Monday, April 30, 2012

CFG–Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

Hey guys & girls. I think I might need another segment on my blog here. I bet it is way too girly and I know only girls come and visit my blog (except for my boyfriend.hehe). So I think I am going to create another label which is CFG (CarsForGirls/Guys ; who ever is reading my blog)

On this first episode I would LOVE to introduce to you Lamborghini Aventador. Yeap. One of the newest car from Lamborghini. I love Lamborghini compared to the lame ol Ferrari. Although I must admit, Ferrari is an eye catcher but not as much as these monters from Lamborghini. Basically, I just love anything without curves on cars. If you give me two cars to compare, which one I really like between Honda and Toyota, I would say Honda. Because Toyota has so many curves on it’s body. I dislike rounded type of cars. Heh –.- But I am driving a rounded car right now so yeah.. –.-“

Well, coming back to the greatest Aventador, it’s predecessor was Lamborghini Murchielago, another one Lamborghini that I adore so much. Aventador is a 2 door car, with 7 speed single clutch automated manual gearbox. What is this automated manual gearbox (girls might not know right~)? To make it simple, it is something like Honda City/Civic paddle shift gears. It works slightly the same as that. Meaning to say, this type of gears does not have clutch. It does not need a clutch as it uses electronic sensors to execute the gear shifts.

Stop about Honda, we want to talk about Lamborghini here. Apart from all that, Avantador has a 6.5L V12 engine with 690 BHP. Sounds like it’s taking the oil way to fast, you’ll need to go to the petrol station after an hour of driving full speed ey? I don’t know, I have no idea how cars like this could consume little oil. In my opinion, it will always consume more oils than the other ordinary cars. It’s performance could be 1-100 km/h in 2.9 second and it’s top speed could be around 349.2 km/h. I don’t know how I could drive a car with 300 and above top speed. I couldn’t see anything that pass my be because it is way too fast!

You must be wondering, who the heck is the designer for this incredible car? It is non other than Filippo Perini. Genius man around and must be a millionaire by now. :)


* Filippo Perini / the designer for this great car! *

BOTD–Fashion Haul



Friday, April 27, 2012

BOTD–Things that I want to try out!

Hello all! I am now obsessed with Japan’s beauty products especially makeups item. Obsessed back with circle lenses recently, I searched on how to do makeup with circle lenses and even did my own lame tutorial about it. Haha.

So here I want to share with you some of the beauty products that I would want to try out through out this year. :)

Dolly wink Liquid Eyeliner


I want to try this liquid eyeliner for so long now. I did not buy it yet because it is expensive for a liquid eyeliner. But heard A LOT of good reviews about it though. I am using something similar to this which is the Maybeline Hyper Sharp Liner. But I want to try out other brands as well. This liquid liner costs RM48 if I am not mistaken. Can be seen at SASA.


Dolly wink Mascara


Another Dollywink products that I really want to try it out. I heard somewhere that this is a fiber mascara, meaning that it won’t make your eyes look kinda panda-ee. ;p I wanted to try both but yeah, it is quite pricey as well. RM75++ for a mascara, I need to think twice about it. The pink ones are the famous ones compared to the purple tube. But some say we need to use both. oh. :|


Fiberwig Mascara



Another mascara that I would LOVE to try. This one is a fiber mascara. It wont make your eyes have that panda look. It is also easy to remove, just use hot water they said. hmm. If you want to use this mascara, you need to be patient. As it builds up your lashes little but little. So, I think you need to have at least 3 coats of it. Heard from somewhere though, do not take my word for it. :) The price for this mascara is around RM50++ if I am not mistaken.


Candy Doll Lipstick


Oh oh I ADORE this lipstick SO MUCH! The colors are just perfect for me I think. It is suitable for any occasions. I did try these lipsticks on my hand (I don’t like to test lipsticks on my lips. Way too yucky!) and it is very creamy and moisturizing and also the color is kind of vibrant as well. Even though the nude colors kinda shows up on my skin. The price is around RM38++. I hate the packaging though. :|

Canmake Lipstick

melty nude

Another new lipstick from canmake that I want to try out too! It has 3 colors all together. But I did not test it as it does not have any tester. :( Well, I have seen the colors from one of my favorite beauty guru which is the StyleSuzi. You can read about these lipsticks here > StyleSuzi


Dolly wink eyeshadow


Craving for these eyeshadow too!! Just look at those fun colors and I know you’ll love it too! I have not tested this one as well so I don’t know whether the color is pigmented enough. But I love the color choices and also the packaging! Love everything about this! Summer is near so I guess the vibrant and bright color is in!

Candy Doll Blusher


Pink blusher is always in! But depends on the skin color I think. I can’t wear pink blusher. It won’t appear on my cheeks. But sadly, that is the only blusher color that I have. So I want to try this Candydoll blusher as well. It is not a cream blusher like the Canmake ones but I think this one is quite pigmented. Hopefully I could try it soon.


Canmake blusher


I seriously do not know how to apply cream blusher. But I seriously wanted to try these babies out! I did a swatch on my hands and the pink color is quite pigmented. Haven’t tried the orange ones yet so I don’t know how it will look like on my skin. Haha. Orange blusher..hmm..might have to give it a try soon!


All pictures are credited to Google. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

BOTD–EOS Ice Brown Lens

Another BOTD entry for you! circle lens again this time! I am crazy about contact lenses this time. Circle lens to be exact. :)

This time it’ll be about the EOS Ice in Brown. I have the same type in Grey color. This is my first time purchasing circle lens which is not Grey.

I have not yet wear this Brown lens yet but I wore the grey ones few times already and I love it! As usual, it just feels comfortable. But the super comfortable lens that I have ever wear is the Sweetheart series. Super super comfortable! I can wear that lens like, one day straight. It does not dried up my eye at all.

So this is the how the lens look like. I will update you with the comfort ability later. :)





Makeup tutorial (kononnya)..


Okay, ni dah kes berangan sangat. Haha. I just nak try buat Youtube videos. Love to do it but did not have the time to do it. Anyhow, I do not care less about what people are going to say. What I am trying to show here is just some basic eye makeup tutorial.

Buat saja suka suka. Nothing has got to do with me being really good in makeup thus making me become a beauty guru. Nope. It is a no no and I am not a beauty guru. Please bear that I mind.

So, thank you for watching my video.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


As you all know, I always buy things online. I am addicted to it! I love online shopping. My first online shopping experience was with Doublewoot. I bought a shirt dress (which I still have it until today! yay!) That was like, 2 years ago! Then, I started ventures into blog reviews about some online shopping blogs and just trying to find out more about online shopping. I ended up with YourShoppingKaki blog and it was like a heaven for online shoppers! I clicked at almost every link that she have inside her blog.


Up until today, advertisements for online blogs like this are widely open. Some even did an advert with Nuffnang. So, for those who have installed the Nuffnang advert display, it could show up the blog shop link. I found out this one website through this. I think, in most of the websites that I visited, I saw this advert so it tends to make me to click it! (superb marketing by them!)


* Taken from 9gag/ haha *


* Taken from damnyouautcorrect / again.haha *


So yeah, who dosent feel like they need to open those website right? I saw the same advert made by Zalora but for shoes. Oh yes I tell ya, I open the link straight away!

First of all, I love this website so so so much! It made my life of online shopping so EASY! Seriously easy! They have woman,man and kids collections. So under those main topics, they have shoes,apparels, accessories,under RM100 and more! That is not the main thing that I love about this website (apart from they sell man clothings!!) I love how they actually classify everything inside their website. Meaning to say, all you have to do is just click on what you want to only see. For example, check the picture below. :)



You can have your category set,size,color and even price! If you are looking for a cheaper kinda clothings or shoes or accessories, you can just simply click on the RM0-50! Easy right? So, I love this website so so much! It made my life pretty easy as they have these so called classify thingy. :) Some more, they provide FREE SHIPPING throughout Malaysia! Unfortunately, they have not yet venture into international market. :(

So, do check them out! There is always some things that you can buy at Zalora. Oh yes before I forgot, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you can get RM20 off voucher instantly and you can use it on your purchase (RM50 and above only!) :)

Happy Belated Birthday PAPA!

Oh how terrible I am! I forgot to do an entry for my daddy’s birthday! Even though we did not have any parties or what so ever, I did give him a present tho. It was from me and Irfan and I was the one who came out with the idea. :)

I gave my daddy a watch and I know he loves it so much! He told me not to buy him expensive things but hey, that is just how I show my appreciation to you dad! We did not talk as much as I want to, we did not cuddle or have dinner together but I know you love me and I love you too! We have some weird connection between us but I do not care. I know we care for each other. ;)


Happy Belated Birthday Daddy! 8th April ago. ;)


* Daddy is trying to be like me. Taking picture of us together *

* Inside Emirates A380 London Heathrow-Dubai *

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BOTD–EOS Circle Lens & GEO Circle Lens

Hey all! another BOTD entry! And in this entry I will talk about circle lenses! This is fresh from oven as I just got this lens…TODAY! :)

I purchased my lenses from Nurin Lens and she’s actually my classmate at university! She sells lenses and also some other things as well. I am noob at lenses before and did not know anything about it. Actually, up until now. hehe. But I bought lenses just because I love it actually. I love to see my eyes with the fake lens. :)

Personally, I LOVE grey lens! My first lens are actually grey in color and up until now, I only wear grey lenses. So that is why you will only see grey lenses from me.

EOS Pure Diamond G218 (Grey)

I bought this lens because it is in grey color (obviously!). First time wearing it, it feels like I am wearing nothing at all!! I think that is the best about EOS lenses. It is lightweight, you feel nothing (nada,zero) on your eyes! Absolutely divine!

This is a 14.5mm diameter lens (quite big!). But I used to wear 15mm (Princess Mimi GEO Lens) and 14.5mm is nothing to me (except that I have not been wearing lens for nearly a year now so I guess it is quite hard! haha)





EOS WM223 Sweatheart Series

Another grey lens that I bought which is this one! Love the color grey and love how minimal it looks like on my eye even though it is actually 14.8mm diameter! I love the feelings of wearing these lenses as it actually feels…nothing! Just like the previous lens, feels nothing on your eye.





GEO Xtra WT-A04

This lens I got as a gift! YAY! At first I thought this is the lens that o pre ordered from her but she said it is a free gift! :) I do now know what kind of lens it is but it is from GEO. I have no idea what is the differences between GEO and EOS but as far as I heard (or read), EOS lens is much more comfortable to wear. I don’t know. But once I tried this lens, it is confortable as well! No differences at all! So here it goes…





Picture updates!








Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Semua benda terjadi..

Aku selalu fikir benda yang mengarut dan tak boleh nak diterima dek akal. Bukan mengarut yang ala-ala porno tapi mengarut ala-ala sampai akal aku mati bila fikir. Aku suka falsafah. Aku suka saikologi, aku suka semua benda yang ada kaitan dengan aku kena berfikir untuk mendapat jawapan. Sebab tu kalau ada orang yang nak berlawan kata dengan aku (sesetengahnya la..hehe) pasti gagal. Sebab aku suka amik yang logic buang yang tak logic.

So, dalam beberapa hari lepas..aku selalu fikir pasal peringkat. Peringkat apa-apa pun lah. Aku fikir, Allah jadikan semua benda ni mengikut peringkat-peringkat. Kenapa macam tu? Kenapa Allah jadi jadikan je terus dari masa dulu, manusia dah pandai buat benda electronik. Kenapa dulu tak secanggih sekarang? Kenapa kena ada peringkat perubahan fasa? Hmm..Pernah tak korang terfikir akan benda macam ni? Hampir semua benda dalam dunia ni ada peringkat dia.


Bagi aku, alam memang nampak sangat ada peringkat. Dari dulu yang macam padang pasir, berubah menjadi air laut lepas tu daratan, tumbuh pokok subur. Even nak tumbuh pokok pun ada peringkat. Dari benih, tumbuh jadi anak pokok lepas tu baru jadi pokok. Bukan setakat pokok, manusia,haiwan semua benda ada peringkat pertumbuhan sendiri bukan?


Masuk bab kehidupan ni pun ada peringkat dia. Umur contohnya. Kenapa lahir-lahir kita dah terus jadi orang dewasa (ala ala macam The Curious Case of Benjamin Button pulak)? Sebab ape kita dilahirkan dari bayi lepas tu ada peringkat2 melalui kanak-kanak,remaja,dewasa dan tua. Rasanya macam tak ada orang terfikir pun kenapa macam tu kan? Sebab dah terbiasa dengan keadaan macam ni, ramai yang tak dapat nak relate kejadian ni dengan kehidupan yang lain.


Kerja pun satu benda yang ada mengikut peringkat yang tersendiri. Mana ada orang yang baru lepas belajar terus jadi Manager (kecuali dia kerja kat company ayah dia la kan.hehe). Mesti ada peringkat tersendiri. Orang sekarang ni kalau kerja tengok gaji. Bukan ape sangat, barang semua dah mahal. harga rumah pun dah tak de yang RM300k kebawah kat kawan KL ni. Kalau nak, kena duduk flat. Almaklumlah saya memang dari kecik duduk rumah bawah, gayat duduk flat tinggi2 ni. :( So, balik kepada peringkat tu tadi, time kerja, mula2 masuk as fresh grad. Lepas tu, naik lah pangkat kan? Bila tukar kerja, naik pangkat lagi. Takkan lah tukar kerja nak cari yang sama taraf kan. hehe.


So now perasan tak, semua benda ada peringkat dia. Sebab ape ye? Bagi aku, sebab Allah nak kita merasa semua perkara dalam hidup. Jangan tertinggal walaupun satu. Dan juga Allah nak kita bersabar dalam menghadapi semua cabaran yang mendatang time kita melalu fasa-fasa tumbesaran tu. Tak kisah lah tumbesaran ape, kerja ke,hidup ke. Allah nak kita semua tahu menghargai sesuatu. Jangan cepat mengelakkan diri dari menghadapi semua cabaran. Allah nak kita tahu bahawa kita akan dapat semua benda yang kita mahu, tapi ada peringkat dia. So now, tips untuk mendapat apa yang kita hajati adalah dengan, berusaha! Senang kan? Kalau tak ada peringkat,tak akan ada benda yang dihajati.

Friday, April 13, 2012

BOTD–EOS Ice Grey Lens

I am not a big fan of wearing contact lenses. But casually, I did wore it like a few times last year and two years back. I always wear grey color lens and never tried other colors. My eye color is already dark brown (very dark).

I bought this EOS Ice lens through Nurin Lens which is actually my senior back in my university days. She is a lens dealer and also gold,silver & bronze dealer as well. Her price is cheap, and you can guarantee that she only sells ORIGINAL lens. So, you don’t have to worry too much about the originality. :)

This lens I bought from her costs RM25 + RM6 (postage). It is not a pre order lens. But I do have another pre order lens that I ordered from her which is the ICE Brown lens. :)

If you have any enquiries about the lens, you can always ask her. She’ll reply to all your answers! :)



* EOS Ice Grey Lens *

Irfan told me to buy pink color lenses after this. Maybe after I got my brown lens. :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BOTD–Bobbi Brown Foundation (Liquid)

Hey ya all! I think it’s been ages since I posted something about BOTD isn’t it? Well, today I think I’ll be posting something for this BOTD topic. I have not been buying something for the past month. Only this one makeup item that I have been eyeing for quite some time.

I always wanted a foundation that could actually match my skin. I did asked my fellow friends inside Twitter and also Blackberry Messenger and most of them said that Bobbi Brown has the most perfect coverage of all. Maybe MAC is a little bit mainstream and also could be a little more of a heavy coverage, I guess. So I bought this foundation last month and I have been loving it since! I think it is so worth the price! I know it is quite pricey for a foundation but if you want a really good foundation to your skin (as this one has SPF 15 PA+! ), I think this is good enough for me. I did have a tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier which also have SPF as well but that one is a tinted moisturizer and the coverage is very very little.

Well, say no more! I love this foundation for now. I will purchase MAC liquid foundation just to try it on and compare. I cant say that this is the best foundation as I have not yet try their rivals (I did have MAC powder foundation and it works great!)

The texture of this foundation is quite liquidly but one you applied it on your face, a little bit moment it will sink down and make this thin layer of foundation on your face. You could use a brush or maybe a sponge for this. Some might use beauty blender as well. All works perfectly fine for me.






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