Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!


In this entry I would like to wish all my Chinese friends and blog reader..





May good fortune abound and wealth increase in you new year

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BOTD–Naked2 Palette

Yes! Finally I got my hands on these beautiful palette! :) Ordered on the 1st week of January, I was worried that the package will not be send or will not be arrived or the seller might be a fraud or something as the package takes quite a while to arrive. But, I finally got it last Tuesday and I am so excited about it!

I am not trying to brag but seriously, I think I just got to have this! As this is sort of like my everyday makeup palette even though I don’t really use that palette everyday cause I am afraid of running out of it  (which is nonsense!!ahaha)

So, let’s talk about the palette shall we? :)

As usual, it has 12 eye shadows in it. From what I can see, the colors on this palette is much much cooler than the 1st palette. This palette consists of more cooler shades and tones. And it does not have that so much glittery eye shadow like the last ones have (Sidecar). I think this palette wins! But, I think the color blackout is not that pigmented enough for me, hope that they could do a very pigmented black eye shadow soon.

As for my opinion, if you have the Naked Palette and you are wondering should I get Naked2 Palette, I say, just buy if you are crazy about makeups! haha. :P The color is not similar at all. The only dupe that I can see is that the Half Baked is still inside the Naked2 Palette. I don’t know why they do this but yeah, Half Baked is a nice color after all. I heard that Naked2 has been launched at Sephora Malaysia. So, just wait for the arrival soon! :)

Oh yes, as for the previous Naked Palette, they give you a small size of the primer potion. But for this Naked2 Palette, they give you a lip gloss which is kind of cool and it makes your lip plumps! haha. And the brush is a 2 way brush as well! Now it has a blending brush to blend blend and blend! :)








Happy Happy Yay!

Yay! Finally all the things that I bought online dah sampai! Sangat happy okay! And my ikan dapat rumah baru lagi besar. So that he could swim. Kalau tak, he’s like bored, tak tau nak berenang ke mana. :) So thanks to Google, I hope I am doing it right for my fish. Kalau dia dia sugul je, macam tgh nak tunggu sesuatu. At least semalam dia berenang. So I need to buy the Ammonia check tu. Rasanya nak kena check ammonia berapa banyak dalam air takut terlebih ammonia. As far as I know, my fish is turning to be okay little by little.

So, I do not want to list down all the things that I bought online (Sebab segan!) but there are few things that I am so looking forward to arrive like my iPad Hello Kitty cover, my Sigma brush and my Naked2 Palette. Because all of that costs like above RM100. HAHA. So, takut lah kalau tak sampai nanti aku jugak yang rugi. Sebenarnya, beli online ni pun ada risks dia yang tersendiri. We just need to buy from the ones yang orang lain percaya, yang banyak comment positive from all over the world. Walaupun orang tu dipercayai, tapi takut tersekat kat kastam kita pulak kan? Tu yang susah tu.

Now, I can breathe easily sebab semua barang dah selamat sampai kat tangan. Sangat happy! Do not forgot to read about the Naked2 Palette soon on my blog. :)

And yes, semalam Irfan and I went for a jogging kat Taman Kiara TTDI. Dah lama tak jogging so skali skala okay la jugak kalau jogging kan. Lepas jogging minum pulak air Soya kat depan gate taman tu. Hehe. :) Well, we need more activities like that. Maybe nak pergi cycling soon jugak kat Bukit Cerakah. :)
Oh ya, to all Doraemon fans, nanti korang boleh lah pergi melawat ke Genting Highland. Tiket nak masuk harga RM35 untuk adult.
*Click on the picture for larger view*

Best kan kan kan? Rasa macam nak pegi kan kan kan? Aku memang serious nak pegi!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Common Sense.

Aku selalu fikir mengikut ala common sense. Kalau aku rasa benda tu tak betul,tak betul lah. Kalau betul,betul lah. Aku rasa semua orang pun macam tu. Orang yang tak fikir je yg akan jadi terlalu pro akan sesuatu. Bila dah pro sangat, otak akan jadi sedikit lemah untuk berfikir secara logical. Aku rasa, logical thinking tu semua orang ada cuma pandai guna atau pun tak je. Orang memang akan fikir logically, no matter what or how their thinking might be. Cuma, kalau tak di asah logik tu, pasti takkan tajam kan?

Macam ada sesetengah orang, yang terlalu pro akan Hello Kitty dan akan kata KeroKeropi tu hanya seekor katak yg bodoh. Tapi aku suka akan Hello Kitty, cuma aku tak PRO Hello Kitty. Ada faham tak itu macam? Aku tak faham kenapa ada orang yang tak boleh nak fikir ala common sense. Macam Cik Ita (RCW siapa tau,tau la,kalau tak tau boleh google RCW keluar lah ape yg korang nak) cakap,

Saya hanya berpakaian macam tu sebab ikut tema parti tu. Takkan pulak nak saya pakai baju kurung (berpakaian elok2)”. – Source Beautiful Nara

Okay Cik Ita, tema parti tu K-POP, dan kau sebagai mak kepada anak-anak kau rasa berpakaian macam tu sesuai? Aku rasa hanya Syada Amzah (Adik Shila Amzah) je yang sesuai pakai macam tu. Dan aku rasa, Syada tu pakai lagi elok dari kau wahai Cik Ita. Aku tak faham kenapa dia tak menggunakan otak dia untuk berfikir secara logical bahawa bila dia pakai pakaian macam tu nanti wartawan akan banyak cakap,peminat akan banyak bising dan mak mak akan cakap yang kau ni macam ala tak sedar diri pulak. Bukan aku nak cakap kasar tapi itu kenyataan kan? Ni bukan kali pertama RCW kena macam ni. Haihs. Common Sense please. Ikut logik lah.

Common sense is

“defined by Merriam-Webster as, "sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts."[1] Thus, "common sense" (in this view) equates to the knowledge and experience which most people already have, or which the person using the term believes that they do or should have. The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as, "the basic level of practical knowledge and judgment that we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way".[2]” – Thanks to  WikiPedia

So aku rasa tak salah mengamalkan common sense dalam kehidupan seharian. Bukan nak pro sesiapa bukan nak anti sesiapa. I believe in common sense in what ever I do. It’s the basic way of thinking after all kan? Why can’t we practically do it? I don’t think its hard.

p/s: This entry bukan nak kutuk RCW ke sesiapa. aku just nak cakap aku fikir secara common sense je. :) Pro RCW jangan nak attact aku pulak. haha.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Online Shopping–ADDICTED! + tips!

Okay, I have been a very loyal online shopper. Haha. Since I got my debit card with Visa, I have been shopping like hell! Paypal, maybank2u transfer or even COD, I have done it all. A very very very great consumer to the online shopping community. hehe.

Well, from there, I learn about bazaars. One thing that I used to hate before. Went to several bazaars at Urbanscapes and hate it! But now I just can’t live without it. Not going to any bazaars in one month was like a criminal to my financial. HAHA. Well, what I love about bazaars are that we could like actually see the product, feel, touch, test what ever you want to do with it because it is actually from a blog shop / online shop.

Now, I am addicted to ebay and lelong. But hell yeah I wont buy anything with inspections and Quality Control of that seller. haha. I have to do that, not to say I don’t trust them, it is just some precautions step that is needed to do before purchasing any online things. As this is open to anyone and merely international, it is actually could be a scam. I do not want to end up paying  RM3k for a ‘lesung batu’ –> Yammie Online - Beli handphone dapat lesung batu

So, in order for you to purchase online such as eBay or lelong, forum lowyat or alibaba, ask someone who is familiar with these sites so that he/she could give comments about which site is safer and what not. Ask their experience purchasing from these sites from shipping up until the interactions with the seller themselves. The interaction is quite important as we will have some questions to ask them regarding about the items that they are selling.

As for eBay and lelong, they do have the title for a seller who is sort of trustable like


and also 


Those icons shows that a lot of buyers are satisfy with the service given by this seller. And it shows a positive feedbacks and comments as well. Read most of the comments and feedback as well so that you will know the character of the seller.

I have both experience, buying from the seller that has a power seller icon and those who does not and I tell you, the badge power seller is actually true! Those who does not have that badge, well practically they do suck as a seller. ;p

As for blogshop, I don’t think there’ll be any scams as you are dealing straight away with the person, using their own blog / websites which they needed to update,create and do by themselves. So, it is hard to find a scam blog shop. I have the lists of my favorite blog shop on the right of this blog. Do check it out. (my personal fave is the pop look) :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BOTD–Guardian Wet Wipes

I have not been a great fan of wet wipes. Especially those scented ones. As I think that the wet wipes are actually sticky and inconvenience for me. I rather use tissue than those wet wipes. Some wet wipes are certainly VERY VERY wet until I have to get a tissue after I wipe my hands or face.

But recently I bought this wet wipes from Guardian. I wasn’t looking for any particular wet wipes but the packaging attracts me and I feel like I need to have it! Haha!


Can you see how cute the colors and packaging were? I love it so much! It is cheap for me I guess. 3 packets (1 packets consists of 3 wet wipes) is just for RM9 if I am not mistaken. It is below RM10 I am sure! :) I bought these wet wipes at Guardian in One Utama (near Cold Storage). On the picture above, I have the Rose and also Sea Breeze scent. I do have one packet that has 3 different types of scent Cherry Blossom, Apple and also Rose.

This is the product that I will buy again someday, once my stocks has finish. Many reasons is because :

  • It has cute packaging!
  • Fresh feeling after I wiped it onto my face,neck and arms.
  • Non sticky at all! 100% not sticky!
  • Smells so nice! I love Rose scent.
  • Cheapo!
  • It is actually a cold wet wipes.
  • It has Vitamin E and also Aloe
  • No Paraben
  • Alcohol free

I recommended this wet wipes to those who are not a big fan of wet wipes but want to try one. :) The only thing that I do not like about this wet wipes is the number of sheets inside it. I do prefer to have it like around 29 sheets instead of just 10. But 10 is perfect to put inside your handbag and carry it to where ever you go.

Do try!



Monday, January 9, 2012

Casing iPhone 4

Sekarang, aku macam addictive skit asik beli casing untuk iPhone 4 aku je. Haha. Sekarang aku pakai casing Hello Kitty but since aku beli casing Rabito the other day, rasa macam best gila pulak casing ni. Boleh diri, boleh mengiring. Syok nya! Ekor dia tu lah yang boleh buatkan dia diri ke ape ke. Best! Lepas tu, ekor dia tu jugak untuk cuci screen (kononnya).

Aku beli casing ni RM20 je. Kat Subang SS15. ;) Harga sebenar RM23 tapi dia bagi diskaun. Color yang aku beli transparent pink. Hehe. Suka pulak kan. Sebab iPhone aku warna hitam. So macam tak lawa kalau pakai warna lain2. Hehe. Yang aku suka, pink, merah. Itu je yang aku rasa sesuai kat iPhone aku. :)

Suka nya! Lepas ni nak cari casing lain pulak. ;p


Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hola everybody! :) How’s your weekend? I hope everything is fine and went on smoothly. I went for shopping this weekend obviously! But this time, I shop for health.

I have been actually eyeing onto a yoghurt maker for sometime now. And on Saturday (7th Jan), my boyfriend bought me for lunch at Chawan, Citta Mall. After our lunch, we stroll by Citta Mall and went into a pharmacy, Vitacare cause my boyfie wants to buy a diflam. When he was trying to ask for Diflam from the pharmacist, I stroll around the pharmacy just to look at things. Then, I saw this one yoghurt maker named EasiYo. I look at the pricetag… RM128 and buy 1 maker free 1 maker!! At that time, my mind has said to me to buy this maker, I could share it with my boyfie as well! :) Damn good!

I bought 1 maker and got another free maker and then I bought 2 yoghurt mixtures. Boysenberry and also Mango. I gave the mango flavor to my boyfie.

This product is actually 100% from New Zealand. So, I think it is good for your health. I am trying to do some dieting here so I guess this home made yoghurt could help. This yoghurt maker makes 1kg of yoghurt! Damn much for me! And it could lasts for 1 week (refrigerated). I will try the rest of the flavor and will let you guys know which one is the best flavor ever! EasiYo has loadsa flavor to choose from so I’ll start with Boysenberry first. :)

Once you open the yoghurt mixture package, you could actually smell the yumminess of the yoghurt! I can’t wait to try mine tonight! Will give the predict soon! :)


Stiky Note–Anlene Concentrate

Hello Kawan kawan/readers blog dan juga rakan-rakan media cyber! Harini Anfaal nak mempromotekan satu produk yang best skali iaitu………
Produk yang memang sangat best kalau minum. Bukan saja best, sedap dan menyihatkan! (seperti yang di warwar kan dalam TV,surat khabar,majalah,billboard dan macam-macam lagi! Anfaal baru nak start minum susu balik sebab rasa macam diri ni dah ‘tua’. Opss! Hehe. Menjaga kesihatan sebelum terlambat lah kan. :)
Masa nak beli susu ni pun punya lah fikir 2,3 kali! Haha.
Syg, bb nak beli susu ni lah. Nak minum susu skarang. Nak beli yang bancuh ke kotak ni?
Okay lah amik yg kotak lah. Sebab yg bancuh tak de bekas. hehe
So beli yang kotak je. Dalam satu kotak tu ada 4 kotak susu. Comel2 je susu dia. Hehe. Harga boleh tahan jugak mahal. Nak dekat RM7 macam tu. Beli kat kedai Speedmart99 je.
Rasa susu dia sedap! Tak tau lah kat mana concentrate dia tu sebab tak de lah pekat mana pun susu dia. Rasa macam susu coklat dutch lady je. haha.
Try lah. Sesuai untuk orang umur 19 tahun – 50 tahun kot rasanya. Kalau rasa-rasa tak lalu nak minum yang susu putih, beli yang coklat. Saya beli perisa coklat je. Hehe. Tapi lepas ni nak try jugak beli susu putih dia. :) Dari information kat kotak dia tu, dia kata susu Anlene ni ada 4X kalsium dari susu biasa yang kita dok minum tu. So harap2 betul lah ye. Tolong jaga tulang-tulang ku wahai susu Anlene. hehe.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Makeups and more makeups!

I know, the year 2011 has made me a makeup person just in an instance! Sephora has landed at Malaysia and it makes me even more in LOVE with makeups!

How do I actually learn how to do makeups? Well, from videos of course! It’s easy, super fun to see what is going to happen next and so forth.

My makeup gurus are mostly from YouTube. Like below :


Stylesuzi Channel & Video


TheMakeupChair Channel & Video


frmheadtotoe channel & Video


xteener channel & Video


Promise Channel & Video


Michelle channel & Video


Catalina channel & Video


MUG channel & Video

So yeap! There is goes SOME of the beauty gurus videos that I have been watching and subs! :) Now, my secret is out! ;p

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The year of 2012

Assalamualaikum wbt.

It’s is now the year of 2012. Good bye 2011. Lots of things happening in 2011 either it is sweet or bitter memories. Will do cherish ALL of them! :)

Year 2011

  • My cousin’s wedding! Mushyshy! :) Hehe.
  • Hafiz (another cousin) went to study at Alexandria.
  • My best friend’s engagement day! Dayannnn! <3
  • My 2013 planning. ;) (2013??)
  • Bazaars!!!!!! :)
  • My Youtube Channel. ;)
  • Facebook Timeline! (Skodeng my bf’s timeline lah kan? ;p )
  • Pesta Pulau Pinang 2011!!
  • Bonus! YAY (Y)
  • Enemies being deleted and blocked from Facebook.
  • Langkawi trip with Fira and Irfan! <3
  • Developed an iPad/iPhone application!
  • Used Mac for the first time!
  • Bought iPad2!
  • Financial Planning (seriously wisely!)
  • Make new friend (Syaheeda, holla at ya girlfriend!!)
  • First time visiting Singapore!
  • Universal Studios baybeh!!
  • First time riding on a roller coaster (Battlestar Gallactica!)
  • First time visiting Marina Bay Sands.

Year 2012 (hope so will be doin!)

  • Blogshop.
  • Travel to somewhere with friends! (Ayu, project kita macam mana ni?hihih)
  • Wedding planning? (not just yet the real ones but maybe just under planning stage)
  • To be healthy as always.
  • Savings!
  • Buy my dad a very lovely present for his birthday!
  • And also my mum~
  • Do multitasking work!
  • Become the most reliable person in the world! HAHA.
  • iMAC baybehhhhh!!!!
  • Learn to do more ipad/iphone applicationssss! (crazy doing codings right now! NERD)
  • Will be updated!




* Last pictures of 2011 – Me and Irfan *

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