Thursday, March 15, 2012

I want …

Hehe. Well, it’s been ages!! I have no idea what to jot down inside my blog. Not that many things happen in life but then again, I was just having some fun with it. Out of the blue, I suddenly wanted a handycam/video cam. Not that out of the blue. I wanted a videocam since I think it is hard to record a makeup tutorial without a reflection of what we are actually doing. Currently, I recorded my videos using my TX-10 camera. Which I love the HD output of it. But then again, I think that I need a handycam, so I searched one inside Sony website. I trusted sony because I know, they produced better digital cameras than any brands. I’ve tried olympus and it sucks. LOL.

So, now I am eyeing on this SONY Handycam HDR CX-130. It is kinda pricey but I think for a HD videocam, it is not that expensive. I think it is kinda affordable. But still, I need to wait until it is sale time or when I have more money to buy this video cam. :))

The usual me, when I wanted to buy something, I usually will do searching and read reviews about it. Or maybe watch it inside YouTube. I think YouTube has been very helpful to me for the past 2 years now. :) It is easier to see the effects and review rather than reading about it.


So, above are the handycam that I want to buy this year. Perhaps, maybe after raya. We will see how it goes.

Sony CX-130

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