Friday, April 27, 2012

BOTD–Things that I want to try out!

Hello all! I am now obsessed with Japan’s beauty products especially makeups item. Obsessed back with circle lenses recently, I searched on how to do makeup with circle lenses and even did my own lame tutorial about it. Haha.

So here I want to share with you some of the beauty products that I would want to try out through out this year. :)

Dolly wink Liquid Eyeliner


I want to try this liquid eyeliner for so long now. I did not buy it yet because it is expensive for a liquid eyeliner. But heard A LOT of good reviews about it though. I am using something similar to this which is the Maybeline Hyper Sharp Liner. But I want to try out other brands as well. This liquid liner costs RM48 if I am not mistaken. Can be seen at SASA.


Dolly wink Mascara


Another Dollywink products that I really want to try it out. I heard somewhere that this is a fiber mascara, meaning that it won’t make your eyes look kinda panda-ee. ;p I wanted to try both but yeah, it is quite pricey as well. RM75++ for a mascara, I need to think twice about it. The pink ones are the famous ones compared to the purple tube. But some say we need to use both. oh. :|


Fiberwig Mascara



Another mascara that I would LOVE to try. This one is a fiber mascara. It wont make your eyes have that panda look. It is also easy to remove, just use hot water they said. hmm. If you want to use this mascara, you need to be patient. As it builds up your lashes little but little. So, I think you need to have at least 3 coats of it. Heard from somewhere though, do not take my word for it. :) The price for this mascara is around RM50++ if I am not mistaken.


Candy Doll Lipstick


Oh oh I ADORE this lipstick SO MUCH! The colors are just perfect for me I think. It is suitable for any occasions. I did try these lipsticks on my hand (I don’t like to test lipsticks on my lips. Way too yucky!) and it is very creamy and moisturizing and also the color is kind of vibrant as well. Even though the nude colors kinda shows up on my skin. The price is around RM38++. I hate the packaging though. :|

Canmake Lipstick

melty nude

Another new lipstick from canmake that I want to try out too! It has 3 colors all together. But I did not test it as it does not have any tester. :( Well, I have seen the colors from one of my favorite beauty guru which is the StyleSuzi. You can read about these lipsticks here > StyleSuzi


Dolly wink eyeshadow


Craving for these eyeshadow too!! Just look at those fun colors and I know you’ll love it too! I have not tested this one as well so I don’t know whether the color is pigmented enough. But I love the color choices and also the packaging! Love everything about this! Summer is near so I guess the vibrant and bright color is in!

Candy Doll Blusher


Pink blusher is always in! But depends on the skin color I think. I can’t wear pink blusher. It won’t appear on my cheeks. But sadly, that is the only blusher color that I have. So I want to try this Candydoll blusher as well. It is not a cream blusher like the Canmake ones but I think this one is quite pigmented. Hopefully I could try it soon.


Canmake blusher


I seriously do not know how to apply cream blusher. But I seriously wanted to try these babies out! I did a swatch on my hands and the pink color is quite pigmented. Haven’t tried the orange ones yet so I don’t know how it will look like on my skin. Haha. Orange blusher..hmm..might have to give it a try soon!


All pictures are credited to Google. :)

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