Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BOTD–EOS Circle Lens & GEO Circle Lens

Hey all! another BOTD entry! And in this entry I will talk about circle lenses! This is fresh from oven as I just got this lens…TODAY! :)

I purchased my lenses from Nurin Lens and she’s actually my classmate at university! She sells lenses and also some other things as well. I am noob at lenses before and did not know anything about it. Actually, up until now. hehe. But I bought lenses just because I love it actually. I love to see my eyes with the fake lens. :)

Personally, I LOVE grey lens! My first lens are actually grey in color and up until now, I only wear grey lenses. So that is why you will only see grey lenses from me.

EOS Pure Diamond G218 (Grey)

I bought this lens because it is in grey color (obviously!). First time wearing it, it feels like I am wearing nothing at all!! I think that is the best about EOS lenses. It is lightweight, you feel nothing (nada,zero) on your eyes! Absolutely divine!

This is a 14.5mm diameter lens (quite big!). But I used to wear 15mm (Princess Mimi GEO Lens) and 14.5mm is nothing to me (except that I have not been wearing lens for nearly a year now so I guess it is quite hard! haha)





EOS WM223 Sweatheart Series

Another grey lens that I bought which is this one! Love the color grey and love how minimal it looks like on my eye even though it is actually 14.8mm diameter! I love the feelings of wearing these lenses as it actually feels…nothing! Just like the previous lens, feels nothing on your eye.





GEO Xtra WT-A04

This lens I got as a gift! YAY! At first I thought this is the lens that o pre ordered from her but she said it is a free gift! :) I do now know what kind of lens it is but it is from GEO. I have no idea what is the differences between GEO and EOS but as far as I heard (or read), EOS lens is much more comfortable to wear. I don’t know. But once I tried this lens, it is confortable as well! No differences at all! So here it goes…





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