Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BOTD - Colors is life..

Hey all, Assalamualaikum wbt.

I know, I have been letting this blog bersarang terlalu lama. I know I have been avoid this blog quite long. I know tak banyak update dah nowadays kan. So sorry. But, I don’t think ada orang baca my blog pun. Except for my boyfriend. I haven’t check the stats dalam blogspot punya website. So, I do not know if there is any readers out there yang baca my blog.

Hmm, anyways,

I have been playing with colors since this Monday. I have been trying to use different colors for my eyeshadow each and everyday. I have tried purple on Monday, Green on Tuesday and today I have Burgundy. :) Trying to mix and match it with other colors as well. As for purple I mixed it with a little of Fusion Pink to make it look brighter. As for Green, I mixed it up with a little brownish/chocolate color so that it could balance the color and make it look as natural as it could be. And as for today, Burgundy, I mixed it with a little of gold. ;)

I will be doing some tutorials on the three looks that I did on the past three days, or maybe I will include the other two days left which is Thursday and Friday. I have not yet get the colors for those two days, so stay tune. ;)

Example of eye shadow makeups (picture credits to Google) :




I would love to do those types of eye makeup if I could :)

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