Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Online Shopping–ADDICTED! + tips!

Okay, I have been a very loyal online shopper. Haha. Since I got my debit card with Visa, I have been shopping like hell! Paypal, maybank2u transfer or even COD, I have done it all. A very very very great consumer to the online shopping community. hehe.

Well, from there, I learn about bazaars. One thing that I used to hate before. Went to several bazaars at Urbanscapes and hate it! But now I just can’t live without it. Not going to any bazaars in one month was like a criminal to my financial. HAHA. Well, what I love about bazaars are that we could like actually see the product, feel, touch, test what ever you want to do with it because it is actually from a blog shop / online shop.

Now, I am addicted to ebay and lelong. But hell yeah I wont buy anything with inspections and Quality Control of that seller. haha. I have to do that, not to say I don’t trust them, it is just some precautions step that is needed to do before purchasing any online things. As this is open to anyone and merely international, it is actually could be a scam. I do not want to end up paying  RM3k for a ‘lesung batu’ –> Yammie Online - Beli handphone dapat lesung batu

So, in order for you to purchase online such as eBay or lelong, forum lowyat or alibaba, ask someone who is familiar with these sites so that he/she could give comments about which site is safer and what not. Ask their experience purchasing from these sites from shipping up until the interactions with the seller themselves. The interaction is quite important as we will have some questions to ask them regarding about the items that they are selling.

As for eBay and lelong, they do have the title for a seller who is sort of trustable like


and also 


Those icons shows that a lot of buyers are satisfy with the service given by this seller. And it shows a positive feedbacks and comments as well. Read most of the comments and feedback as well so that you will know the character of the seller.

I have both experience, buying from the seller that has a power seller icon and those who does not and I tell you, the badge power seller is actually true! Those who does not have that badge, well practically they do suck as a seller. ;p

As for blogshop, I don’t think there’ll be any scams as you are dealing straight away with the person, using their own blog / websites which they needed to update,create and do by themselves. So, it is hard to find a scam blog shop. I have the lists of my favorite blog shop on the right of this blog. Do check it out. (my personal fave is the pop look) :)

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