Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BOTD–Guardian Wet Wipes

I have not been a great fan of wet wipes. Especially those scented ones. As I think that the wet wipes are actually sticky and inconvenience for me. I rather use tissue than those wet wipes. Some wet wipes are certainly VERY VERY wet until I have to get a tissue after I wipe my hands or face.

But recently I bought this wet wipes from Guardian. I wasn’t looking for any particular wet wipes but the packaging attracts me and I feel like I need to have it! Haha!


Can you see how cute the colors and packaging were? I love it so much! It is cheap for me I guess. 3 packets (1 packets consists of 3 wet wipes) is just for RM9 if I am not mistaken. It is below RM10 I am sure! :) I bought these wet wipes at Guardian in One Utama (near Cold Storage). On the picture above, I have the Rose and also Sea Breeze scent. I do have one packet that has 3 different types of scent Cherry Blossom, Apple and also Rose.

This is the product that I will buy again someday, once my stocks has finish. Many reasons is because :

  • It has cute packaging!
  • Fresh feeling after I wiped it onto my face,neck and arms.
  • Non sticky at all! 100% not sticky!
  • Smells so nice! I love Rose scent.
  • Cheapo!
  • It is actually a cold wet wipes.
  • It has Vitamin E and also Aloe
  • No Paraben
  • Alcohol free

I recommended this wet wipes to those who are not a big fan of wet wipes but want to try one. :) The only thing that I do not like about this wet wipes is the number of sheets inside it. I do prefer to have it like around 29 sheets instead of just 10. But 10 is perfect to put inside your handbag and carry it to where ever you go.

Do try!



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  1. have you heard about SORINET Wipe tissue? the product is very popular at the middle east countries and it will be launching soon in Malaysia. Here's the link of website sorinetkish.com


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