Monday, April 30, 2012

CFG–Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

Hey guys & girls. I think I might need another segment on my blog here. I bet it is way too girly and I know only girls come and visit my blog (except for my boyfriend.hehe). So I think I am going to create another label which is CFG (CarsForGirls/Guys ; who ever is reading my blog)

On this first episode I would LOVE to introduce to you Lamborghini Aventador. Yeap. One of the newest car from Lamborghini. I love Lamborghini compared to the lame ol Ferrari. Although I must admit, Ferrari is an eye catcher but not as much as these monters from Lamborghini. Basically, I just love anything without curves on cars. If you give me two cars to compare, which one I really like between Honda and Toyota, I would say Honda. Because Toyota has so many curves on it’s body. I dislike rounded type of cars. Heh –.- But I am driving a rounded car right now so yeah.. –.-“

Well, coming back to the greatest Aventador, it’s predecessor was Lamborghini Murchielago, another one Lamborghini that I adore so much. Aventador is a 2 door car, with 7 speed single clutch automated manual gearbox. What is this automated manual gearbox (girls might not know right~)? To make it simple, it is something like Honda City/Civic paddle shift gears. It works slightly the same as that. Meaning to say, this type of gears does not have clutch. It does not need a clutch as it uses electronic sensors to execute the gear shifts.

Stop about Honda, we want to talk about Lamborghini here. Apart from all that, Avantador has a 6.5L V12 engine with 690 BHP. Sounds like it’s taking the oil way to fast, you’ll need to go to the petrol station after an hour of driving full speed ey? I don’t know, I have no idea how cars like this could consume little oil. In my opinion, it will always consume more oils than the other ordinary cars. It’s performance could be 1-100 km/h in 2.9 second and it’s top speed could be around 349.2 km/h. I don’t know how I could drive a car with 300 and above top speed. I couldn’t see anything that pass my be because it is way too fast!

You must be wondering, who the heck is the designer for this incredible car? It is non other than Filippo Perini. Genius man around and must be a millionaire by now. :)


* Filippo Perini / the designer for this great car! *


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