Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hola everybody! :) How’s your weekend? I hope everything is fine and went on smoothly. I went for shopping this weekend obviously! But this time, I shop for health.

I have been actually eyeing onto a yoghurt maker for sometime now. And on Saturday (7th Jan), my boyfriend bought me for lunch at Chawan, Citta Mall. After our lunch, we stroll by Citta Mall and went into a pharmacy, Vitacare cause my boyfie wants to buy a diflam. When he was trying to ask for Diflam from the pharmacist, I stroll around the pharmacy just to look at things. Then, I saw this one yoghurt maker named EasiYo. I look at the pricetag… RM128 and buy 1 maker free 1 maker!! At that time, my mind has said to me to buy this maker, I could share it with my boyfie as well! :) Damn good!

I bought 1 maker and got another free maker and then I bought 2 yoghurt mixtures. Boysenberry and also Mango. I gave the mango flavor to my boyfie.

This product is actually 100% from New Zealand. So, I think it is good for your health. I am trying to do some dieting here so I guess this home made yoghurt could help. This yoghurt maker makes 1kg of yoghurt! Damn much for me! And it could lasts for 1 week (refrigerated). I will try the rest of the flavor and will let you guys know which one is the best flavor ever! EasiYo has loadsa flavor to choose from so I’ll start with Boysenberry first. :)

Once you open the yoghurt mixture package, you could actually smell the yumminess of the yoghurt! I can’t wait to try mine tonight! Will give the predict soon! :)


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