Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BOTD–Naked2 Palette

Yes! Finally I got my hands on these beautiful palette! :) Ordered on the 1st week of January, I was worried that the package will not be send or will not be arrived or the seller might be a fraud or something as the package takes quite a while to arrive. But, I finally got it last Tuesday and I am so excited about it!

I am not trying to brag but seriously, I think I just got to have this! As this is sort of like my everyday makeup palette even though I don’t really use that palette everyday cause I am afraid of running out of it  (which is nonsense!!ahaha)

So, let’s talk about the palette shall we? :)

As usual, it has 12 eye shadows in it. From what I can see, the colors on this palette is much much cooler than the 1st palette. This palette consists of more cooler shades and tones. And it does not have that so much glittery eye shadow like the last ones have (Sidecar). I think this palette wins! But, I think the color blackout is not that pigmented enough for me, hope that they could do a very pigmented black eye shadow soon.

As for my opinion, if you have the Naked Palette and you are wondering should I get Naked2 Palette, I say, just buy if you are crazy about makeups! haha. :P The color is not similar at all. The only dupe that I can see is that the Half Baked is still inside the Naked2 Palette. I don’t know why they do this but yeah, Half Baked is a nice color after all. I heard that Naked2 has been launched at Sephora Malaysia. So, just wait for the arrival soon! :)

Oh yes, as for the previous Naked Palette, they give you a small size of the primer potion. But for this Naked2 Palette, they give you a lip gloss which is kind of cool and it makes your lip plumps! haha. And the brush is a 2 way brush as well! Now it has a blending brush to blend blend and blend! :)








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  1. hello dear, may i know, where did u buy this naked palette, huhu i'm looking for online shop that sell this palette, :)


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