Thursday, February 9, 2012

Langkawi Trip.

Yet another Langkawi trip for me and my parents! Board Malaysia Airlines 737-800 (which I hate now!) We stayed at Bay View hotel at Pekan Kuah, which is my family and my personal favorite hotel to stay at Langkawi.

First day uopn arrival, after checked in and all, we went to the Jetty to eat our lunch. Then, as usual, we go to Billion supermarket to buy some stuffs and foods for our 4 days stay at Langkawi. Then, we just rested at the hotel room up until late afternoon. Went to Padang Mat Sirat’s night market! I just cant wait to buy my favorite Potato Spiral. My dad bought his fave nasi kandar RM2.50. :)

Next day, we visited Makam Mahsuri. Haven’t been there for a loooooooong time. Last time it was still free entrance and only those gerai who sells traditional kuehs were there. Now, they have more things inside the makam. I was being told that the actual makam was not shown to the public. As they were afraid that the Siamese will do things there (puja). From these all, I gain more information from it. The presentations and all. Informative.

The next day, we went to Oriental Village. At first my mum and dad wants to ride the Duck Tours but the next trip will be at 12:30pm. So, we just stroll around the village (cable car) and saw the Tiger! Tiger! at Bolaven Cafe , Langkawi. We could have a drink,eat and chit chatting while watching a real life tiger,walking on the other side. So cute! I ordered Café Latte and they deco it with little tiger paws! :) Cuteness! Visit this website to know more –> Bolaven Café

I do not want to talk much here as I could not remember what I did at Langkawi. haha. Well, I did not shop that much either because I want to shop at the Airport Duty Free shops. haha. So, I bought miniatures Burberry perfumes for men and woman. One for Irfan and one for me. ;) 

Pictures will be uploaded soon! :)

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