year ago. :)

This year alone, been through a lot. New experiences, new friends, new life, new findings and more new things. Like I said in my several past entry, 2012 is a very great year for me. Despite all the negativity, I know the positivity is more. And I like it. It balances my negative positive ions too. Hehe. Well, 2012 teaches me on how to think outside of the box a little bit. Take chances and grab every opportunity that you can grab. Try things that you have not try before. I tried sushi for the second time in life this year and I can accept to eat sushi now. So, that’s one good news at least for me and Irfan. He knows how much I hate Japanese food especially sushi. I can’t even smell the smell of sushi before. But now, I ask for it. Haha.

Bazaars, makeup things, apparel and more. Yes, since the opening of H&M this year in Malaysia, I have been in and out of H&M. Sometimes just for browsing and window shopping. I am not a shopper that much when it comes to buying clothes and handbags and shoes because I know I will tend to only use one handbag, one shoe at one time until the handbag / shoe is totally ruined and my boyfriend wants me to buy a new one, or he buys me a new one. :D So, I only do purchases beauty products when ever I go out. Pharmacies and Sephora are my favorite store to go. I could go crazy testing beauty products, so that I could do haul videos for my viewers on YouTube. I would love to do a swap from the USA or UK if anybody wants to do swap with me for Asian products. I really wanted to try out the Bourjois makeup especially their liquid foundation. Oh ya, for clothes, I rather purchase them online as I could control my purchases.

Looking back to what happened this year, I am blessed to have someone by my side each day. Parents, friends, boyfriend, families. Talking about families, I am now an aunt! I mean, I am already an aunt before this but this one means so much to me. My closest cousin ever give birth to a beautiful baby girl on December 2012 and I am so proud of her.


* Baby Dhiya’ Irdina, welcome to the world! *

2013, I am now ready for your surprises. :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Viral Videos

What do ‘Viral Videos’ on YouTube means? I think it means a very very famous YouTube video. Which is some part, right. It’s so viral that people are talking about it, people doing covers and acting back, mocking and so much more. I bet you know what is the most viral video on YouTube for this year. It has been in the news and radios since the past 2,3 weeks now. Psy, Gangnam Style has 1 billion of viewers now. So, this is viral.

Let’s put aside Psy for a moment as he is already a phenomenon. Want to know what else is famous on YouTube besides Gangnam Style? Let me present to you some of the viral videos and viral YouTubers. It’s so viral that some of them even become a superstar now. Thanks to Ellen Degeneres. Haha. Enjoy. You might have not seen some of videos yet. :)

Sophia Grace & Rosie


Nyan Cat




The Duck Song


Ryan Higa (nigahiga)


Salad Fingers


Remi Gaillard


Sore Eyes 5 Days MC


And many more to come. I’ll do part 2 before the end of 2012. hehe.

All videos courtesy of YouTube and the ORIGINAL Uploader.

Monday, December 24, 2012


Well, it has nearly ended for 2012. I keep telling myself that 2012 has been a great year for me so far. I mean, it was full of surprises and happiness and not to forget sadness too but hell yeah it’s the spices of life. Some of my 2012 resolution have came true and some are not. But I still can drag it to the year 2013 right? haha. kidding. Year 2012 has made me somewhat a grown up person. I mean, I am not that matured nor adult but according to my age, I have to be. LOL. It’s like, I am still crying for dead animals, I can’t watch scary movies with sounds, I still am the most cold hearted person ever but 2012 has shown how much of those negative things did not affect my happiness at all.

I wonder what 2013 will offer me? Is it the same still like 2012? I bet seriously not. 2013 will be like 2x more happiness I hope so, insyaAllah. I just hope 2013 could offer me the best among the best in life. A boost maybe? Or some life changing experience (happiness ones of course!) or just some ordinary life like I am living right now? I have no idea. Allah knows. He plans everything for me and I know it is for the best.

I do not want to put on any new year’s resolution. This time, I just make a list. A list wont hurt. A list wont be as harsh as a new year’s resolution. A list that I could actually make without getting hurt.

So, what is your 2013 lists? :)


* My future hubby, insyaAllah (mesti ramai yang nak termuntah bila baca.haha) *

Food Porn : Nasi Kukus Ilham


Sorry geng, tak sempat nak amik gambar yang ‘proper’ skit. Haha. Well, kalau korang semua nak tahu, dah 2x aku makan kat kedai nasi kukus ni. And kali ni baru ada rasa nak share dengan korang lah ye. Kedai nasi kukus ni kat Mutiara Damansara. Very near the Balai Polis Mutiara Damansara area and berdepan dengan Surau Mutiara Damansara.

Kedai Ilham Nasi Kukus ni aku pergi dua dua kali pun lauk dia ayam berempah. Tapi nasi kukus dia memang best! Tak de lah terbaik sebab I pernah rasa yang terbaik lagi dari ni tapi tak ingat kat mana. :( Makan dengan ayam goreng berempah+nanas+Ikan bilis+kuah kari+Sambal belacan. Tapi yang mana tak suka pedas or tak makan pedas sangat, boleh skip sambal belacan tu sebab sambal dia very the pedas the bomb! haha :) Meleleh air mata aku bila makan. Sebab pedas sangat. T_T

Cara-cara nak beli / order kat kedai ni..

1. Order makanan ape nak kat kaunter utk order/amik makanan.

2. Order minumam ape nak kat kaunter order / amik minuman. (Air jagung dia sedap!)

3. Bayar kat kaunter bayaran.

4. Duduk & makan!

Semua self service, kalau boleh, bungkus dan buang dalam tong sampah skali la ye. Sebab tong sampah ada sedia je. And makan, biarlah bersih. Jangan kotor2. :) Oh ye, kedai ni tak pakai pinggan, sebab tu lah kalau boleh, sampah tu buang la sendiri bekas2 kita makan kan? :) Belajar lah jadi orang yang pembersih~

So, harga dia pulak..Satu bungkus nasi + ayam dan segala macam tu kosnya RM5.50 sahaja. Air pulak RM2.70 untuk yang berais. :) Murahkan? So ape lagi, boleh lah pergi try skarang!

Like their facebook page too : Ilham Nasi Kukus

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hair Products

Aku dulu bukan seorang yang reti nak menjaga penampilan diri. Nak berfesyen, nak bermekaup apetah lagi! Dengan kalau nak beli makeup and baju semua kena pakai duit. Zaman dulu, blogshop mana ada lagi. Lagi2 lah nak beli kat internet. Jadi skeptikal skit sebab takut kena tipu or takut orang pakai card visa debit tu buat benda lain, senang cita, kena fraud.

Tapi now, bukan nak kata reti berfesyen or makeup, tapi dah makin tahu dan pandai sikit lah kot agaknya. Blogshop pun dah macam cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan kan and semua platform media social mesti ada orang jual something. Baik ke baju, sampai la makeup, beauty product or even drinks! Salute! Senang je nak beli macam macam kat online skarang kan?

But itu cerita lain, now nak cerita pasal penjagaan rambut. I seriously neglected my hair sebab ingatkan rambut ni tak de lah se-fragile mana sangat. Sebab my hair ni jenis susah nak ada kelemumur sebabnya I wash my hair like every single day. Pagi shampoo, ptg tu maybe pakai hair treatment ke seminggu sekali. Kalau tak pakai, just basahkan rambut je. Memandangkan kita ni duduk kat kawasan yang humid dan senang nak kena peluh semua, my hair pun tends to be the same if tak cuci dengan betul. So now, since I watched a lot of Youtube beauty guru’s punya channel, I tend to know a little bit about hair care or how to make my hair mcm ni ke, macam tu ke. :)

Now I have several hair products that I am currently using and some of them are actually very very new! Like the Tsubaki Head Spa which I just bought today and it costs me about RM29! Expensive! But I just like to test out products like it. It smells great and I am loving it currently as I just used it just now. :) I will do a BOTD entry for this one for sure!! Just wait for it maybe something around end of next week or the 1st week of January 2013. hehe.

So, below are the pictures of my hair products that I am currently using and loving. I have been using the Tsubaki Shining Shampoo for about more than a year now. I like it!


It is Friday–Collagen Dust


Hello, hello, hello! Just want to update regarding about the Collagen Dust that I have been using for over a month now I guess. It’s been a great day since day 1. I know I haven’t updated much on this collagen dust experience since I do not want to bother you with the same experience each and every day / week. So, I decided to conclude my one month journey inside this entry.

This collagen dust did not make my face becomes oilier (I bet you have read this way so many time inside my blog) and it does not make my face becomes dry either. It feels like in the middle. I like this that I do not have to purchase anymore of those Blotting Papers (that could be quite costly actually, depends on the brands hehe) and I still have one piece left since the past one month or so inside my handbag.

Now, I can just go out without wearing a foundation. Only some cheap johnson’s face powder will do. And it does brightens up my complexion. I did get some acne / breakouts during my time of the month but it only lasts for 2 days maximum. Usually, I get zits for like nearly 1 week or so and it’ll get bigger and bigger and redder, but now just for 2 days and it’ll be gone.

My complexion is not nearly become smoother and brighter at the same time. Maybe my facial wash also helps to make these transformations. I am currently using the Neutrogena Mulberry Facial Scrub (which you can only get at Singapore and I am grateful to Mala for helping my get those facial wash and posted out to Malaysia! Thank you my dear!) with some facial scrub thingy which you can get it at Daiso or any other beauty shop/pharmacy/health shop. An I also did not use any SPF moisturizer (I know, I know it could be harm to my skin face) as I am only using the Naruko Rose & Botanical Aqua Cubic moisturizer in the morning and before I go to sleep and additional Naruko Rose & botanical night Jelly.

So, if you are in the middle of trying the Collagen Dust that I have raved about in this blog, do check it out at Hanis Zalikha blog.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012




This songs brings way to much memories from Uniten. Haha. I mean, memories with my girls! Sangat sangat popular lagu ni time aku masuk uniten dulu. Time suka merewang malam malam cari restaurant nak makan..time bersuka ria pergi The mines sebab nak makan mcD sebab malas nak pergi mcD kat serdang sebab kecik (banyak nyaa sebab) haha. Well, this song dah berkurun lama tapi masih evergreen orang cakap. Jom dengar.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BOTD–Daiso Makeup Remover Tissue


Hello, it’s been a while since I posted a BOTD entry in this blog. I know you guys must be waiting for a makeup product from me to introduce to you (yeah right~ who even bothers. haha) Well, this time I am still under a testing phase for this new item from Daiso. I have got a lot of requests from my subscribers to do a new Daiso haul. So I have been trying to purchase new beauty products from Daiso but sadly, Daiso shop near my home did not restock on the makeup items. So, I have to find a solution on how to satisfy everybody. Then, I found this.

This is a makeup remover tissue. Just like the Biore makeup remover wipes. But this one is a lot more cheaper. But as most people know, cheap products some of them are not comparable to high end or even drug store products. For this tissue, I will give a rate for 3/5. Why so?

Well, first of all, I don’t mind the smell of rose as it has only a slightly rosy smell to it but most of the people that I’ve known, they do not like smelly products onto their skin. It does have a slim smell. Secondly, it only works if you have a light to medium makeup. It does not wipe all of my eye makeup products especially mascara as I tried this one together with a waterproof mascara. Maybe a non waterproof mascara will do. :) Third, I really like how the product does not drip. I mean, the wetness of the tissue is perfect for a facial wipe. Fourth point would be the feelings after wiped out. It did gives my face a smooth and soft feelings. Not greasy and tingling at all. I have sensitive skin so this works well with my face skin. :)

It has no coloring agents, no oil and have got Vitamin E & cucumber extract in it. If you could stop at Daiso, do give this a try. :)

Food Porn : Bawal Power


Bawal Power! Yes! Korang mesti dah pernah pergi kan kedai ni? Aku je ketinggalan. Haha. Well, today time lunch, we all went to this gerai kat Sunway Damansara. First time ni nak rasa, nak pergi tengok ape ada dan ape yg sedap sangat sampai orang rave kat blog and all. Bila dah pergi try baru lah tau apa sebenarnya yang sedap sangat. Haha. :)

Well, first of all nak cari tempat dia senang je. Food court sebelah Starbucks kat area Sunway Damansara tu. Jangan pergi yang kat sebelah Balai tu sebab tu tempat makanan tak halal ye. :) Parking pulak, boleh tahan la. Area tu memang terkenal dengan parking yang agak susah nak dicari. Kalau sabar dan lucky, boleh lah dapat parking. Alhamdulillah kami boleh dapat parking kat depan food court tu. Sebenarnya bukan parking pun, tapi park je lah kan. ;p

So, ape ada kat sini? Ada macam-macam! Ikan bawal gorang crispy gila macam keropok, sotong, ayam,bawal jr & ikan keli pun ada! Saya tak berapa pasti berapa RM tapi rasanya satu pinggan untuk ikan bawal tu RM10 kot. Dia kira macam set, satu set ada kari, ulam & sambal2. Sambal dia ada macam2! Sambal kicap ke, sambal belacan ke..makan je. Murah & sedap! Worth it!

I am not a big fan of makan ikan sebab tak berapa suka perasaan tercekik tulang (pernah terjadi okey kat diri ku ini :( ) tapi this time, dengan tulang2 aku gigit sebab memang macam keropok habis! Makanan dia biasa je tapi memang terbaik! Simple and nice. Memang tepat dengan taste aku lah.

So, kalau korang nak cuba or tersesat jalan ke ape, boleh call no ni : 0173538804 and tanya lokasi gerai. Lokasi ada 2 setakat ni (rasanyalaa), kat Damansara Utama Uptown & kat Sunway Damansara. Oh ye, kedai ni pun pernah di uruskan oleh Saudara Bob Kuman yang telah pulang kerahmatullah beberapa bulan yang lalu (Al-fatihah)

Kalau nak main like like kat Facebook, sila click sini : BawalPower

Monday, December 17, 2012

Food Porn : Starbucks Drive Thru


Starubucks..I always keep saying to my boyfriend aka Irfan, why don’t they do a drive thru Starbucks instead of fast foods? I really want to see and be in Starbucks Drive Thru and order drinks without leaving cars or entering shopping malls. As far as I know, the only Starbucks that has drive thru in Malaysia is the one in Setia Alam which is ridiculously far from my house. So, I never been there before as it was far, better just have my Starbucks in One Utama or The Curve.

Then when I was on my way from Johore to Kuala Lumpur, I saw this huge and tall signage that says ‘STARBUCKS Drive-Thru’ on the other side of the road near UPM Exit. It was actually a Petronas station (gas pump station) but it has this great and huge sign of Starbucks. This is what I have been looking for, forever! The waiting has ended, or might be will be ending soon. Why so? Because I am not going to use Sg Besi highway to go back to my hometown as my hometown is on the up North of Malaysia. So, I wish they’ll be more of Starbucks in petrol pumps soon on the route to the north. Please. I can see a lot of benefits there. You know, by just having a little sip of coffee or even tea, the drivers could actually also have a cosy rest with free Wi-Fi while they were on a go. So, they do not have to worry about their not finish work, no Wi-Fi connection excuses and more. But, I think KFC now also provides free Wi-Fi right? But still, they do not have the cozy ness feeling to do work and stuff.

So, please do more on things like this. I LOVE it and looking forward to this new franchise of Starbucks. :)

Digi–Buddyz shooting


It was such a surprise to actually won a contest held by Nuffnang! I mean, I never win anything big like this before and I feel so lucky! I knew that I won the Digi Buddyz short video shooting with Lisa Surihani last Thursday. I got a call from a number and I usually will never pick up a phone call from an unknown number, but this time I did picked it up. To my surprise, I thought I was going to be the ‘blogger of the month’ in Nuffnang as I did applied for that one (perasan lebieh) but they told me that I won for the short video shoot for Digi. After the call, I straight away confirmed to them that I will be going to the shoot. As this is like my first time winning something big, I will never look back and seriously excited. haha. Then it comes to the part where I have to think of someone to bring there as they said that I could bring 3 persons together with me. I did asked my friend whom I wrote about in my Digi Buddyz entry (that makes me win the prize!) but she’s a shy girl. So she said sorry she could not make it (pemalu sangat dia tu! hehe) so I turn to my cousins. I asked two of them and one confirmed like in 3 hours after and the other one confirmed at night. So, I got two cousins to come with me to the shooting.

Upon arrival, we need to register our name, twitter acc and what-so-ever and we have a lanyard presents from the team. First, it was briefing time. It seems like they were actually 2 groups of winners, one the the twitter (I believe from churpchurp) and the other ones are from Blogger. I am the blogger team and blogger team starts quite late. Twitter team starts earlier than us. We shoot the same video, same lines but different time and people. First, it was for the end part of the video with Lisa Surihani. Blogger team only needs about 2 takes to complete the scene. Kudos!

Than it is lunch time, so they provide us with rice+chicken+vege+curry+sambal. Blogger shooting scene happens after lunch. They divided us into 8 groups altogether and my group is number 7. Lucky 7! :) The waiting part for our group to shoot is tiring. Quite long to wait for one group to finish each scene as the director Melakaboy needs a perfect shoot. While we are actually not an actress/actor, we will try our best to corporate with the shooting team. The crews were so helpful and when it comes to our turn, we were so supportive and sporting (actually, all of us are! Some of us even dance in front of the camera I say you! kudos! :D ) and we just want to make the shooting takes only few minute to wrap.

It was a great moment! The ones that I cherish the most with my cousins ever! We had fun, we waited together and we did it all together. Sometimes, I feels like we were all on a camp or teambuilding. Haha. Next time kalau ada lagi, boleh la ajak korang lagi ye. ;) So, the video will be shown as an advert. Where? I have no idea but it has been rumors it’ll be on Youtube. I pray that I wont be on the TV. Haha! Please don’t!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

TGV Cinemas–Beanieplex


Went to TGV Cinemas at One Utama yesterday. And yes, they have beanieplex there! I saw this beanieplex on one of the websites that I could not remember where, and was thought that it was from outside Malaysia! Can’t believe that Malaysia now has variety of cinemas and theaters! We have 3D, 2D, normal ones, gold class, premium class, beanieplex, platinum suites and more. Just choose according to your budgets of course. For me, I always wanted the best luxurious when watching a movie. Especially on a movie like Hobbit.

The screening was around nearly 3 hours! I have not yet seen Lord of the rings before because I could not even open my eyes when I wanted to even watch the 1st CD. Sigh –.-“ So, for this movie, I seriously wanted a place where I could be easily move around without any restriction. So, we decided to watch at beanieplex.

At first, I thought those bean bags were soft and fluffy, I was wrong. Haha. Since it is still a new cinema at one utama, the bean bag is also new. And it was not soft at all. It did feels good after a while punching and kicking it. Haha.

I think the tickets costs us RM22 per person. This is still okay. I can still invest on things like this when it comes to things like this.

Beanieplex are now available at One Utama TGV, Sunway Pyramid TGV, 1st Avenue Penang TGV, Tebrau City TGV.

Who says..

Who says being the only child rocks? Well, for me being the only child in my family and being a girl, makes me feel like I am certainly not a girl at all. Haha. well, I have to do loads of “guys” thing around here in my house. Repairing things, assemble things, disassemble things, buy things, buy foods, be strong, fight for life for family and all. Some of the things that I need to make sure I do for me and my family. I am just not the right person if you want to say that I am being pampered. Certainly not at all. No pampering in my family. What I want, I need to EARN it. Even if it means, dying. :) Well, not that crucial. Haha

So, when I was little, my dad used to give me RM1 for primary school. Since I bought my own water bottle, the RM1 is only for foods or some utensils that I needed to buy (or sometimes, not needed at all. haha). Just because of that, I have no idea in saving money. Up until now. I just can’t save. I do not know how to save my money up. I will use it up until the end of my salary. Yes. And if I wanted to buy something expensive, I would buying and starve for the rest of the month (if needed). :) That’s my way of buying / going shopping. I would rather starve or eat little by little, than saving money for just one thing and that means, starving up until I got the exact amount inside my piggy bank and that could take months. So, that is how I do my financial every month. I call it, strategy deadly financial planning. HAHA.

Who says being the only child rocks, again?


Friday, December 14, 2012

Each day is a new day

Remember on my some previous blog entries, I always said that I wanted to treat everyday is a new day for me. I would like to do that again today. And by treating like this, it could actually help me throughout my working days and also relationship matters. Yes, I know it is hard to forget everything that I do yesterday and make today is like a new day, but I have to practice it.

So, happy new day to you and me! I am so excited about this Sunday. I just can’t tell you what is it yet. Might be blogging and vlogging about it later on after the event. :)

Vanity trove, hammies tom 290

Watch by : Bydalili

Mint green dress by : Fifthwardrobe

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So many sad things..

Hey guys. So sorry for not updating my blog lately. I wanted to but I just can’t. I am still sad about my died hamster last Tuesday morning. So yeah, I have been trying to calm myself down. Even Irfan tried his best not to make me more sad so kudos to him for these past days. :) Below are the videos that I dedicated to Tom, my late hamster. I love you so much and been missing you since then. Do come and “visit” me and Yeyi sometimes. :) Rest in peace.

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